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(woodsworth) (not wordsworth) (woodsworth)

Hello. Id like to to take a course in the study abroad program, and im aware that Wordsworth college gives out generous awards to help finance, but am I allowed to apply for that assistance if I’m not from the st g campus? And I’d like to take a particular course that I’m not in the program for. Who do I get in touch with to ask for an accretion, and how likely is it that I can get in?


hey there,

if you didn’t tell us you weren’t a UTSG student, the fact that you called it ‘worsdworth’ college would’ve tipped us off. don’t worry; i think it’s cute.

you don’t have to be from the downtown campus to get financial assistance. UTSG students aren’t the only ones who are poor, after all. you can take a look at all the scholarships and bursaries offered to all students here.

you will have to meet the prerequisites (if any) for any course you want to enrol in, but being in a program directly related to the course isn’t strictly necessary.

as part of your application, you will have to explain the “[r]elevance of the course to the applicant’s program of study,” but i’d say that if you’re interested in taking the course, there’s probably some way of relating it back to what you’re studying. a strong application can sometimes come from unexpected places. for example, i once received an application from an employer inviting me to accept their offer of rejection from a position at their company. i graciously declined their offer of rejection. i’m starting at the new job on monday.

i can’t figure out what you mean by the word ‘accretion,’ and i don’t think it’s the word google is telling me it is, so i’m just gonna ignore that part of the question.

how likely is it that you get in? it’s kinda hard to say. travelling isn’t really my scene, so i don’t have any personal experience with the summer abroad program to back me up.

the website definitely says that the program is competitive, but they don’t seem to give any specific numbers about how many people apply, how many people they take, etc. so if you’re really curious, i’d recommend just calling them and asking.

have fun flying off to whatever part of the world uoft flings you out to!




an overview of overseas opportunities

Hi Aska,

So i really wanted to study abroad this summer and i was wondering what the difference is between doing a summer abroad program or an exchange program? They seem basically the same to me. What are the pros and cons of each? Which would you suggest?

Thanks for the help!


hey there,

i’m feeling like i wanna shake things up a bit today, so let’s do this in LIST FORM, shall we?

Summer Abroad Program

– runs out of Woodsworth College’s Professional & International Programs
– 3-6 weeks
– available in these countries, for certain uoft courses
– costs between $5000-$9000 (including flights, meals, etc.) depending on the country

UofT Exchange Program

– run by the CIE
– one semester, one year, or one summer long
– available at partner institutions in these countries
cost is your regular uoft tuition plus flights, meals, accommodation, etc.

the main distinction is that in the summer abroad program, you’re doing a UOFT COURSE in some other country. in the uoft exchange program, you’re completing TRANSFER CREDITS at an international university.

if you think another university’s courses would be a really good supplement to your program, and you can get enough transfer credits there to be on track when you come back, then the exchange program is for you.

also, if you just want to get away from toronto for a really, really long time, CIE’s program is your golden ticket. you can get away for so long your memories of the TTC will almost be washed away entirely. almost.

on the other hand, if you’re not particularly interested in taking courses outside of uoft, and you’re more comfortable committing to just one or two months abroad rather than a full semester or year, the summer abroad program is probably a better fit.

finally, consider the financial aspect carefully before you decide to go. it’s no fun coming back from an exchange dirt poor, AND having to spend the little money you do have left on the TTC. that gosh dang TTC. here are CIE’s funding opportunities, and here’s Woodsworth’s.




canadians aren’t built for the heat.


I will be coming to Toronto this summer for a global summer program exchange. I will be following courses at Innis but after doing some research I chose to apply for residence at University College – Whitney Hall.

One of the reasons for my exchange is to experience the real ‘college life’ since we do not have any campuses over here The reason I chose Whitney is mainly because I read that it has one of the more social scenes, the building is really pretty and the location is great.

However, it is one of the few buildings with no A/C. And since I will be staying in July/August, I was wondering how big of a problem this is. I heard that it can get really hot in the summer, but I am not sure if this means that I would struggle getting any sleep or whether its just not as comfortable as other buildings. I could easily apply for another building like Morrison hall, which is only a little bit cheaper, newer and with A/C but kinda emotionless.

Would you have any advice about this / know anything about Whitney Hall during the summer? Or any recommendations??Thank you for your help.

Kind regards.


hey there,

well, firstly, that’s so exciting that you’re coming on an exchange! i hope you have a magnificent time in toronto. and just remember, Niagara Falls and the CN Tower aren’t the only interesting things in the area.

try and get time to explore the city if you can. i promise you it’s worth it. i’d recommend the harbourfront; there are always cool shows (and boat rides!!!) going on there. also the subway restaurant on Bloor Street close to campus has a really cute waiter, so…*

secondly, you won’t perish (probably) from the heat if you have no A/C, but it will be really, really uncomfortable. if you still can, i’d try and apply for a building that does have it. the temperatures can climb to the mid-30s Celsius, and it’s not awesome trying to study when you can feel your brain boiling inside your skull.

if changing buildings is no longer an option, i’d highly recommend bringing a portable fan with you.

hope you have a chill summer,


*Quality Life Tips from Aska registered trademark


To Infinity and Abroad

Hey! I’m in first year at U of T, and really interested in the international exchange program that’s offered. After browsing the website, I have a good idea of what kinds of options are out there and what the requirements are. My question: how do I know what language the courses at each institution are taught in? Are there english language options in Spain or Germany? Thanks so much for your help aska!


Hey there world wanderer,

The summer abroad website has this little disclaimer yelling out in bold: “All classes, with the exception of language courses, are taught in English”

For 2012, the Germany trip is offering the following classes:

  • GGR300Y0 Special Topics in Geography: The City as Problem and Promise – Berlin as a Case Study
  • POL300Y Contested Boundaries: Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism in Germany and Europe at the Beginning of the 21st Century

And there is no Spain program, so either all or none of the courses are taught in english. It really depends if you’re a glass half full or empty kind of person.

go far and wander,


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