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    woodsworth why you gotta be so picky

    Hi! I would like to ask something about residency. I got placed into Woodsworth College but I’m not allowed to have a place of residency there as I place it as my second choice, and most likely they’re going to place me into Chestnut. I would really love to live within my college, their ensuite kitchen is what made me choose them. I emailed Woodsworth’s residency department but they’re not giving me a clear response. Is there anthing I could do? Were there any similar cases?

    hey there,

    it’s funny that you ask, because there was a similar case to this about 8 years ago… ah, the elusive woodsworth, swerving on student residence applications since 2014 (well, probably earlier than that too). i’m not sure if that poor kid ever did get into woodsworth res, but i’ll say the chances are probably veeeery slim.

    i would recommend to email woodsworth and plead your case, but it looks like you’ve already done that. so if the application portal and woodsworth residency department are both saying that you’ll probably be put in chestnut, well… that’s probably what’s gonna happen.

    if the lack of a kitchen is a real deal-breaker, you could also try looking into other housing options like campusone (although most rooms with kitchens look like they’re waiting list only right now), or renting a room off campus. on the other hand, you’ll have the rest of your adult life to cook your own meals — it might not be so bad to just spend your first year chilling at chestnut and mindlessly eating off the meal plan.

    best of luck,


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    if you want parties you’ll find them, don’t worry

    Hi! I was just wondering which college is the best in terms of res? My friends all say that SMC is a party college so they all want to go there, is this true?


    hey there,

    there are really only subjective answers to this question. i’d only really be able to give you an accurate take on the one residence i lived in, which was not st. mike’s. which one was it, you ask?

    well some things are meant to remain mysteries.

    i have heard things about parties at SMC, but i have also heard (from an acquaintance who lived there first year) that the rooms are like prison cells and the food is … subpar. something about serving the leftovers from lunch again at dinner? is that slander? please treat this as a rumor, hearsay, whatever. i don’t want to get sued. i am but a broke student blogger; take my word with plenty of salt.

    my thing with this is mainly that if you want parties, you will be able to find them. u of t’s got frats and all. even my res, which was not in any way a party res, had its fair share of parties. in fact, i fully believe that it’s not about where you are, but who you know: some people are party people. they will have access to parties aplenty. some people, like me, are library people.

    anyway, if you want to know what people on campus tend to think about different residences, i have heard some very good things about how nice woodsworth is, in terms of the building’s design and views lol. i also know a lot of people who had super postive, very social experiences at vic’s margad res. new has the best food, hands down, and offers you a traditional dorm experience (although i can’t really say if that will be true this year). that’s about all i got.

    my final note for you: please, stay safe if you’re planning to socialize on campus this upcoming year! i worry about students passing the virus to older profs and staff, who may not have much of a choice to be on campus. not that you have any obligations to me, but i ask that you keep that in mind.

    be Boundless (but not too boundless),


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    you’re in luck either way, new college has good food

    Hi! I’ve been accepted to New College, and I don’t know which residence (Willcocks 45, Wilson, or Wetmore) to choose. If you were in New or know from friends, could you give me some advice? Also- are LLC’s actually helpful/worth applying for?


    hey there,

    congrats on your acceptance! unfortunately, i’m not in new or close with anyone who’s lived in a new college res. i do sorta know a few people who were in wilson, though, and had a very positive experience in terms of making friends!

    sorry i can’t be more helpful. you can try reddit, if you haven’t already? reddit’s not always reliable, but for things like these (subjective experiences) it’s often the only place to get information.

    as for LLCs: this is such a cliche answer, but like many similar programs, they’re really what you choose to make out of them. some people join them and then don’t engage, but if you put some effort and commitment in, you’ll get more out. LLCs are great because they set you up with relevant connections— it means you’re a lot less on your own than you might otherwise be. you’ll have access to mentorship and a support system, which i definitely think are important ways to help yourself stay grounded in the mess that first year can be (oh, if i knew what i know now…).

