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some important aska info up in this hizzle

hey there,

i hope your exams and essays and general school mania are all going smashingly. or at least that you’re staying afloat.

this is just a PSA to let you know that aska will be out of commission starting tomorrow. i will be back when school resumes. so please, keep sending in your questions via e-mail or tweet, but just know that i won’t be able to reply until January, so if your question requires an answer before then, go bug your registrar or enrolment services about it. they will be open until December 20th because they are OFFICIAL UOFT buildings, unlike me. i’m not official. i don’t have a building.

anyway, on this sad day of parting, i’d just like to give you some advice for exams before i gtfo:

1. remember to study. seriously, i don’t know why so many of y’all need reminding about that. if you’d like to read up on my study tips, they’re right here. i sometimes get good marks, so, you know…might be worth it…

2. remember to breathe. no matter what happens, you can always recover from it, you can always move past it, and it’s never the end of your life/future/career. trust me. if you happen to fail, don’t think about it as failing, think about it as evolving into your next, improved self. and no, that was NOT a pokemon reference.

3. remember to shower. we’ve all skipped a day and not showered over exams, and that’s understandable. sometimes you have to pull that all-nighter and write your exam smelling like a wet dog. but once you’ve gone three days without it, you’ll start to bother even yourself. like, geez, dude. seriously. showers don’t need to take all that long.

on that note, good luck with all your school shenanigans and happy holidays! there may be a few posts here between now and january (assuming my foray into scheduled posts works out as planned), so keep an eye out. i’ll see all you crazies in the new year 😉






your regular broadcasting of anxious student questions has been interrupted to bring you this IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:

are you a first-year or grade 12 student? are you so worried about university that you don’t even know what to ask, you just feel like breaking down into tears? is the prospect of university driving up your heart rate at an alarming speed?

DO NOT FEAR! you may or may not have noticed that i have added a NEW TAB to the askastudent blog called ‘Prospective Students.’ See it, right there at the top of the page? That is your go-to spot for all those university applicant questions, including old favourites such as:

Which college should I go to?

Which college should I go to?

Am I going to fail and ruin my entire life?


Which college should I go to?

Just click on that tab or go here and read up for information and a 100% student perspective on all your nagging uoft questions. there are also gifs. i also added funny gifs. i am so down with the kids. lol. wtf. omg. i know your lingo.

think of this new page as an EXTENDED FAQ with more answers, more laughs and more nerve-calming than ever before. and please let me know if you VEHEMENTLY DISAGREE with anything i’ve said there, if you have something you’d like to add, or if you think i’m doing a good job. that might be nice, too.




we’re baaaaaaack

We abandoned you in a moment of need.

But fear not!

Santa is gone and spring is apparently here. With a case of red bull at my side, your questions will be answered

love forever and always, through thick and thin and ’til death do us part,



Facebook Page / Gobble Gobble

OH MAH GAWWWWD!!! ? We totally have a FB (Facebook) page ? 🙂 :):)

yo, so … like … add us

like us like us like us like us like us like us like us like us like us ?…. LIKE US

phew … too much caffeine

Happy Turkey Day Weekend


Our Love Will Thrive Again

We’ve been gone for too … too long and are concerned you feel unloved. It’s not you … it’s us.

We don’t want our extended vacation to hinder out relationship. If we missed your question, ask it again!?Or if we didn’t miss your question and?our relationship is still thriving, ask away.

You know halloween is coming up and our Mr.Dressup box is just bursting at the hinges with ideas. And our summer escapades have made us even more brilliant with relationships. And obvisouly we are still heavenly creatures with school questions.

We love you. We miss you.

like our facebook page and twitter so we can be apart of your everyday lives.


it’s been a long time, but i’m back in town

I know, I know: you’ve missed Aska. You’ve been emailing in your questions, hoping desperately for a sassy (yet super informative) answer over the summer. The truth is, Aska?really needed a vacation.

But never fear! Aska is back, relaxed, tanned, and ready to tackle your toughest questions throughout the upcoming school year.

So stay tuned… and spread the word about askastudent! We’ve got exciting things in store.


Weeeeee’re back!

