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    release those fees!

    hi! if i deffered my tuition fee, when is the last day I can pay it? nslsc still hasn’t released my funding ?

    hey there,
    the problem you’re having isn’t unheard of, which is why fee deferral exists in the first place! but it’s actually been quite difficult for me to find the answer to your question. i’m not 100% versed in how student loans work across the board, unfortunately, especially since i’m not from ontario and have zero experience with osap.
    this is what i’ve managed to figure out: apparently nslsc is what releases your OSAP funds to you. you probably already knew that, but i’m learning this for the first time. if that’s the case, you have until september 30 to pay your fall tuition fees. as far as your winter fees go, you have until january 31, 2021. 2021? what a foreign concept. i feel like i’ve been stuck in 2020 all my life. technically, your service fees won’t start accruing until around two weeks later, so if you need a day or two extra i think that’s normally okay. u of t affords a bit of a grace period, since funds don’t always get processed right away. after that, you have until april 30, 2021 until a financial hold gets placed on your account, which will block you from future registration. if i’m somehow wrong and your funding isn’t connected to OSAP, you can check out this page, which will give you the fee deadlines for other types of tuition deferrals.
    i hope this helped! actually, i hope that this post is now irrelevant and that somehow, right after you asked your question, nslsc released your funding. that would be nice. that’s the kind of ideal world i wanna live in.
    be Boundless,
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    master has given dobby a sock! but dobby has fees :(

    so i did some calculations and it seems i will be 3.0 FCE short by the end of my fifth year. I’ll probably do .5 or 1.0 FCE in the summer and take an extra semester to do the remaining 2/2.5 FCE but i was wondering since that’s a full course load if I would be a full time student and would i have to pay full tuition? or just tuition for one semester? would u suggest doing more in the summers instead i really dont want to do a full extra year


    hey there,

    it’s always a little hard to answer tuition questions without details on faculty/program/year– there’s so much variation at this school and so many ways this could go. is this your fifth year? or are you anticipating this several years in advance? i have so many questions.

    in 2020 we take care of ourselves, so for the sake of my own sanity, i’m gonna base this answer off of a first-year domestic innis college student’s fees instead of trying to cover every possibility ever. if you’d like me to do another division, let me know. you can always check your own fees out on fees.utoronto.ca or hit up your registrar for more specific advice.

    if you’re in your fifth year already, i’m not sure that there’s any way you can avoid taking another fall or winter semester. the maximum you can typically fulfill in the summer is 2.0 credits, or 2 courses per each of the 2 summer semesters. there are exceptions to the 2.0 credit limit– you can request a course overload— but i really wouldn’t recommend doing so unless your academic record is impressive and you won’t have any other summer commitments.

    so let’s say you take 2.0 credits in the summer. that means you’d be taking quicker-paced courses at the maximum summer load, and you’d still have 1.0 credits to complete. hmm.

    if it’s between that and taking a lighter summer courseload, i’d take the lighter summer courseload. if you leave 2/2.5 FCE for the fall or in the winter, you’ll be paying per-course fees anyway, which should total to $3,163.36 with fees for 2 FCE or $3,773.36 for 2.5. that is, based on past fee schedules. you only pay full-time fees if you’re registered in 4.0 credits or more in fall/winter, so hopefully that helps ease a little bit of anxiety. i hope that answers what seems to be your main question, as well– whether you’d need to pay a full year of full-time tuition or not. you wouldn’t.

    if you’re not in your fifth year, it would certainly be easier for you to avoid doing another year by taking summer courses. how many summer courses you’d need would depend on what you’re comfortable taking fall-winter, as well– if you’re up to it, you could stack 6 courses fall/winter and pay a lil less tuition. but i know that’s not necessarily feasible for everyone– it certainly wouldn’t be for me.

    if you’re not a domestic innis student (which, statistically, you’re probably not) please check this advice over with someone, like your registrar! like i said, fees do vary quite drastically between different divisions. obviously what will vary most is the specific fee estimate– i think that generally it’s true that below 4.0 FCEs you don’t pay program fees, so you’d be exempted.

    but like, never base your life choices solely on something a stranger on the internet said (i say, as i purport to offer all the answers to everything ever like the overreaching keener i am).

