does anyone know any corequisite puns?

hey. i’m currently taking mat137, but due to my grades early on, I won’t be able to finish with a good mark in the end. that’s why I want to lwd. however, the problem is that phy152 requires mat137 as a corequisite. I’ve emailed the professor to ask if I can continue taking phy152 and finish mat137 in the summer (I didn’t want to take a risk) but i’m really unsure of whether this will be accepted. do I have a good chance of receiving this exemption, or not? 🙁


hey friendo,

i don’t really know what your chances are of receiving an exemption, but this is what i do know about the situation you’re in:

the department is usually responsible for enforcing prerequisite/corequisite requirements. at this point in the semester, though, the risk is low that the department will be actively checking for corequisite fulfillment. in other words, if you just drop MAT137 without notifying the department, you probably won’t get kicked out because they probably won’t find out. key word here being probably– i can’t make any guarantees. you’ve mentioned you don’t want to take risks on it, so i don’t even really know how relevant this information is to you.

anyway, if you’ve already emailed the prof, the department may already be aware. my guess is that, if the prof is unsure at all, they’ll reach out to the department to find out what the guidelines are for situations like these.

because of that, i’d just advise that you wait for a response from your prof, and then continue on once you know what their decision is. it’s hard for me to predict what your prof will say– they’re likely aware of everything i’ve mentioned in this post and more, so they’ll be best able to assess your situation. feel free to reach out for help again if you get an update/the situation changes, or see your registrar if you’d like more detailed in-person advice! you’ll need to see them anyway to request an LWD.

in general, it’s important to keep in mind that corequisites tend to exist for a reason– the two courses are meant to support each other. i don’t know what the impact on your learning will be of you dropping a coreq, even if the department’s okay with it. it’s possible that the crucial overlap occurred early on? but yeah, something to keep in mind, and something i’m sure your department/registrar will also mention to you.

sorry i can’t be any more conclusive– but good luck! hope it all resolves okay.

be Boundless,


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