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on internships and deferred exams

Hi! Many of the summer internships I have applied to are during the summer exam period (june). Since I am planning on taking summer courses and would like to intern (if i get an offer lol) is there any way i could reschedule my exams if there’s a scheduling conflict? would i be allowed to take my exams earlier than the scheduled dates? I’m assuming employers wouldn’t like an intern taking a day off during a short 10-week internship period. thanks!



to the best of my knowledge, you can’t write an exam BEFORE the date, you can only defer an exam to a later date.

to defer an exam, you will need to file a petition.  you will need to make an appointment with your registrar’s office, where they can walk you through the petition process as well as help you with any aspect of  your petition that you may be unsure about. they can also give you information on any other options you may have– just in case the advice i’ve given you isn’t the greatest.

this is still super in advance, though. and while i commend you for thinking ahead, there isn’t much that you can do right now except for wait. once you know when your internship will be and when your exam(s) in june will be, then you can start looking into deferring your exam.

i hope this helps! good luck with everything!

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deferral squared


I know this question might sound odd and rare… But…I was wondering if it’s possible to be granted a further deferral for a deferred exam? I was supposed to write a deferred exam but the night before I had an internal cyst ruptured, ended up in the ER and had a minor surgery done. I missed an exam that I prepared a whole semester for! I saw on the UofT website that it says “it is not easily granted.” How difficult is it? And what will happen if I don’t get a deferral? Do I get an F? I feel like my luck can’t be worse now.

Thank you so much!!!


hey there,

“odd and rare” – you make it sound like you’re an exotic bird or something. i hope you are. i hope you’re a toucan.

if you take a look here and go to ‘Adjustments to the Deferred Examination Schedule,’ you’ll see that “[i]f you have extraordinary reasons creating a conflict (e.g., court appearance, citizenship hearing) you may have to file a further petition with full documentation through your college registrar.”

now, i know uoft students are tough and all, but even for us, i think a ruptured cyst qualifies as a serious conflict. i’d definitely go to your college registrar and try to get a further deferral. if the deferral isn’t granted, then you wouldn’t be able to write your exam, however, i think that you have pretty legitimate grounds to attempt to get one.

good luck and i hope they sort out that cyst, geez louise.




i g2g be with the macaques now

I have been accepted at the University of Toronto , Scarborough for the winter session 2012. But , due to some financial issues I wanted to defer my admission till the January 2013 session. Please guide me on the process and I am an international candidate and would need atleast 3 months for the Visa process. Thank you .


hello. this is an old question. if you’d like to see why i am answering these BLASTS FROM THE PAST, please go here! thanks!



hey there,

it may please you to know that i am almost finished answering the old questions that got dropped between aska switches, were pushed to the back of triage, or were otherwise forgotten (through no fault of my own, naturally). i’m almost done sweeping all the bureaucratic mistakes out from under the rug and holding aska up to account for its mistakes, urging it on to future righteousness, like a modern-day Karl Marx (dat hair). now, together, reader, you and i can proceed into a glorious, egalitarian future that will ultimately crumble due to corruption and the irrepressible greed of humanity.

i feel like i lost control of that metaphor a little bit.

anyway, this is always a very relevant question, and even though this person has long since deferred their acceptance and returned, it’s always good to know about in case YOU, yes YOU, my dear reader, ever find yourself in need of deferral information. who knows, you might one day decide you need to spend a year on Honshu island to bond with Japanese macaques before coming back to school to do your master’s. Then you’ll be glad you know how to defer an offer of admission.

the process is very simple. you just have to fill out a Deferral Request Application, which becomes available in may of every year (which is why i can’t link to it right now). then you gotta send that and a final transcript/report card from your last academic year to uoft, before september 1st. that’s all! aren’t you glad? now you can go and be with the macaques.

so long for now, comrades,


P.S. I couldn’t find any UTSC-specific link that talks about deferrals, so while UTSC PROBABLY has the same deferral procedure as UTSG, i’d reccomend talking to the UTSG registrar to make sure.


i’d actually rather not go back to december

hi aska,

i recently had a really bad breakup with a long term partner. it happened the day before one of my exams, and i was a huge mess mentally.
i ended up not being able to write the exam for one of my courses which happened that day due to severe anxiety issues (many panic attacks), constant unstoppable crying, and the inability to think rationally. i talk to my college registrar and they told me to obtain a medical note, and i did go see the doctor on that day.

what im afraid of is if mental issues are not legitimate reasons for being able to defer and exam. i realize that i wasn’t physically ill, and that mental problems are harder to explain and prove.

is exam deferrals due to medical reasons usually limited to physical emergencies being worried about not being granted an exam deferral is adding anxiety to all the problems i already have, and would like some insight into the process that will ensue after i apply for a deferral on these grounds.


Hey there!

I’m sorry to hear about your break up. I’m going to go ahead and remind you that Taylor Swift recently released a new album full of depressing love songs sooooo… Ahem.

Now on a more serious note, I assume if your registrar was the one who told you to get a medical note, they gave you the UofT medical certificate form that needed to filled out, right? As long as that one is filled out, you should be fine, according to my sources! So don’t worry — a broken heart can be just as bad a broken leg sometimes and as long as you’ve got a valid medical note from the day of the exam to explain your issues, you should be fine.

But to be clear, I need to do the spiel: there is no guarantee about whether or not your exam will be deferred. Essentially, your medical note will contribute to a petition, which your registrar will read over, give their opinion on (or no opinion), and then pass on to the petitions committee to make a decision. But again, as long as you’ve got your valid note, I don’t see why you’d have any problems.

now singing swifty,



special exams for a special somebody

Hey aska,

First I have to say I enjoy reading this site. It’s really helpful to me on a lotta things!

