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Hey aska! I’m in a bit of a predicament. I’m thinking of late withdrawing from a course that is a corequisite for another course. If I late withdraw from the one course in early April, how likely do you think it is that I’ll be able to stay in the other course? After all, by then the year will almost be over. How should I go about requesting permission for something like this? Thanks!
this is a great question! i consulted an academic advisor on this and this is what she said:
the department conducts checks to make sure students are taking the appropriate co-requisites, however, LWD’s are done after the drop date which means that you’d be withdrawing from the course pretty late in the semester. the department most likely will completed their checks way before the end of the semester so i’m assuming they wouldn’t remove you from the other course. (unless they did, in that case, i’m sorry) it’s unlikely that departments would remove students from courses so late in the semester.
if you do need to take these co-req classes for your program, you’ll probably have to retake the course you LWD’d, assuming you passed the other class.
there are a lot of complex factors regarding the consequences of LWDing co-requisites, and i encourage you to have a conversation about it with your registrar. in order to apply for LWD, you must make an appointment with your registrar’s office because they are the ones who will process it for you. they can help you discuss strategies to avoid future LWD’s and give you the specifics on co-requisites. i don’t want to go into too much detail on corequisites because without knowing which courses you’re taking, the information would be pretty useless. it gets more complicated the more co-requisites there are and sometimes it depends on the department. your academic advisor will be able to help you with course-specific questions!
hope this helped a little! when in doubt, always go to your registrar’s office!
peace and love,
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