    so if you’re interested in an LLC i would recommend giving it a try! my guess is that the programming will look a little different this year under COVID restraints, but i’m sure the teams behind new college’s LLCs are doing their best work right now to make sure you get the best experience possible.

    be Boundless,


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    don’t mention the word ‘winter’ to me yet, it’s too early

    i’m a first year student, yet I’m going to have to miss the Fall session. Can I still apply for residency as I’m going to start in January 2020 (Winter Session) and need to stay on campus? Btw I’m an international student.


    hey there,

    i have heard cases of people moving in just for winter sem, yes. usually this is conditional on someone else moving out– otherwise, there may not be space. but it does happen, yknow, people vacate their rooms mid-semester or don’t even show up in the fall. there are usually a few spots. it’s just a matter of how many, and whether anyone’s vying for them. you might have competition.

    uncalled-for levels of aggression! probably just cross your fingers and hope you get a spot.

    what i’d recommend is that you contact your preferred (or your college’s) residence, and ask them about their specific policies on winter move-in. i’m not aware of any centralized information on this, so it’s probably best to just talk to those offices directly. geez. listen to me. i’m picking up the language of the bureaucracy, and i haven’t even been here that many years. this is how the end begins. someone get me outta here.

    usually i’d link you to the contact info, but it be busy times, so you can find all that stuff here.

    be Boundless,


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    feeding two birds with one scone

    Hi aska! Can I apply to the waitlists of multiple different residences/colleges? I’m a first-year member of University College but not guaranteed residence. Thanks so much!


    can i apply to a bunch of different residences of a bunch of different colleges? i’m already a member of one university. (aska note: what is this ‘one university’? campus one? university college? what? where? who? why?)


    hello friends with almost the exact same question,

    i dunno when or where this info was imparted to me (probably as an eleventh grade keener, tbh) but i’ve always just assumed your college equals your residence. i actually had to do a lil digging into whether this was actually a published rule– these kinds of questions always have me doubting myself– and according to student life, the answer to your question is unfortunately a no.

    u of t’s college system basically serves to organize our huge student population into smaller, slightly more manageable chunks. i guess this is true for residence as well, in that as long as you’re in artsci you can’t really cross over college boundaries to live in another college’s res. professional faculties kiddos, like the architects and the engineers, have way more of a range of choice, but there are also fewer spots for them. win some lose some, i guess.

    chestnut is the only residence that seems to take all u of t undergrads regardless of college or faculty. i know it’s not an option for many people because its fees are so high.

    bottom line: you’re stuck with whatever residence it is you’re stuck with. a self-evident statement, but appropriate in this context, i think. if you’re worried about not having housing next year, you can give off-campus housing a go. i did this hella long post on finding it a while back– here, if you’re interested in checking it out. the more i link it, the more i realize it’s kind of chunky. i should fix that sometime.

    as always, title ref for the less cultured, because aska loves you too and wants you in on the joke.

    be Boundless (or not really in this case :/ ),


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    all these doors and they still won’t let you in

    Lmao I’m a first year and I unknowingly missed my res application deadline do you know how likely it is I’ll get accepted from the waitlist? Thanks



    unfortunately as a fellow student myself, there are certain things i don’t have access to. one of those things is waitlist sizes, and it can be pretty difficult to estimate likelihood of getting off a waitlist without those. class waitlists are an easy estimate, res and admission waitlists not so much. on top of that, it’s hard for me to even poke around without knowing which residence it was you applied to.

    sorry, bud. really wish i could be of more help but this is one of those things that there’s no real rule for. or at least, i’m not aware of one. hopefully at least they gave you a time window of when you might hear back? i know for other students it’s been late june/early july.

    i would recommend that you give the residence in question a call and see if there’s anything concrete they can tell you. otherwise, you may want to start looking into other options. having been in a tough housing spot myself, i did this snazzy lil (read: actually quite long) post on off-campus housing a while back. your potential residence may be able to refer you to other resources as well, as i’m sure they encounter this circumstance pretty often.

