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Does uoft have a student life app? Any other apps I should download?



there isn’t a student life app as far as i know, but there are other useful apps! (EDIT: a commenter has informed me of the student life app! sorry! check out their comment here with links to both android and ios downloads).

i suggest downloading the blackboard app. blackboard/ portal is the system that all classes at u of t use to distribute class information. basically, you log in and can view everything you need for a course like readings, the syllabus, etc. the blackboard app is kinda old and janky looking (it literally looks like something from 2008), but it gets the job done. you can set up notifications for when your prof/ TA posts announcements, do some readings on your phone, or just pull up the syllabus quickly.

i would also suggest the u of t map app. though it’s not as intuitive as google maps (you can’t see your location or get directions), it’ll show you things like parking lots or accessible buildings that wouldn’t be available on other map apps.

another thing i highly recommend is linking your u of t email to your phone somehow. either by getting an outlook app or by adding it to your mail app. here’s a link to how to do it for ios.

i hope this helps. get out there and be tech-y, baby!

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