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hey friendos,

surreal times, huh? started this year with the SCI, ended with the coronavirus. i don’t even really remember everything that happened in between. is university always like this? i hope not.

anyway, came back to campus to release a quick lil thing for anyone still on this site during these trying times. i guess some people are in self isolation, and have nothing better to do??? i can see that there are still a few of you on here. get some better entertainment, we have no useful content for pandemics in our archives.

i don’t currently have access to the site from home, so if you need to reach out to aska for any reason, please use my tumblr ask box. i’ll be monitoring it, and posting to tumblr to support anyone who needs support until i get access on the wordpress again.

with that said, i may not answer regular questions as quickly as i usually do. it’s unfortunate that i still had a backlog when this thing started– i will be doing my best to get back to you guys, but those answers may not come quick. please be patient!

in terms of resources:

  • the varsity’s twitter and website for all breaking u of t announcements. their articles will break down the academic consequences of the covid shutdown for you. i’m not able to cover it all right now, though i’d like to.
  • the president’s website for institution-wide announcements
  • your registrars (please call/email rather than visiting in person! note: best for clarifying policies that are already out, rather than inquiring about policies that have yet to be released. i’m betting all your registrars are stressed at the moment, and in many cases won’t have info ahead of release. check in with your faculties, if anything. HOWEVER– registrar’s offices are still operating, and there to support you. don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • MySSP for mental health support. take care of yourselves emotionally and mentally as well as physically. i know it’s hard to be navigating this in the first place, let alone as an individual dealing with mental health concerns.
  • i’m happy to link you to any other situation-specific resources if you reach out to me. i’m aware of quite a few, but am working under time constraints right now and can’t be as thorough as i’d like to be.

a few well-being/safety tips from me:

  • remember that by social distancing, you’re protecting society’s most vulnerable– the elderly, immunocompromised, et cetera. i know it’s hard for us to disrupt our lives, but we shouldn’t wait until more people die to start taking this seriously. stopping the spread of covid will only work if we all pitch in. data from south korea indicates people our age (20s) can test positive with mild / no symptoms, so it’s no longer enough to just stay home if you’re sick.
  • don’t panic! take a deep breath. we’re all gonna be okay. here’s a trick my therapist taught me for centering my attention, if you’re anxious like me. it’s called 5-4-3-2-1:  take a seat. identify 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste.
  • go outside to a non-crowded place if this all starts to get to you. when it gets warmer, sit on the grass. watch the clouds. go for a walk. this might be one of those rare times in our lives that we can slow down enough to do things like this– as the world seems to grind to a halt, there’s never been a better time to be still and quiet.
  • take space from the news, even if you’re intrigued by the developments. at some point, it’s gonna get overwhelming. i hit that burnout point today.
  • fact-check your sources. heckin’ misinformation flying around right now, bois.

my thoughts are with all of you– those who are leaving the country to be with their families; who are worried about rent and meals; who are uncertain about graduating, research, jobs, and internships. also with those who are anxious or feeling alone, who have sick relatives, and who wish they’d gotten to say goodbye to their friends before the school year ended. this isn’t how anyone wanted things to go. stay safe, wash your hands, we’re gonna get thru this.

all my best, and please take care of yourselves,


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