    wishing you the best of luck sorting this out. i know it can be tough. as always, lemme know if there’s anything i can do to help.

    over n out,



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    when the hecK

    When the heck do first years pick a residence


    hey friend,

    i can’t find any specific info on this, but as far as i can tell, you… might already be past the deadline? the myres portal is where you’re meant to apply, and it lists march 31st as the deadline. apparently the latest date for offers to be sent out is june 3– if you log in with your utorid, you’ll be able to see it.  i dunno if you got any emails or what, or really what your situation is, but i feel like you probably should have been notified earlier? at least, i remember getting an email about it when i was admitted.

    no need to panic though– you still definitely have options.  if you’d like, you can still apply (i think)– they’ll just put you on a waitlist. you can also start looking for off-campus housing, which isn’t a terrible option either. it can be a little harder to make friends off-campus, but for me residence was a mixed bag anyways and you don’t ~need~ to be on res to meet people.

    not a long post cause i know next to nothing about your circumstances, but if you need further assistance my ask box is open!

    i couldn’t find a gif for this post and am too tired from my summer 9-5 to keep trying, so here’s one i like from the gif dump i keep:

    over n out,


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    almost too specific

    What are some tips for choosing a room at chestnut residence? I heard the elevators rarely work or break down a lot. Is that true and if so how often? Also how often are fire drills? Do the rooms offer some sort of soundproofness like regular hotel room doors do?



    i’m not too familiar with how chestnut works, but i’ll try my best.

    according to their website, there are various living learning  communities and themed floors in chestnut. there are some floors that are open to students in all programs of study and some that are for specific programs (for example, there are engineering floors, life science floors, humanities floors, etc). there are also floors for people with shared interests. there are also floors for people with the same interests, such as the arts and culture floor and the health and wellness floor. the living learning communities are a good way to meet people with shared interest or people who you might have classes with. i suggest that you go through the list of living learning communities that they have listed on their website and pick a floor based on the community that you’d like to be a part of.

    as for your (very, very, almost too) specific questions, i really have no idea. you should contact the people at chestnut directly and check out their FAQ.

    i hope this helps!

    nuts GIF



    PS- yes, i know that those are walnuts, but i couldn’t find any chestnut gifs.

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    but can you engineer a home?

    Hey there,

    I’ve applied for engineering at U of T and it’s my first choice. I’m also really interested in living in the Innis College res but they claim they only take engineering students with averages above 96% !! Due to some personal issues my grades this semester weren’t excellent and my final admission average will probably end up being between 92 and 93. Is it worth putting Innis as my top choice to be considered for it or is the point completely moot? If not Innis, I’m also fairly interested in Vic, or failing that New, both of which claim to only have “limited spaces” for engineers. How do they choose which engineers get to live in college res, and do I only get considered for my top choice? I would like to avoid living in Chestnut if possible.

    As a backup plan to all of that, I have a friend who was slotted into SMC and did some last minute emailing and got switched to UC. Is it likely that residences might have extra space if I try something like that?



    according to the innis res website, if you want to live on res at innis, you’ll have to rank them first when you apply for res via myres (the residence portal), or they won’t consider you. i’m not sure where it says that innis only takes engineering students with averages about 96, so i can’t really confirm if that’s true or not. either way, i think that if you want to live at innis, you should rank it first anyways. if you don’t get in, it won’t be the absolute end of the world, since the magical res people will place you in your second or third choice.

    that being said, i’m not sure whether vic or new also requires that you rank them first. i would get in touch with their res offices specifically to ask. here is the link for vic and here is the link for new. if they don’t require that you rank them first, then it would be a good idea for you to rank them second and third after innis.

    as for your friend who switched into UC, i’m not sure how that would work. this is something that you’d have to contact the specific residence offices about.

    applying for res can seem kinda confusing, especially since there is a completely different website and portal that you have to go through. you will need to log onto myres, confirm your interest in residence, and rank your residences before march 31st. for more info, you can check out this link.

