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my favorite pastime is evolution

is it possible that something has become slightly different all of a sudden? yes yes yes, the time of the cool illustrated header image and grassy lawn background is over (unless you all complain a lot?). it turns out that the universal website that can appeal to everyone is one with things that are transparent. in fact, I dare to predict that in the future, people will be slightly see-through…y’know, for coolness.

the new new askastudent, or ‘ultra neo askastudent version S’, is not just for show: now you can submit your photography or art to be used as the customizable background to the site. so send your stuff in and if it isn’t awful, we’ll put it up…we’ll set up a flickr group eventually, but that’s for later, after I evolve a third eye.


Askastudent: The Next Generation

nuit blanche fog.  visually, the weirdest thing to happen on campus this year.
for those of you in love with our old retro-chic website, the honeymoon’s over. we’re sure with time, you can learn to love again because let’s face it, the old site was a dinosaur. awesome, yes. but extinct.

welcome to the new, bloggier inception of askastudent’s former predecesser. please allow me, your friendly neighbourhood askastudent, to steer you through some of our new kickass features – though the premise will always remain the same: ask and you shall recieve. (the answers to life on and off campus.) (more…)

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