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I am confused. On the FLC website it says groups meet every tuesday or thursday. Could I essentially do tuesdays one sem and then thursdays the next? I’m asking here bc I already sent the m an email but its currently giving out automatic replies. So, I’m really pulling at strings here. If you can’t answer this question its all good


hey there,

sorry it took me a few days to get back to you on this! maybe you’ve heard from the person you emailed already. i was never in an FLC, so i couldn’t initially answer this question, but a friend was kind enough to reach out to someone with FLC experience so i could get something back to you.

they weren’t 100% sure, but their understanding was that when you join a FLC, you enrol in a group that takes place biweekly. if you see options for tuesday and thursday, there are probably two separate groups that each meet on a different day— one on tuesdays every two weeks, and one on thursdays every two week. usually, you remain in your FLC group for the whole year. if you wanted to switch midway through the year, you’d be needing to switch groups.

from what i understand, that doesn’t happen very often, but whoever’s in charge of coordinating your FLC will be the best person to tell you whether or not it’s actually possible. in other words, you do need to wait for that response if it hasn’t come yet.

anyway, shoutout to that friend of a friend for sponsoring this question. many thanks, my dude. here’s a visual representation of me running this blog without the help of other people:

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