    i hope this helps!

    tommy wiseau lets go home GIF by The Room



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    I am enrolling in UofT’s Faculty of Arts and Science Program for the fall semester of 2018, and I wanted to ask how I could choose the Chestnut Residence as a preference on my OUAC application? It only gives me the options to rank the 7  Faculty of Arts and Science colleges. Also, if I want to live in Chestnut, what college would I be considered a part of?



    when applying to the faculty of arts and science, you have to also apply to a college. though most people who live on res do live at the res that corresponds to their college, it’s not required.

    after being admitted to u of t, you will be prompted (in my year, it was via email. i don’t know if that’s changed) to apply for res. in the application, you’ll be able to pick between all the different residences (college affiliated or not). if you want to live in chestnut, this is when you would pick chestnut (if i remember correctly, it was also a ranking system, so you’d have to rank chestnut first). check out this link for a more detailed breakdown of all the different college affiliated residences and this link for more info on chestnut.

    if you live in chestnut, you can be a part of any of the 7 colleges. the college you belong to isn’t just where you live, it’s also the admin and resources that you can access. for example, if you needed to talk to a registrar, you’d get in contact with your college registrar. for the most part, there aren’t too many major differences between the colleges, but i still suggest doing your research.

    investigating basketball wives GIF by VH1

    so, basically right now, you need to rank the 7 colleges (after doing your research)wait until you’re accepted to u of t, and then apply for residence!

    i hope this helps, good luck 🙂

    peace and love!



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    kin you find me housing?

    I am a prospective student of U of T St.George campus undergrad. I received a late acceptance email from Toronto (I was waitlisted). I accepted my offer to queens, but i wish to change to Toronto. If I was to transfer, would I have the capability to go into residence? And would I have the option to choose which residence housing to go into? Is it too late for the 600 dollar deposit?And are there spots left to go into residence at all? The faculty I would be going into is Kinesiology.



    that’s a sticky situation, but i’m glad you’re considering transferring to u of t!

    i’m not 100% sure if you’d have the capability to go into res. while u of t does have a first year res guarantee, they would usually give you next steps for applying to res in your acceptance letter.

    if i were you, i’d get in contact with the faculty of kinesiology and ask them what the next steps for you would be. they would have way more information than me and they would have faculty specific knowledge (i’m in artsci, so i don’t have tons of info on other faculties, unfortunately).

    i would also get in contact with u of t’s housing services. they would be able to help you find a place, whether it be on-campus residence or somewhere off-campus.

    it might also be helpful to check out this link about residence in general.

    i really hope this helps! good luck!



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    long time reader, first time asker

    Hello Aska!

    First – You are utterly brilliant!
    I will be applying to UofT this fall, and scrolling through your blog has
    saved me many a panic attack! Within this wall of flesh, there is a soul
    that counts thee its creditor.

    P.S. I went through the tags before writing this (true fan here) so don’t
    worry – this doesn’t have ‘another college question’…..(or does it…..?).

    1. Oh all seeing eye, how do you know everything that’s happening at UofT’s
    massive campus? What are some of the best ways to keep on top of student
    events, displays, Disney serenades, aska fan-fests, food trucks etc? (Most
    importantly – food trucks!).

    2. Slightly beyond UofT – which are the best natural sites to explore in
    and around Toronto – hikes, trails, hidden Narnias perhaps?

    3. Innis is one of the only apartment style residences on campus, and as
    far as I can see this style of residence (and Innis in general) seems
    perfect. But, as an Innis insider, what are some of the disadvantages of
    apartment style living?

    4. I have been looking through the PolSci and International Relations
    department pages, and although I found a massive list of internships
    offered to PolSci students, I could not find a similar list for
    International Relations. Does PolSci generally have more available
    internship and exchange opportunities in general?

    Finally, I feel like I am compelled by tradition to put this question here,
    if only as a symbol:
    ‘Innis or UC?”

