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  • Anonymous

    hello, lovin the new theme
    there are 3 courses that i need to take to complete my degree requirements. for the rest of my courses, i am conflicted as to whether i should choose bird courses that aren’t directly related to my degree or to choose 3/4-level year courses that are related to my degree and probably require more work. are these different types of courses weighed differently by grad schools? the grad school im interested in said they rank applicants based on GPA of the most recent 10 FCE but do they still consider the types of courses that are taken?

  • Anonymous

    I took the french placement test prior to my first year cause I thought I was going to continue my french immersion studies. I’m now in 3rd year and am interested in taking my first french course. I know you’re usually supposed to take the test prior to the course. Am I allowed to take the placement test again? I tried contacting the french.secretary email last month but no response.

  • aska

    hey friend,
    your question has been answered! check out the blog’s main page because unfortunately links don’t seem to be showing up in comments right now. it’s something we’re working on. thanks for your patience!
    x aska

  • Adil Faisal

    I am currently doing my A2 and want to join the enginnering science program at U of T. I gave my O levels and got 8A*s,above 90%,in all of them. I am also giving SAT currently and will get my AS results soon. I dont have many extra curricular activities but my father died when i was in grade 6 and since then I help my mother a lot.

    Now can i get into University of Toronto with little ECA and get a scholarship? What are some ways to get scholarships or financial grants.

    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    I have taken mgm101 2 times already in the year of 2015-2016 first time I passed but with not a high enough mark and second time I left the school without dropping the course which obviously resulted in a fail. Recently Im trying again is there a way to take mgm101 again? I need it for the program I want to do

  • Anonymous

    I would like to apply to the Anthropology Major (Science) program at the end of this school year. I am in my final year and will have completed all the requirements for the program by April 2020, however my CGPA is below a 2.00 at the moment and they require a 2.00 for program enrolment. I am not planning on doing any post-graduate studies, I just want to graduate.

    Would I still have a chance in any way to make it into the Anthropology Major (science) program if I were to apply today? I will obviously work hard to get above a 2 (but just in case). Is there a letter I can’t write? What can I do?

  • Collen

    I am first year student of commerce. I have question regarding CGPA requirements. I would like to know if I didn’t meet CGPA requirement this year can I improve my marks next year and apply again to the second year?

  • Anonymous

    I posted this before but didn’t make it clear I go to UTM, which made it confusing for you, I’m sorry. I would like to apply to the Anthropology Major (Science) program at the end of this school year. I am in my final year and will have completed all the requirements for the program by April 2020, however my CGPA is below a 2.00 at the moment and they require a 2.00 for program enrolment. I am not planning on doing any post-graduate studies, I just want to graduate.
    Would I still have a chance in any way to make it into the Anthropology Major (science) program if I were to apply today? Is there a letter I can write? What can I do? I am slowly bringing my crap average up from what it use to be, but it may not be above a 2 by April. It is a type 2 post, but has some requirements.


    Hi, I am currently facing a huge problem. I am a 4th year student that only have 3.5 FCE left to graduate this summer. I requested a per-course fee tuition in this fall, and unfortunately, I late withdrawal a fall course due to many reasons. And the course that I drop is mandatory for me to graduate. However, I cannot add the winter course on ACORN. Could you tell me that if I take this class in winter will my per-course fee be altered to program fee? And I will pay much more tuition to get this final 0.5 FCE done.

  • Anonymous

    hey, I am looking at Econ undergrad requirements, and I can’t figure out what is the cut off average to get admitted into this program. I know we have to take ENG4U and grade 12 math, but I can’t figure out what averages you need in these courses, and what average you need overall to be admitted into the econ undergrad program. Also, I would love some advice about this decision I may make, because I wanna pursue law later on.

  • anonymous

    Hey, how are you?

    I am a grade 11 student and I want to pursue law in the near future. I wanna do undergrad in econ, and I was looking but I couldn’t really figure out the cut off average that uft looks at when deciding on applicants. I have many extracurricular activities, so I’m not really worried about my supplementary application. But basically my three questions are:
    1. what average do I need to get in ENG4U to get accepted into Econ undergrad?
    2. What average do I need in grade 12 math courses?
    3. What average do I need overall?

