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the amount of garbage i produce is probably not good for the environment

Hi there
I am in third year currently, and one of my two majors  is environmental studies major (ASMAJ1254) I am attempting to plan out my academic future as practically as I can. I have been looking at the environmental ethics major (ASMAJ1107). I am more academically pulled towards the humanities and the philosophy courses offered with the env. ethics major. However, I want only to switch posts if this is a ‘smart move’ – which would mean the courses I have allocated thus far for my environmental studies major to transfer easily to a environmental ethics major.
Being in third year, I am fine with staying put in my env. studies major. However, seeing the requirements, for both, I wanted to know, if I can apply for a type 1subject  post at any time. Is there any way I can (myself and not my registrar) map out, if I were to switch majors that are so similar,  if Id be further along to my degree (meaning my env major courses thus far would have transferred) or if this would this set me back, with me needing to take extra courses, and thus be behind in post requirements?
Ive already written my registrar first for academic advice regarding subject posts, but until I go in to see them I thought Id ask here.
Thank you for your time!



thanks for writing in!

switch if you are more interested in environmental ethics! do it! if you’ve figured out what you like, just go with it.

whether or not it’s a smart move really depends on the courses you’ve already taken. you can definitely map out whether or not it’s logical with the picture below:

while i’m sure you’ve looked at the calendar already, having visuals is nice so i compared the requirements of the two majors for you. the highlighted courses are courses that are overlapped in both programs. as you can see, there is quite a bit of overlap, but again, you would have had to have taken only highlighted courses for there not to be any setbacks.

as for when you can switch: you can do this without the help of your registrar, however, i highly recommend that you schedule a meeting anyways, just in case you’ve missed something. it would suck majorly if you switched to a new major (lol) only to realize that you missed a requirement and need to take some extra classes. if that is the case, sometimes departments can make exceptions for you.

the subject post change period for a type 1 subject POst (environmental ethics major) will be between april 1st and september 30th, which means you can log onto rosi or acorn, drop your environmental studies major and then type in the appropriate code: ASMAJ1107 to apply.

since i don’t know what courses you’ve taken, i can’t map everything out for you, but i hope i’ve provided you with enough information as a stepping stone to figuring it all out.

if you have any further questions, do contact your registrar’s office for support!

peace and love,




When Politics and Speaking German Are Not Your Thing Try Saving The Planet

Hi Aska,

So I have a couple of questions for you…

I’m currently a first year student at UTSG. Originally, I came into U of T with the intention of majoring in political science and/or German, so all
of my courses now are in the humanities/arts field. However after a few months, I realize that I’m more interested in Geography/Environmental
Studies, which was something I considered seriously in high school. So I am concerned because I’m not sure if I would need to transfer into the Life Sciences Department. What’s the deal with this?

I also just realized that in order for me to major in this, I would need to have taken Chemistry 12 in high school in order to take the first year
Biology and Chemistry courses, and I failed my Chem 12 AP course….Does this mean I can’t take the Chemistry and Biology first year courses? Who can I talk to about this?

I have one last question regarding degree requirements. I read somewhere that only 6.0 FCES from 1st year courses are counted towards your degree. Considering how I will probably have 5.5 FCES already from 1st year courses in the HUMANITIES/ARTS field, how will this fare for me since I will be taking biology/chemistry/math first year courses next year for my new intended major?

Sorry for the rant….



Hey Major Change,

Political Science … phew who needs that when we have people like Rob Ford in control. He seems to have things under control <insert obvious eye roll here>

This switch shouldn’t be all that horrifying. Life Science is apart of the Arts and Science department so switching around is mainly just having the requirements and applying to the subject POSt.

Saying that, I don’t actually think Life Sci is the best place to share your enviro/geography love.

They do have a couple of programs but the Centre for Environment or Geography department might be suiting.

Unfortunately most of the science streams in both Environment and Geography do require Grade 12 Chem and Bio. Meaning that you would have to look into doing some highschool nightschool or an equivalent to take even the first year courses. I have heard that sooooome math courses don’t check the highschool requirment, but I haven’t heard anything about chem or bio. You can call the departments and see if they will make an exception but I wouldn’t rely on that.

But in the spirit of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and any others that I have forgotten, I have an alternate solution for you. Well actually a couple of possible solutions (I know, I can feel your excitment radiating through the screen).

1) Take a stream of Env or Geo that’s an Arts program over a science. These bad boys do not have highschool science requirements.
2) There is a specialist and major program called “Environmental Geography” which just might combine all your interests.
Any first year coures that exceed the 6.0 credits are considered “extra credits”. Meaning that the marks are not calculated into your CGPA and do not count towards your graduation requirement of 20 credits. BUT they can count towards your programs requirements.
Rants are always more intersting then calm speaking.
snuggles and warm apple cider,

a volcano that spews forth song, not lava

hello. i sent you the thing about the environmental groups. i have found a bunch of people willing to stand and sing this land is your land on the corner of st. george and harbord. any money raised well give to one of those groups. were just wondering if its worth our while? (more…)

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