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    will u of t ship me out?

    Hello! I have applied to grad school. If I’m not accepted I plan to take a 5th year. Should I still confirm my intent to graduate? If I do confirm and I’m not accepted into grad school, will U of T ship me out?


    hey there,

    i don’t really know what the timeline is on your anticipated grad school admissions news, so it’s a little bit hard to say. from what i’m aware, you could technically confirm your intent to graduate and then cancel it later on. you wouldn’t be able to cancel it on your own– it would require a trip to your registrar. but it is doable, from what i’m aware. i just don’t know how long you have to cancel it. but if you successfully did, you’d be able to take that fifth year.

    bottom line is i think you should visit your registrar and check it over with them, before the deadline to request graduation (january 31). if there are any other avenues you could take, they’ll be able to advise you of those as well.

    hope this helped!

    be Boundless,


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    it’s the finaaaaal countdooooown

    hi, I am currently facing a huge problem. I am a 4th year student that only have 3.5 FCE left to graduate this summer. I requested a per-course fee tuition in this fall, and unfortunately, I late withdrawal a fall course due to many reasons. And the course that I drop is mandatory for me to graduate. However, I cannot add the winter course on ACORN. Could you tell me that if I take this class in winter will my per-course fee be altered to program fee? And I will pay much more tuition to get this final 0.5 FCE done.


    hey there,

    sorry for the wait with this answer– i finished finals real recently and am super behind on my inboxes! like super super behind lol i don’t think i’ve ever let it get this bad, i am heckin’ sorry and promise i’m getting on top of it. i’ll split this post up to answer each of what (i think?) your questions are, to make sure everything gets covered:

    per-course and program fees

    this is, in general, how fee assessments work. whatever F and Y courses you were registered in on september 19, as well as any S courses you’re in on jan 19, will be added up and used to determine how you’ll be charged. or at least, this is true for domestic students in artsci. if that doesn’t apply to you, you can check other faculties as well as fees for international students here. once you hit a total of 4.0 credits, you’ll be paying program fees instead of course fees. which, like, we don’t love, but…

    you mentioned having a late withdrawal done, which means you were registered in that course past september 19. unfortunately, that means that course will be factored into your total. if you were registered in 3.5 FCEs total before deciding to drop it, then registering in another 0.5 FCE for winter will probably switch you over to program fees. you should definitely not quote me on this, because i don’t really know the specifics of your situation, but that’s generally how it works.

    how much more tuition will you pay to finish the final 0.5 FCE? 

    if my assumption is right and adding that 0.5 FCE will switch you from course to program fees, then you’ll pay the difference between program fees and what you’re currently paying. if i’m wrong and you’ll stay at course fees, then it’ll be however much it costs to take another course.

    without knowing your program and whether you’re domestic/international, i really can’t give you an accurate estimate– if you’d like me to, i’m happy to if you send in a follow-up question with your faculty, program, and student status??? otherwise, fees.utoronto.ca will be your best friend, but it can be a lil hard to decipher. lemme know.

    why can’t you register in the last 0.5 FCE you need?

    you might need to ask your registrar to switch you over to program fees, so that you can register for that last half-credit. that’s my theory, anyway, as to why ACORN is blocking you from that last 0.5 FCE. i can’t think of any other reason why it would be doing that if you’re in good academic standing.

    mostly, i bet you would benefit from giving your registrar a visit. i feel like they’d be way better equipped to help you out, especially if this is a situation that’s worrying you that much.

    go to your registrar.

    did i mention… checking out your friendly ol’ local registrar?

    you know what to do.

    be Boundless,


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    this post has been brought to you by my last half brain cell

    So basically I really really messed up last year I filed petition for not writing exam due to health issues.. I was diagnosed with spinal cancer and things were just really hard… and I read the petition form has to be
    signed within the day of the exam or the next day but because I was unwell it ended up getting it after a couple days and I got scared and changed the date by 3 days I did this for 1.5 credits …. I was super honest about my mistake and they said from May 2019-December 2019 I’ll be suspended and the 1.5 credits will be a 0..

    I don’t mind I was suspended at the time cuz I had to have emergency surgery to remove the tumor because the dr said if I don’t I’ll become paralyzed and wheelchair bound sooo in April 24 I did the surgery hoping I would be able to walk again and by May 15 I left rehab walking!!! And now this winter I’ll be doing some tests just to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned so things were crazy…

    But now I realize that I’m suspended cuz u tried going into my email or acorn and it isn’t working and I’m freaking out!! Cuz before I didn’t think I could even walk to school and would rather quit if that’s what happened, but thankfully I am fully recovered and now It is hitting me that I’m suspended and when I was in high school i was never the type and I’m just really sad and disappointed in myself…

    I’m worried I won’t be able to enroll for Jan-April 2020 did they kick me out of uni? How do I know I can start to log in and enroll just in time for classes in January? Should I go to uni to see in December or just wait till the start of January??

    And I’m actually a 4th year and barely completed any classes due to extreme fatigue and pain… but now I feel so much healthier and think I can graduate either as a 6th or 7th year… but if I were to apply for grad
    schools like masters for microbiology or immunology would they see that I stayed at school for too long and not want me??