    Thank you,

  • Margaret

    I recently graduated from a BScN nursing program in 2019, and am now interested in enrolling in non-degree courses to boost my GPA for graduate applications, including medicine. I am a little confused as to what courses I can enrol in as a graduated nursing student – considering the prerequisite courses that I have, will there be nursing/public health courses I can apply to? Is that all I can apply to or are there general electives that are also available with a nursing background? Do I need to apply to a certain campus – UTM or UTSC?

    Thank you!

  • Duygu

    Hey! I am a international student who is in her 11th year in hell- ahem I mean school of course. I dont want to sound like STucK-uP student but I have pretty good grades and I am above the average. I want to attend Major in Computer Science in University of Toronto. Yes I have some good EC’s. But I do not have any national awards nor not a president of 80 clubs. I know acceptance rate is pretty low on computer science especially for international students. Is there any chance for me to get in U of T with a good amount of scholarships? Thank you in advance! ( I know it is stupid to ask you something like that. Since you are not a admissioner or something like that. But I am just desperate:(. So is there anyone you know in U of T who was in the same situation like me? )

  • Amber

    I’m a UTM student that is planning to graduate in November. I am not going to grad school, or any school after my undergrad. I just want to get out of here and get my degree. My CGPA is going to be crap, so I’m going to petition to graduate without my Honours. A degree is a degree to me and I know you can graduate with an average between 1.50-1.84 (just without honours which doesn’t bother me).

    Anyways, since I’m on probation at the moment (I will be off by the time I’m finished) and my marks are low (1.30 CGPA). I’m wondering if I can get into the Science Anthropology program (UTM)? I have completed ALL the requirements they need but I don’t have a 2.00 CGPA. The UTM Anthropology department has its own petitions you can use (do a quick google search) where you can ask to reconsider any refusal into the program. I’m in my 5th year now, I’m not going to take more time (school messes with my mental health) to complete my degree, that’s why I don’t mind not getting an honours. My question is, how can I petition a strong case they can consider? Or is there no hope? I will do anything and BEG if I need to. Thanks

  • aska

    hey there,

    not sure if you’re aware but i’ve answered two very similar questions on this! linked here:

    i’m not sure if there’s more to be said apart from what’s in those posts. without knowing your specific circumstances, i don’t know what a strong petition option would be for you– i’d suggest that you visit your registrar’s office and talk things over with someone in person there. you can also try speaking to someone at the department itself, and see if you can get insights into an effective petition that way. best of luck though, i know it’s a tough spot, and i’m sorry i can’t do too much to help.

    x aska

  • Kevin Wong

    Hi this is Kevin. I am sorry for contacting you but I am too desperate to get an answer for some of the questions that I have regarding UTM management and UTM commerce haha. Hope you would not mind:)

    I was recently accepted to study management at UTM in the upcoming Fall. I love the course and all that it has to offer but I can’t help thinking that there are better options such as Rotman Commerce, or even just UTM Commerce. I have been looking through Reddit post and people are saying that UTM Management is just not that impressive and is a low-risk low return kind of course. There are also no PEY or co-op for this course but the one thing that I really want to do at Uoft is to get a lot of internships/work experience during my college life. However I do not think UTM Management can provide me as much experience when compared with Rotman commerce/ UTM commerce. The only specializations that UTM management offered are Human Resources management and management which is very broad. On the other hand, The commerce program leads to specializations in accounting, finance, and marketing which are more employable than just pure management or pure commerce.

    I understand that I will have to do Management at UTM for my first year. But may I know is it easy to transfer to UTM commerce after first year? I also did not take any Calculus course in high school but I might consider getting tutorial on Calculus (not summer school/night school) before attending UTM. Now I was looking at your previous response and you mentioned that ‘MAT133Y5 recommends that you’ve already completed high school calculus (with at least a 70%) before taking the course.’ I do believe that I have a solid math background but I am not familiar with calculus, do you think tutor can help me get prepared for the course?

