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syllabi for my guy

Hi aska! Can I ask professors (who don’t know me) during the summer for syllabi of their fall/winter courses I intend on taking or is that weird?



yes! you can email profs and ask them if they’d be able to send over a copy of their syllabus. some profs are a little more strict about their syllabi though, and might not send it to you. some profs don’t finalize their syllabus until later on too, so you might not be able to get syllabi from those profs. but it is 100% acceptable to email a prof or contact the department to ask if you could see the syllabus.

hope this helps! get that education!

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only n3rdz read ahead

Hiya, I just enrolled in my courses and I was wondering where and when I could check for the 2015-2016 syllabus?


hey there,

got a keener here, huh? what d’you wanna do with those syllabi? get ahead? HAH. what a ridiculous concept. take it from aska: flying by the seat of your pants and crying the night before things are due is ALWAYS the healthier and saner option. haha.

anyway. you will receive the syllabus for each of your courses during your first class. some of the profs who are a bit more on the ball may upload their syllabus to Portal before the class actually starts.

however, you’re probably not going to be able to see one now, unless you do some snooping around on Google or Portal (under ‘Browsing Courses as a Guest’) for previous years’ syllabi in the courses you’re taking.




Syllabi? … Syllabuses?

Hey aska!

I’m trying to have a course I took as a freshman credited as a course substitute for my program requirements. But for me to get approval, I have
to provide the department with the course syllabus. Now, I can’t find mine because, well, who keeps those things after the course has ended? Soanyway, I decided to check past timetable and have discovered that our batch was the last class it has been taught to. Is there any way to get a syllabus from the academic year 2008-2009?



It depends on the course on how you would go about getting the syllabus … but you know what … challange accepted!

Pleeeease let it be a Commerce program. If it’s Rotmans than we might whistle a different tune for you. They actually have their syllabi … syllabuses … hold on a second, I need to look that up:

what do you know, both are grammatically correct.

Anywho, click here for Rotman syllabi.

For some of the courses, you can have access to the course content on Blackboard, here. I personally feel like this resource is a pain in the donkey.
My final suggestion is to shoot an email to the professor or the department. You’ve got a pretty good shot that one of those have a copy for you.

Hope one of these actually works for you.

truly yours,


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