    May the odds and even be ever in your favor.



    thank you so much! i am always humbled and delighted to meet a fan like yourself.

    since you’ve asked me a five-part question, here’s a five-part answer:

    1. first, you could check out the student life website. they have a lot of stuff on events, displays, clubs, anything you may desire! if that isn’t enough, you can also check on facebook- lots of clubs and societies post when they’re hosting events (and whether or not there’ll be free food). you could also check out hart house (they always have a bunch of stuff going on), the utsu (university of toronto student’s union), your college’s student society, and the clubs fair during orientation week.
    2. there’s lots of nature-y stuff to do in and around toronto. so much so, that i’ll just redirect you to this. in all seriousness though, there are a lot of places to go hiking in toronto, check out this article.
    3. it all has to do with your personal preferences. however, you’ll have to think a lot about things like food (innis doesn’t have a dining hall, but you could still get a meal plan) and cleaning (you’ll have to look after a kitchen and a bathroom and a common area AS WELL AS your own room).
    4. i don’t know if there are MORE internships for polisci students as opposed to international relations students… it just looks like the IR department’s student experience page hasn’t been updated as recently as the polisci department’s. you could get in contact with the IR department and they’d probably have way more information than me, a humble not-IR student.
    5. innis or uc?





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    6 responses + a rant

    Hey Aska! I’m a Turkish student and I’m in grade 11. I’m filled with
    so many questions because I whole-heartedly want to study at UofT. I
    researched a lot of things and still have tons of questions. So yeah,
    let me begin 😀

    My first question is about admissions. With %86-87 average in grade 11
    and %93-94 in grade 12, would I be able to get into mechanical
    engineering? (Also consider that I have decent SAT scores ad medium-
    to-decent extracurriculars.) I really want to know if I even have a

    +What about scholarships?

    +Does Innis collage and UC require anything when applying? (I know
    that Innis should be ranked 1st if you wanna be accepted there.) Which
    has a better community in your opinion? And which should I choose as a

    +Is it that hard to get good grades at UofT? I personally love
    studying but I don’t know if I’ll be overwhelmed.

    +Are international students treated differently really?

    +What are the parties like?

    +It is a very big school, will I be able to form close relationships?
    If so, how?

    Thank you soooo much in advance, and sorry for mixed questions. I
    sincerely hope that I can be a part of the community. Take care!



    first of all, you’re adorable and i love your enthusiasm. you’ve asked a lot of good questions and i commend you for taking the initiative to reach out so early! this is probably the longest post i’ve ever written so bear with me.

    on getting accepted into mechanical engineering

    at this point in time, the website says that you need a mid 80’s average to get into the mechanical engineering program, but it would be best to check the updated average when you actually apply in 2 years. engineering programs are competitive and it is very likely that these averages will change by the time you apply, since they tend to fluctuate from year to year.

    with your awesome grades, you definitely have a chance of getting into the mechanical engineering program, but keep in mind that this is just a general cut-off guideline for this year’s applicants. by saying you have a chance of getting in, i’m not saying you will get in.

    on scholarships

    scholarships are described at length in this link where you will also see a complete listing of all the scholarships available at u of t. keep in mind, since you will be an international student, you will only be eligible for a small number of scholarships. if you scroll to the listings at the bottom of the page, under availability, if there is a blank in the column instead of the words “domestic students”, that means international students are eligible. there are also admission scholarships (which you are eligible for, yay!) which you will automatically be considered for when you are admitted to the school.

    on UC and innis

    university college is large and old whereas innis is small and new. to get into innis, you are absolutely right, you do need to rank it first (good job!) but UC does not require you to rank them first. innis requires you to rank them first mostly because they are so small in size and very popular.

    which one to pick? that’s the ultimate question. there are many factors that you should consider, for example: are you going to be living in residence? what kind of residence style are you looking for? do you want to be part of a big college or a small college?