    Apart from that, is there anything that I need to look into before thinking about transferring from UTM management to UTM commerce? Or are there actually any advantage of studying Management over Commerce? My ultimate goal is basically just to work at a large company with a decent salary and nothing much. Will UTM management be able to give me that opportunity or will other courses provide a better prospect for my future career? Really sorry that I have so many questions. I am just pretty excited but also kind of worried that I am missing out on better opportunities. Just want to get a clearer picture of everything and I hope you would not mind giving me some guidance and suggestions. Thank you very much for your precious time!! (Love what you are doing btw:)))

  • Fernanda

    Hi there! With all this craziness going on I’m just getting more and more confused. UofT just issued another statement and it seems to me like they’re just going to give us credit for the courses completed during winter. Did I read that right? Do we still have to pass? Should I bother handing stuff in?

    Thank you! Stay safe!

  • joella

    I have been accepted into all 3 campuses and my fam is beyond happy about it. But I just got an email today informing me that I failed to get the scholarship. I’m an international student and the tuition fee is way too much for my fam. I have calculated possible earnings from coop (management) but I’m not confident they will be of any help. Is there any information or organization/ someone I can contact abt scholarship or any means of financial aid?. I’m vibing with UofT already so I’m thinking of taking loans but is it worth it? considering that I can go to my country’s uni debt-free. Thank you.

  • Kevin Wong

    Hi there! Sorry for bothering you but I am really struggling between UTSC and UTM right now. Little bit of background info: I was accepted to the Co-op Management program at UTSC and the Management program at UTM (did not apply to UTSG). I am also an international student who has received a 65% scholarship for my studies in UToronto, and an additional 19000CAD scholarship from UTM.
    Pros for UTSC:
    -Can do Co-op which I believe is really good for a student’s future career
    -Better sports facilities (especially for my sport) which are really ideal for me
    Cons for UTSC:
    -Don’t really like the campus, looks pretty sketchy and people don’t seem to like it on Reddit
    -More expensive as I will be losing my 19000cad from UTM and Co-op costs more I believe
    -The campus just really doesn’t look as nice as UTM but I am not sure because I have really only looked at pictures online
    -No free shuttle bus to downtown:(
    Pros for UTM:
    -nicer campus, more green area which I will feel more comfortable being around
    -Lower tuition fee (which is kind of a big deal for me)
    -Free shuttle bus!!
    -The community just look nicer and suit me better, idk…
    Cons for UTM:
    -no co-op which I’m not sure if its really that big of a deal (Coz I really need job experience but can I even get any at UTM…)
    -might have to travel to downtown/UTSC 3-4 times a week to practice
    -isolated area? So hard to find jobs/internships around campus? I am really not sure because I am just so lost:(
    I guess UTSC can prepare me for a better career which is truly ideal, but UTM is what I prefer for my 4 years of college life. Would be great if I can get the same amount of work experience at UTSC by attending UTM (is there a way to secure that the school can help me find jobs if I don’t do co-op or am I really going to be on my own:( )
    I might even do UTM Commerce in my second year if I study at UTM, but I will probably stick with Co-op management if I study at UTSC. Which one do you think I should choose? Is Co-op really that big of a deal? Is it worth sacrificing part of my college experience/preference for it?
    Sorry that I am all over the place, there’s just too much going on in my head and I’m just so worried that I’m going to regret it. Thank you so much for your precious time and help!

  • anon


    I will be graduating soon and technically only need 5 more courses to graduate or 2.5 credits to satisfy the 6.0 FCE at 300+. However, I was wondering if graduate schools require you to have at least 10 credits in both 300 and 400 courses.

    I changed programs last year which resulted in me having extra credits for courses that do not satisfy my current program requirements. But this is also why I would not need to take more than 6.0 FCE in 300+ level courses in order to graduate.

    I do plan on continuing my education in the future and do not want to come back to finish courses if I do not meet the requirements. So would it be best for me to have 10 credits in 300 and 400 courses or would I be wasting my time taking extra courses now?

    Thank you and take care.