is anything really mandatory in uni though

is CCR mandatory? like volunteer hours were in high school? i’m a commuter and i’ve been having a hard time figuring out how to participate around campus.



as far as i’m aware, CCR is not mandatory! if it is, that’s gonna be a nasty surprise for me because i haven’t really invested a ton in my CCR, lol.

the CCR is just meant to capture all of your outside-the-classroom learning on an official u of t document, but there’s no obligation, really, to fill it up with things. with that said, i really would recommend getting involved with on-campus opportunities. below are a few opportunities i’m aware of that can count towards your CCR— and some of them will even help you out with your grades!

if you’re in artsci, you may also have CCR opportunities lurking around at your college. my college runs several councils/organizations that you can get CCR recognition for, as well as a mentorship program. if you’re not in artsci, check out what opportunities your faculty offers!

apart from that, you can always try checking CLNx for CCR-accredited opportunities. i’ve found a couple decent things on there, and am happy to answer questions about the application process as much as i’m able.

my best advice, in general, is to go for activities that excite you or seem relevant to the career you want to pursue. you’re going to be super, super busy while you pursue your degree. i do believe you should be doing things outside your classes if you have the capacity to, but you shouldn’t overcommit or you risk burning yourself out. that’s why it’s best to find a few things that you think will be particularly constructive or fun, so that you use your time and energy well and come out with sharper skills. that’s my take on this whole ~getting involved~ thing.

anyway, it was only just now, at the end of writing this post that i found confirmation that CCR is in fact not mandatory. do with that as you will.

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