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  • Anonymous

    hello, lovin the new theme
    there are 3 courses that i need to take to complete my degree requirements. for the rest of my courses, i am conflicted as to whether i should choose bird courses that aren’t directly related to my degree or to choose 3/4-level year courses that are related to my degree and probably require more work. are these different types of courses weighed differently by grad schools? the grad school im interested in said they rank applicants based on GPA of the most recent 10 FCE but do they still consider the types of courses that are taken?

  • Anonymous

    I took the french placement test prior to my first year cause I thought I was going to continue my french immersion studies. I’m now in 3rd year and am interested in taking my first french course. I know you’re usually supposed to take the test prior to the course. Am I allowed to take the placement test again? I tried contacting the french.secretary email last month but no response.

  • aska

    hey friend,
    your question has been answered! check out the blog’s main page because unfortunately links don’t seem to be showing up in comments right now. it’s something we’re working on. thanks for your patience!
    x aska

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