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Heyyyy! Just wanted to say this website is a blessing, so helpful! I had a quick question about internal transfer (I’m sorry, i know they are the most annoying questions :(. Im currently a first year at UTSC life sci, and um chem didnt go too well, so Im retaking it this sem, and was panning to do the other chem in the summer. I sent my internal application for UTSG in January but it it only says “application received” and nothing else :(. Does this mean something? Or are they just waiting for my second sem marks? Cuz i did say to send the transcript for winter and summer. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated ?

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internal transfers are, indeed, one of the most obscure things at this school. how do they work? when do they work? wish i knew.

i mean… you could try calling the undergraduate admissions office for utsg artsci, and ask them if there’s anything else you need to submit right now. it is entirely possible that they’re just waiting for your marks to be updated. but yeah, only they would be able to tell you for sure. if you haven’t sent any transcripts at all along yet, then i doubt you’re going to get any results back until you do. they can’t assess you without your marks, after all.

if you’ve sent in everything you’ve been told to send in, then i’d just say sit tight and wait for your application status to change.

if you haven’t spoken to your registrar’s office re: your internal transfer yet, i’d reach out to them as well. they may know more than i do / be able to advise you more in-depth.

best of luck with the transfer! hope it goes through.

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