    be Boundless,


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    it’s the finaaaaal countdooooown

    hi, I am currently facing a huge problem. I am a 4th year student that only have 3.5 FCE left to graduate this summer. I requested a per-course fee tuition in this fall, and unfortunately, I late withdrawal a fall course due to many reasons. And the course that I drop is mandatory for me to graduate. However, I cannot add the winter course on ACORN. Could you tell me that if I take this class in winter will my per-course fee be altered to program fee? And I will pay much more tuition to get this final 0.5 FCE done.


    hey there,

    sorry for the wait with this answer– i finished finals real recently and am super behind on my inboxes! like super super behind lol i don’t think i’ve ever let it get this bad, i am heckin’ sorry and promise i’m getting on top of it. i’ll split this post up to answer each of what (i think?) your questions are, to make sure everything gets covered:

    per-course and program fees

    this is, in general, how fee assessments work. whatever F and Y courses you were registered in on september 19, as well as any S courses you’re in on jan 19, will be added up and used to determine how you’ll be charged. or at least, this is true for domestic students in artsci. if that doesn’t apply to you, you can check other faculties as well as fees for international students here. once you hit a total of 4.0 credits, you’ll be paying program fees instead of course fees. which, like, we don’t love, but…

    you mentioned having a late withdrawal done, which means you were registered in that course past september 19. unfortunately, that means that course will be factored into your total. if you were registered in 3.5 FCEs total before deciding to drop it, then registering in another 0.5 FCE for winter will probably switch you over to program fees. you should definitely not quote me on this, because i don’t really know the specifics of your situation, but that’s generally how it works.

    how much more tuition will you pay to finish the final 0.5 FCE? 

    if my assumption is right and adding that 0.5 FCE will switch you from course to program fees, then you’ll pay the difference between program fees and what you’re currently paying. if i’m wrong and you’ll stay at course fees, then it’ll be however much it costs to take another course.

    without knowing your program and whether you’re domestic/international, i really can’t give you an accurate estimate– if you’d like me to, i’m happy to if you send in a follow-up question with your faculty, program, and student status??? otherwise, fees.utoronto.ca will be your best friend, but it can be a lil hard to decipher. lemme know.

    why can’t you register in the last 0.5 FCE you need?

    you might need to ask your registrar to switch you over to program fees, so that you can register for that last half-credit. that’s my theory, anyway, as to why ACORN is blocking you from that last 0.5 FCE. i can’t think of any other reason why it would be doing that if you’re in good academic standing.

    mostly, i bet you would benefit from giving your registrar a visit. i feel like they’d be way better equipped to help you out, especially if this is a situation that’s worrying you that much.

    go to your registrar.

    did i mention… checking out your friendly ol’ local registrar?

    you know what to do.

    be Boundless,


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    second strike

    So this is my second strike with osap and they’ve decided not to give my money for this year’s tuition. Is it possible to get a deferral so I have time to gather the funds? I don’t have any scholarships. It’s crazy that I don’t seem to have the option to defer unless I’m with osap when it seems like students like me need that grace period the most..


    hey there,

    unfortunately, as far as i know, you’re only able to defer your fees for two reasons: if you have incoming scholarships, and if you’re waiting on OSAP. i’m not aware of any exceptions to this.

    that is a tough situation– it kind of makes sense that the university’s policies would be this way, because they need a guarantee that they can get your tuition money. with OSAP and scholarships, they kind of have that. with miscellaneous please-give-me-time situations, not so much.

    i’m sorry i can’t be more helpful– i do want to send you to your registrar, just in case i’m wrong and there is something you can do. it’s possible that they may be able to talk to you about grants or something– emergency funds for students in your situation.

    best of luck with it all, man.

    be Boundless,


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    *head bangs*

    hi, i am considering enrolling in 3 credits for the fall semester and then dropping one half course, but i can’t find the deadline for dropping a course without having to pay anything so i’m scared to enrol now:( should dropping in september be enough to not pay any withdrawal fee? please help!

    hey there,

    don’t blame you at all for not being able to find this– i had a lil trouble myself. it’s not a short answer, either, as this deadline can vary by your faculty, division, and even year. you can check out a master list of the refund schedules here— just click the link that applies to you.

    sorry i can’t be more specific, but unless i know exactly where you fall in the great bureaucracy that is u of t, this question’s a bit of a hard one to answer. too many possibilities. hope i managed to at least direct you to something that’ll be helpful, though!
    be Boundless,


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    incidental feeeeees

    what are incidental fees? do i need to be doing something with them? thanks aska!!!!


