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Catching some z’s on those expensive leather couches

Hey Aska,
I’m sleep deprived (welcome to UofT). Where are some of the best places to catch an hour (or ten) of sleep? I prefer somewhere where people wont stare at me/care as I enjoy dreams of a warm bed with cool pillows.



Why hello fellow napper,


No one really goes in there to study. Robarts is like those little mats you get to sleep on in pre-school. Go up into the stacks (might I suggest the 12th floor). Go to were the different coloured shelves meet (ie the blue to the yellow) … I know mysterious. Depending on your napping preferences, you can either put your head down in one of the little cubicles or go the ledge of the window and lie down (I definitely have seen this before).
Breaking in to one of those private study rooms might prove rewarding as well. For some reason those rooms give off a brothel-like image. Future heading for the Varsity: ‘Askastudent Unveils the Truth: Robarts renting out rooms for students to get their freak on’

My sidekick [kind of like Robyn but a little more fashionable] took a nap in the following location and I quote:

” Reading room in hart house. Up the stairs and to the left ”

Pratt has comfy couches in the basement to sleep on.

I also hear that Emmanuel has a library with comfy couches.

Con Hall: top floor, either sit in one of the chairs and let the lecture serenade you to sleep or the benches outside of the door

The Chapel in UC or Trin – This probably isn’t disrespectful if you don’t snore

Woo one of those vulnerable first year students into letting you sleep in their bed (Disclaimer: they might expect sex)

Happy Napping!


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