I wanna know if you defer a final in April, but that course is not offered in the summer, would you still be able to write it in August? Cuz one friend just did s with a course not available in the summer, but they let him defer it to August. So does that mean he might get individual test made by the prof or what? And why could he still take a test when there is no summer course? Does it have anything to do with the Y, F, S code? Or does it depend on whether the course is a huge class or something…Please tell me Aska! Thanks!!!!!!


Sent from my iPad

Hey Erika,

I’m answering your question promply because you used the pleasant words of please and love.

It doesn’t seem to be dependent on the course size or the F, S, or Y codes.

You can either have a regular or special deferred exam. The regular exams are written in the next exam period with the class of that semester. This means that if the course is offered the next semester it might not necessarily be the same professor and you are suggested to audit the course. A special deferred exam can take place in the next exam period, or prior to it. The only real instance that I can think of a special exam being written before the next exam period, are the ones written on spring break. Special deferred exams are written by your professor.

So, when deferring an exam in April, you will be told whether your exam is a Regular or Special exam. Most of the deferred exams seem to take place in August, but a few are written in th June exam period. There are a bunch of PSY and RSM courses that are written in June.

But why defer an exam when you can DO THIS!

cheerio darling,


Vic, baby, I’m just not ready for the commitment

hi aska!

I have applied to UofT for the 2011/2012 year, but I was accepted to Katimavik (6 mos. canadian volunteer/gov program). I haven’t gotten into UofT yet, but with my marks I am pretty confident that I’ll get in (94 avg). Do you think I have a chance of deferring for a year? Does UofT generally let students defer for programs like Katimavik? Also, I’ve applied to Victoria College and am going to apply to vic one. If I am excepted at Vic this year, will it roll over into my enrollment year? I’ll have to reapply to Vic One though right?

Thanks so much,



You can toooootally defer your acceptance for a year (u of t understands moments of self discovery and adventure) … I’m sure in true U of T style there will be a fee tacked onto this process.
I’m sure that you will have to reapply for Vic One the year you decide to enroll for real. I would give the Victoria College registrar’s office a shout (416-585-4508) and check out the deferral process before you make any firm decisions.

peace and love baby,


Waiving to REG.

Please help! This year’s OSAP deferral date is August 19th; Since I will be out of province until September 1st, I cannot go into the admin and awards office to officially defer me OSAP fees.

I’ve emailed the OSAP staff at admin and awards several times in the last month with no response!

Do you know of any options to defer my fees without having to fly back to Toronto?

Thank you so much.


First, a lesson: emailing or calling Admissions & Awards is futile, my friend. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. You really can’t hold it against them either – they are insanely busy at this time of year. One’s best bet is to go there in person. But that advice doesn’t do you a lot of good, does it?


I hope you didn’t try too hard, because they won’t be able to defer your fees anyway.


For those of you who don’t understand… deferring your fees is like waiving the fee payment deadline (19 August). Well, it’s not “like” that – it is that. You are registered in your courses, without having paid the minimum installment, under the assumption that you will pay your fees whenever your OSAP money gets dumped into your personal bank account. Which, by the way, is one of the greatest feelings on Earth – a fleeting reprieve from the weight of student poverty.


But don’t get too excited, you will have to pay your outstanding tuition balance eventually (before you can pay for NEXT year’s fees). 1.5% monthly interest will also start to pile up beginning on 15 November.


There are two methods for deferring your fees. One, a laborious and traditional approach that forces interaction with your Registrarial staff. The other, a brand new and slick approach that requires the most minimal of energy inputs (the rest of your energy being spent lugging around the Calendar and Timetable, and tweeting).


Sounds nice, right? The institution is actually enabling our generation’s chronic laziness (…it’s sooo not our fault).

What is this new fangled fee deferral method, you ask?!


Beginning in the middle of the first week of August, an option will appear on the ROSI main page (near the bottom) that links you to a fee deferral request. Just follow the subsequent steps, and – if you have applied for OSAP and are eligible for some kind of funding – then you will soon be registered in your courses automatically. If you get an error message along the way, that’s either because you are ineligible, you’re not doing it correctly, or (more likely, in my opinion) the system is malfunctioning.


If everything seems to run smoothly, then periodically consult your “registration status” (indicated below your Personal Timetable on ROSI). It will change from INVIT to REG. REG is good. You want to see REG. Reg is your real friend. Invit is just a flake who will leave you… on August 20… taking all your courses with him.

If you can’t defeat some sort of error message on ROSI then resort to the old-school fee deferral method:


Locate your Notice of Assessment (or print the screen that shows your name and the chart with your funding breakdown). Bring it to your Registrar’s Office. Fill out a Fee Deferral Request form, and you’re done. If you can’t be bothered to come downtown (cause you’re a lazy generation Y member – or you live in Wawa), then fax/email a scan of your Notice of Assessment to your Registrar’s Office and follow up with an email with explicit instructions to defer your fees. It can’t hurt to call them to make sure they received it, but give them a little time first, k?


Do these options make sense? Good. Have fun “outside of the province” – unless you’re in Alberta.

Then I’ll just offer you my condolences.


I am noncommittal. how do I defer my acceptance?

hey, i am thinking of taking a year off (probably travel to another country), i think it’s called deferral. anybody knows how to do that? any papers to fill? (more…)

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