    hello there,

    incidental fees are pretty much the fees you pay to be a student at u of t, but separate from what you pay to study at u of t. if that makes any sense. when you pay for them, you get access to all sorts of services and programs that add to your university experience, whether that includes getting access to athletic centres, clubs, healthcare, or campus media.

    if you’re asking if you ‘need to be doing something with them’ because you’ve seen something pop up on your ACORN, then yes, i guess you kinda do have to do something. this year, you’re able to opt out of any non-mandatory incidental fees, which should be shown to you in some kinda checklist when you log into ACORN.

    this is because of the government of ontario’s student choice initiative, which you can read more about here. in short, the government has deemed an array of fees non-essential, jeopardizing the operations of these programs in the coming year. thing is, these programs– your student societies, campus newspapers, and clubs– contribute so much to the vibrancy of life at u of t, and are such valuable opportunities for students to learn soft skills outside of the classroom. these are skills that can make you more employable when you graduate, which i’d say is easily worth the money you’d be spending now.

    so if you have the financial means to do so, i would strongly encourage you to stay opted in.

    be Boundless,


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    relic of bygone times

    can you pay your fees at the university or does it have to be online, because my dad is old fashioned and wants to go to the actual university to pay. Also if I pay on the second to last day of the deadline am I screwed or would I be ok?



    hey there,

    looked into this for ya and unfortunately, it does seem like u of t doesn’t accept payment on campus. that practice does seem to be a ~relic of bygone times~ here. just like i’ll be in a few years.

    as long as you’re a domestic student, though, you should be able to pay in person– it would just have to be at a bank, not at the university itself. you’d need to visit a branch of your bank, probably with your student account number on you (i don’t think they can ensure the payment goes to your account without it). i know it’s not technically the same as going to the university to pay, but hey, it’s the best we got. your bank will get the payment to the school, trust.

    really hope that works for you! lemme know if you’re not domestic, i’ll try to dig up another solution for ya.

    and yes, if you pay on the second to last day before the deadline you are a-okay. the uni knows we procrastinate, and gives us a lovely lil 10-business-day grace period after the deadline. by then, your payment should be processed!

    be Boundless,


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    i’m big dumb too it ok

    so I’m big dumb but do you have to pay your semester 1 fees in full, before semester 2? Or are you allowed to pay the continuous fees little by little as the years go by?
  • fees

    extra hoo

    is there any downside to deferring tuition costs?



    hey friendo,

    as far as i’m aware, i don’t think there is! deferral seems to just be a real nice thing the uni does if you’ve got a legitimate reason not to pay your fees on time, like you’re waiting on scholarships or OSAP. as long as you remember you’ve deferred your fees and ensure that they get paid, you should be fine. make sure you’re also aware of deadlines, too. you’ll need to pay your full tuition by april 30 at the latest. if you don’t, you’ll have trouble registering for future sessions.

    if you’re worried about a specific situation or circumstance, i’d recommend you get in touch with your registrar. they’ll likely be able to walk that through with you better than i can!

    be Boundless,


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    kinda sorta probably important

    do you have to pay the whole year 1 tuition fee before starting year 1, or only the first semester fee? my fee balance on acorn shows the whole year fee and i’m wondering if i have to pay that all at once.


    hey there,

    fees can be so confusing. i am not a fan. i’ve been doing this u of t (and this aska) thing for a lil while now, and i still got massively tripped up going through all the different fees documents and trying to answer this. gotta love me some bureaucracy.

    according to the student accounts website, though, you only have to pay whatever your minimum payment to register is before the school year starts. you can find  that amount by going into ACORN, looking for the ‘finances’ section, and clicking the ‘view invoice’ button. just ctrl+f ‘minimum payment’ or scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

    if you’re an artsci, architecture, music or kinesiology kid, the deadline to pay this minimum payment is august 28th. you won’t need to pay your fall tuition til the 30th of september. meanwhile, your winter tuition is due november 30th. 

    minimum payment deadlines for other faculties and campuses can vary– eng kids only have til august 15, while utsc and utm students’ deadlines are august 12th and 13th respectively.

    don’t skip out on these deadlines, friends. they are kinda sorta probably important, if you’re interested in not paying extra fees and/or staying registered. y’know.