    i’m not exactly allowed to tell you which one i like more (and believe me, there is one) because i’d probably get destroyed, and it’s really up to you to do your own research and decide which one is better for you. i can provide you with the resources, but the rest is entirely up to you.

    on getting good marks

    is it hard to get good marks at U of T? yes. very hard. i have yet to get good grades at U of T. don’t slack off, study hard, and go to class. i made the mistake of not doing any of those three things in my first three and a half years and have paid dearly (emotionally and monetarily). we have a scary reputation for a reason. if you’re thinking of coming here, be ready to work your ass off.

    on the treatment of international students

    *disclaimer* aska rant on international student culture and discrimination

    i thought a lot about how to answer your question about the treatment of international students. on one hand, i wanted to answer: international students aren’t treated differently! it’s love love love all around! but i would be lying. the aska motto is to deliver the cold, hard truth, so here goes: (it might seem a little controversial and blunt, but that’s askastudent for ya!)

    international students are treated in the same way they treat other people. as i’m sure is common at every university, there are groups that i will refer to as ‘cultural cliques’. cultural cliques are groups of students who stick together because they come from the same culture, usually when english is not their first language. i’m not saying this is a bad thing. it’s actually great that these students can find friends who speak a common tongue! how awesome! however, sometimes, students will ignore everyone else outside their clique and as as a result, they get ignored back. this is perfectly fine if neither groups want to mix and mingle, but it does sometimes result in some differential treatment. the most common thing i see is people getting mad about international students speaking their native tongue instead of english.

    as someone who was not born in canada and can speak a second language, i can sympathize with both sides of the story. an international student might have a difficult time with english and find it easier to communicate in another language, yet a domestic student, might find it rude that other students are speaking in foreign language. often, this stems from the domestic student’s insecurity that the international student might be crap-talking them in a different language. of course, this isn’t always the case, but it does happen! heck, it’s happened to me before! someone tried bad-mouthing me when they thought i didn’t understand the language. well, joke was on them!

    many will also argue: “you’re in canada! speak english!” but this argument isn’t exactly valid. i’m sure lots of people who go to countries like japan don’t spend years learning japanese before they decide to go. canada is known as one of the most multicultural countries in the world, and it’s truly unfortunate that not all cultures are as widely accepted as canadian culture.

    bottom line, discrimination can happen, but i guarantee that it won’t happen if you treat people like you want to be treated. my advice to you is to keep an open-mind. be friendly and warm to people if you want them to be friendly and warm to you. if you find people from turkey at U of T that you want to be friends with, that’s awesome. if you want to form a turkish clique, even better! make the most of your university life and spend it with people you care about.

    *aska rant over*

    on partying

    i’m not much of a partier, so i can’t reveal too many juicy details about that. just based on the parties i’ve been to, they can definitely get pretty rowdy at times, but also be super lame. a gathering of people involving beverages and loud music usually constitutes a party at U of T, and i imagine, everywhere else! sometimes there’s dancing and sometimes there are games. sometimes ambulances are called, and sometimes the paramedics get a night off. sometimes people fall asleep and sometimes people stay up all night. hope that answers your question!

    on forming close relationships

    i have hit the 1300 word count so i think it’s safe to say that we, in some way, shape or form, have formed somewhat of a close relationship. U of T is ginormous. you are again, absolutely right.

    you can definitely form close relationships at U of T. in addition to studying your ass off, you should be making time for late night mcdonald’s runs, jam sessions and spontaneous city explorations along with friends. again, treating people like you want to be treated applies here. treat someone like a friend and chance are, they’ll treat you like a friend and then BOOM! you’ll have a friend. that’s how you make friends. how nice. you’ll meet people in your classes, in residences, and at various events on/ off campus! everyone else will be looking to make friends as well, so don’t sweat it. some of my closest friends have been people i met at school, so you’ll be fine. trust me.

    did i answer all your questions? if not, comment below and i’ll do my best to get back to you.

    good luck, chill out, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

    peace and love,