It happens to the best of us: we wake up in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat, wondering “what can I do with my major in paradigms and archetypes?” or “where oh where can I find a decent shawarma on campus?”

And after exhausting every resource on the world wide web, you desperately decide to take your enquiry to the true master of UofT trivia. Congratulations, oh yee of little faith — you just struck gold.

Askastudent is an honest, hilarious, ridiculously good-looking and infinitely benevolent being, here to satisfy any uncertainty and quell any concern you might have.

Askastudent will answer all of your questions, but before that, just remember: this is one person’s perspective, and as uncensored, direct and awesome as it may be, it should be regarded as a warm suggestion, but definitely not the only one. The ball, as always, is in your hands.