    one more pro tip– if you send a payment in and it doesn’t go through, hold your horses. wait for it to process. this is especially true if you’ve paid right on the last day. you’ve got a fun lil ten-business-day grace period for your payment to go through. no need to wonder if you’re gonna get kicked out of all your classes and whatnot. but do try to pay early or on time (i say, as i know full well i’ll watch the deadline inch up on me and make absolutely no move to do anything about it).

    be Boundless,


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    fee fi fo fum

    how do you pay the tuition costs? and when? do they send you a bill?


    fees! always a good time. not really. this is me trying to deal with my issues through positivity and i can tell ya it’s not working very well.

    to check out how much you owe the uni and pay your tuition, you’ll want to log into ACORN. i’m assuming you have yet to do so, just cos if you’ve been on your ACORN you wouldn’t have this question. just make sure you have your utorid and password and you’re good to go!

    once you get into ACORN, smack dab in the bottom right corner in a REAL big box is the ‘finances’ section. it’ll really conveniently tell you how much you owe– and if you click the ‘invoice’ section you’ll be able to see how that sum breaks down into things like tuition, incidental fees, and res fees if you’ve got them. and if you click the ‘make a payment’ button, there’s a section walking you through how that works.

    some things you should know:

    • there’s usually a deadline for payments. it’s not til september-ish (i can’t remember right now, but rest assured it’s not soon).
    • a lot of people flip out if they pay on or just after the deadline, and don’t see any updates or confirmation from the school. they think they’re gonna get kicked out. they’re wrong. there’s a 10 business day grace period after the deadline, during which the university will wait to receive your payment without any consequences. if you ever have friends with this issue, please tell them to chill and hold off on visiting their registrar. if you ever have this issue, rest assured that all will be okay as long as your payment is in before the end of that period.
    • if you’ve got scholarships, osap, etc. you can defer payment. this basically means you’re allowed to register without paying, but still need to pay as soon as you’re able.
    • please, please! pay your incidental fees this year. i dunno how political i’m allowed to be here, but the ontario government is introducing a student choice initiative that basically makes fees optional if they’re going towards non-essential university groups/services.

    i’m a lil worried that a bunch of people, especially first years who aren’t sure what’s happening, will opt out of these fees. but guys, they’re so important. so many of the student groups i’m familiar with on campus are bracing themselves for a challenging year– many don’t know what kind of resources they’ll have. these are the groups advocating for our rights as students– things like the utsu, or the varsity. we need the resources, transparency, and positive change these organizations enable. food banks, disability services, and sexual assault counselling are among the other things this opt-out puts at risk.

    we may not be able to scrap the initiative directly, but we can pay our fees. the varsity literally costs us like two bucks, which is already one of the lowest student paper incidental fees across canada.  this has been a psa! not what you asked, sorry sorry, but i feel like it was important to throw in.

    anyway, hope this was helpful! as always, best of luck with first year and all.

    over n out,


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    if you throw money at your problems maybe they’ll disappear

    In my first year of university I was in good academic standing but then I took some summer courses and was on academic probation because I didn’t do well in the summer session. The following Fall/Winter term my CGPA was still below 1.5 but I signed up for summer classes to increase it so I can get SGPA of 1.7. But since I had some overdue fees on my account I was kicked out of those classes. Then got an email that I am going to be suspended. Can I still take the classes after I’ve paid the fees?


    hello hello,

    this question confuses me a lil but also seems to be one of the more urgent ones lined up, so i guess i’m gonna give it a shot. part of that confusion is because i’m not actually sure what happened to you. were you put on financial hold? were you financially cancelled? neither? help?? fees? what?

    i guess i’ll focus on what i can answer: whether or not you can still take classes once your account is cleared. this is one of those rare instances where i can’t find anything from utsg (maybe i’m not looking hard enough? i bet it’s out there) but both the utm and utsc websites suggest that late registration is possible, albeit with a fee of $44 plus $5 each business day. this fee is paid to your registrar, not to ACORN. my hope is that if it’s possible at those two campuses, it should also be possible at st. george provided you don’t wait too long. it stands to reason that yeah, once your overdue fees are dealt with and if you’re able to put a tuition deposit down for summer, you should be able to take the courses you need to keep yourself out of suspension.

    however, i would really suggest you confirm this with your registrar— you’d have to visit them anyway to pay your late registration deposit. i’d say book an appointment with an advisor sooner rather than later, given that summer classes are accelerated. if you’re trying to pull your gpa up you don’t wanna get in too late.

    best of luck dodging the suspension! i hope it’s actually possible for you to take the courses you need and pull that SGPA. you gots this.

