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Hi there, I’m planning to go on exchange to a country abroad in the Fall/Winter term of 2018. My CGPA is high enough and I am in good academic standing. However, I credit/no credited a course that I received a NCR for. Will this affect my chances of going on exchange? My CGPA is higher than 2.25 (not much higher but still higher –> 2.28). Will they still consider me for exchange? Kindly advise. Thank you!



according to this website, the CIE only requires that you have a GPA of 2.25 in order to apply. they also have a list of institutions that you could go on exchange with and their academic requirements. i would check that out and compare the requirements of the institution/ place you want to go to and your current academic standing.

i can’t say whether they would accept your application or not. you meet all academic requirements, and i don’t know whether a NCR would affect your application. i would get in contact with the CIE to discuss options and what you could do to better your chances of going on exchange. hopefully you end up as mr. international exchange (pitbull’s younger, slightly less impressive brother)

i really hope this helps! sorry for such a late reply. good luck!




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Can I apply international exchange in my fourth year (so I’m going in my fifth year)? Also must I take courses related to my program? Is it possible to graduate right after exchange, without having to take any courses back here? Thanks!



this is all within the realm of possibility but you should get in contact with the CIE (centre for international experience).  though it is hypothetically and technically possible for you to go on exchange in your fifth year, take courses related to your program and graduate right after, it’s all dependent on what the people at the CIE say.

you could also check out your eligibility for exchange here.   i would also check out this page to check whether or not an exchange program is right for you. a

i’m sorry i don’t really have a straight-forward answer for you, these things can be a little iffy. anyways, it’s all possible, but not certain. get in contact with the CIE and they will be able to give you more information than i, a humble student blogger, can.

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hope this helps!



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