if you want parties you’ll find them, don’t worry

Hi! I was just wondering which college is the best in terms of res? My friends all say that SMC is a party college so they all want to go there, is this true?


hey there,

there are really only subjective answers to this question. i’d only really be able to give you an accurate take on the one residence i lived in, which was not st. mike’s. which one was it, you ask?

well some things are meant to remain mysteries.

i have heard things about parties at SMC, but i have also heard (from an acquaintance who lived there first year) that the rooms are like prison cells and the food is … subpar. something about serving the leftovers from lunch again at dinner? is that slander? please treat this as a rumor, hearsay, whatever. i don’t want to get sued. i am but a broke student blogger; take my word with plenty of salt.

my thing with this is mainly that if you want parties, you will be able to find them. u of t’s got frats and all. even my res, which was not in any way a party res, had its fair share of parties. in fact, i fully believe that it’s not about where you are, but who you know: some people are party people. they will have access to parties aplenty. some people, like me, are library people.

anyway, if you want to know what people on campus tend to think about different residences, i have heard some very good things about how nice woodsworth is, in terms of the building’s design and views lol. i also know a lot of people who had super postive, very social experiences at vic’s margad res. new has the best food, hands down, and offers you a traditional dorm experience (although i can’t really say if that will be true this year). that’s about all i got.

my final note for you: please, stay safe if you’re planning to socialize on campus this upcoming year! i worry about students passing the virus to older profs and staff, who may not have much of a choice to be on campus. not that you have any obligations to me, but i ask that you keep that in mind.

be Boundless (but not too boundless),


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