Whaddup ya’ll

I know, I know I’ve put quite the strain on our tender relationship. Distance relationships never work.
That’s why I just had to come back to the askastudent resource cave (imagine dark and dreary … but not damp because that would destroy our beautiful resource books) and answer all your wonderful (for the most part) questions
Holidays are over … new profs to brown nose and new hot TA’s to hit on


Be our friend and you will be rewarded

We’re sad and lonely. We sit watching reruns of cheesy comedies, eating entire tubs of Ben and Jerry’s half baked ice cream.

Be our friend … or let us tweet you

Maybe we’ll tell you about the greatest party on campus, or how to seduce that babe/stud from your ENG304 course.
Or potentially necessary things like not forgetting to wear pants to your exams.

In any case ADD US!!
and you will be rewarded (insert winky face)





Halloween Time Kiddos

I’ve come to the conclusion that my Halloween costume is bar far the coolest in all of Toronto …NAY THE WORLD.

Care to challenge me? Send in your ideas, photos … blah blah blah

I’ll post the greatest, most creative, most likely slightly promiscuous costumes on the site as the World Costume Champions. Maybe we’ll be able to find a June Carter to go with your Johnny Cash, or your slutty doctor a slutty nurse.

Muwhahah Happy Ghouling


Voting Time Kiddos

The time has come!!!

All your rants about wanting to make a difference in the world and going to school in Toronto so you can get an all mighty job where you can control the world are about to come into play.

I’m going to refrain from the typical ‘you’re the youth of tomorrow’ and ‘the future depends on you’ rant and just say it straight. Vote.

Go here, get information, vote, drink in celebration or sorrow over the results of the election.

You never know that hot poli-sci babe you’ve been starring at might just be in front of you in line, and pending results of the election might let you vote on them (ok that’s not really sexual, but I’m sure your hormonal minds can make it)

lalala VOTE!


We’re Becoming Social Butterflies

Hey everyone!

The time has finally come, Askastudent is now in your social network … yahoo

So …. HIT US UP!

Be our friend on facebook and we’ll tweet you some tweets on twitter


Britney, shoulder pads, vampires, Askastudent… (we’re back)

Dear askers, commenters, and occasional voyeurs,


While askastudent may be criticized (by idiots) for being insensitive, offensive, and self-indulgent, no one has ever questioned its honesty. In keeping with this reputation, I am letting everyone know that the beloved Aska that you have grown to love/hate over the past year has gone into retirement, and a new incarnation (me) has been born. Well, that’s sort of a lie, I have been re-born. Plucked, once again, from the cesspool of mortals, and elevated to demi-god status to help you.


Now, besides that lie about wanting to be honest with you, I am primarily letting you know about Aska’s rebirth so that I can lay down a few ground rules. ?


a) There are literally 71 unanswered queries staring Aska in the face. Do you have any idea what that feels like? So, while my fingers are carpel-tunnelling, PLEASE do not resend formerly asked questions. And don’t try to be tricky and reword the beginning to dupe me into reading it all. Just be patient.


b) I cannot think of ANY reason for someone (i.e. grade eleven students) to send me their high school grades. Aska has addressed this on multiple occasions. It’s creepy, it’s obnoxious, and it’s pointless. Next time it happens, I will take sick pleasure in ignoring your question and making fun of everything I can glean from your submission. Sound fun?


c) Before asking something that is potentially universal, try searching the archives for existing posts. At the very least it will help you to better articulate your question.


d) I’ve actually read all 71 questions, and let me tell you askers: these submissions are seriously lacking character. Anonymity does not preclude personality. So, spice it up!!! If the content of your question is a little dull, try these tricks.


-insert ?fun’ punctuation ?- but those ridiculous sideways smiley face combos won’t win me over

-capitalize LOUD words – like HELP or ?ECSTATIC or PREREQUISITE?

-use descriptive adjectives and adverbs- esp. to describe your dire emotional state – like shameless weeping

-use similes and metaphors – like cool as a cucumber, or quiet as a church mouse ??

-give us some back story

-compliment me


Alright, dear readers. Stay tuned. This keyboard is about to get ugly…

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