    over n out,


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    mario kart ghost mode is the only mode that matters

    Hi there,

    I am currently in my third year  at UTSG and sitting at a 2.61 GPA and I am feeling pretty shitty about myself, I had a pretty rough last semester, but am trying to get myself back on track for my last year and a half. Is messing up a semester going to set me back significantly? do you think that taking summer courses and trying to get good grades in my 4th year would be enough time for me to pull my GPA back up? I feel really bad because I went from a 2.9 in my first year to a 2.61 in my first semester of third year, because of personal reasons and I also changed programs. How do I stop comparing myself to the accomplishment of others? I know my GPA is not the worst, still a B, but it is so hard being surrounded by others who are doing so well, and is so toxic and damaging to my mental health.


    I was advised by my registrar to drop the courses that I was not doing well in this year to save my GPA, which brought me to 3 courses per term, which is still a full time status, and was told that i would not get in trouble with OSAP for dropping these courses. Is this correct? I am afraid to drop the courses I want to this semester because of this and I do not want to get into any type of trouble with osap.




    coupla questions here, so i guess i’ll break it up like i usually do.

    can i pull my gpa up?

    i thought about this one for a while. looked at the numbers and all, and tried to figure out if there was some mathy way i could give you reassurance. unfortunately, my brain doesn’t really work like that, but i can link you to the u of t gpa calculator that will be able to give you a more definitive answer anyway. basically, it’ll let you input your grades so far, as well as hypothetical grades for future semesters. then, it’ll calculate your SGPA and CGPA with all that considered.

    the thing with summer courses is that they are accelerated, so they can sometimes be harder to do well in. so just be cautious before rushing into it, i would say.


    ah, money issues. so for your OSAP to be secure as an undergrad, you need to have at least 1.5 credits per term– that translates to three courses. as long as you make sure you keep these three courses, your osap should be safe! keep in mind this doesn’t mean an average of three per semester– you can’t take two now and four later, and hope you’ll be okay. osap looks at each term separately. and if you do have a permanent disability of any sort, that requirement drops down to 1.0 credits or two courses.

    what about my mental health?

    i feel like i should start by linking you to mental health resources. i’m only really aware of the ones @uoftears_ on instagram uses: where to get free mental health help in toronto, as well as the university health and wellness centre and mental health resources. if you check these out, they’ll likely to be able to give you better support than i can, and if you’re struggling with your own mental health i want you to get the best help possible.

    with that said, this is definitely something i’m sensitive to.  every time i get a question along these lines i’m at once saddened that another person feels this way, but glad that we have the opportunity to talk about it a little. we go to a competitive school, and based on your program/community maybe you’ll feel it more than others might.

    one way i’ve been taught to look at it– and you can decide for yourself whether this perspective makes you feel better or pisses you off– is that you never know what’s going on under the surface. it may seem like some people have it all– are doing super well, have that golden 4.0, whatever. the thing is, people with all sorts of GPAs are self-conscious about their grades, and those at the higher end of the scale often feel an insane amount of pressure that begins to impede on their mental health as well. seems like they should be happy with what they’ve got, yeah, but the happiness isn’t intrinsic to the number– it’s more about how you look at it.

    basically, it can be rough no matter what your GPA is, unless you’re able to work towards the place where your grades and self-worth aren’t intertwined. obviously, this is just my take. it’s something i struggle quite a lot with myself, if that helps. i myself was raised in an environment where my self-esteem was contingent on my academic achievement, and that’s something i’d like to leave behind but haven’t yet. bad grades still feel hella personal, especially when i know people are doing a lot better than me. so i definitely sympathize there.

    something i’m trying to learn is that it’s definitely healthier to focus on yourself. think about it like playing mario kart ghost mode, if you will. sure, you can try to out-race everyone else, but because i SUCK at racing games i’ve learned to be okay with beating my own record. hopefully someday that’ll transfer over to the rest of my life. but for now, it’s a start. wow, a metaphor! hope my high school english teacher would be proud.

    suffice it to say that i really hope you’ll be able to pull your GPA up, but if you can’t? just work on what you can control– improving your study habits, learning the material, and reaching out when you need help. and throw some time in to take care of yourself too, man. put on a face mask. spend a lil time outside, now that it’s warming up. watch an episode of a show you like. idk, whatever works for you. best of luck, my friend.

    x aska