    I basically got enrolled!! so scratch that question… But since 1.5 credits are a zero i was wondering if i were to take a total of 29 credits.. would those extra 9 be added in the final gpa?? I feel if i were to do that many extra credits i would be happy with my gpa.. But is that allowed??


    hey there,

    sorry for the wait in getting this question answered– glad you managed to get fully recovered and enrolled again! it sounds like the last few years have been a wild ride for you and it’s good that you’re doing better now. we love feeling healthy.

    even though you said you resolved the issues in the first question you sent in, i do kinda wanna address them. you should have been able to access your email and ACORN while suspended– the only thing you don’t have access to while on suspension is course enrolment. that section of your ACORN would probably have been blocked, but everything else should have been available for you. i’m not too sure what happened, but from what you said i guess you managed to resolve it. if you ever run into similarly confusing circumstances, i wouldn’t advise waiting– always contact your registrar if something seems to be wrong. if it’s too inconvenient for you to go in person, feel free to email them or give them a call. that’s what they’re there for, after all!

    as for your questions about grad school– yes, they would be able to see from your transcript how long you’ve been in school, but what you may not know is that grad school apps usually give you an opportunity to explain any academic anomalies you might have. you’d be able to let them know about your health issues (which are 100% valid) and they’d take that into account when considering you for admissions. hopefully that eases your mind a bit. you shouldn’t be expected to finish in four years if students not dealing with your level of health concerns have trouble finishing in four years, too.

    as for your question about GPA — technically, yes, you can boost your GPA by taking an extra 9 credits after you complete your 20. according to the rules and regulations, the courses you take beyond 20 credits don’t qualify for exception from your CGPA. i found out today that actually, you can even graduate and continue to take courses and have them count towards your CGPA. hope that helps you out– keep in mind that the more credits you take, the less each one affects your CGPA. so it can be kind of hard to go beyond 20 and pull your GPA up significantly. but hey, if it’s the loophole you need it’s the loophole you have.

    the more times i use this gif the funnier it gets. instead of one dude lifting the roof, you get several doing it in sync. here’s one more just because.

    be Boundless,




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    another one who wants out

    Hi, so I’m graduating this November and all my credits and such are complete. I just had one course that is a 0.5 credit course that’s a requirement for the degree and I’m not sure if I passed the exam so I don’t think I’ll be able to pass the course. Is there anything I can do to still graduate. Thanks!


    hey friend,

    as far as i’m aware, if it’s a course you need for your degree, there’s like… not that much you can do?

    if this was for a summer course and you haven’t heard back yet, i’d suggest you go to your registrar and see what they know about your exam results. we’re now well into the fall sem, so those grades should be out and available. hopefully that’ll give you a better sense of your circumstances.

    you can also ask them if they’re aware of any exceptions that’ll allow you to graduate without the course. unfortunately i don’t know too much about graduating without your requirements, so i wanna make the safe assumption that it’s likely not possible. your registrar might know something i don’t, but at the same time don’t get your hopes up.

    good luck with this– i hope things work out for ya.

    be Boundless,


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    almost THERE the end is NEAR

    Hi, I’m almost graduating in this June and already complete all the requirements of my major. But I’m afraid that one of the other course I take in other department will fail. Just wondering if I fail in this cr course, will it reflect on my graduation? Cause the completion will only be 19.5/20 credits but I already apply for graduate… And what could I do next?Thank?



    congrats on making it this far, that’s no small achievement! you’re so close to being outta here.

    unfortunately, unless you can get the full 20 credits under your belt, the university can’t consider you eligible for graduation because you don’t meet the degree requirements. so although you’ve already applied for grad, your application likely won’t be successful if you don’t manage to pass this one last course.

    if that happens, what you might want to try doing is taking a half credit course this summer, and applying a cr/ncr to it so all you have to do is pass. then, you can apply for november graduation to avoid waiting another full year to graduate. if you’d like, you can give your registrar a visit and see if they have any other recommendations for you– this is the only one i can think to pass on.

    hopefully, though, you manage to scrape a pass and don’t even have to worry about it. fingers crossed for you!

    over n out,


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    one more then we out

    Hi there, I’m almost near graduating but I seemed to have messed up quite a bit. I was taking a course that would have counted towards my program requirement and because I was going through a lot at the time i chose to cr/ncr the course so my lack of focus on it wouldn’t hurt me too bad. however it seems that i need to retake this course to fulfill my program requirements. can i retake the course for it to count towards my program?


    hello friend,

    retaking the course shouldn’t be a problem! the artsci rules and regulations allow you to retake a course you already have credit for in the following cases:

    • if you need it as a prereq for a course in your program
    • if you need it to get into POSt

    BUT if you need to take a course for any other reason, you can do so up to 1.0 FCE. they’ll mark that course as extra on your transcript. this loophole applies as long as you haven’t previously retaken that specific course, so assuming you’re not a chronic repeater you should be fine. you’ll want to get in touch with your registrar so they can approve your request to repeat, and just confirm that it’ll count towards your program (but as far as i know you’re fine).

    really hope this helped and best of luck meeting your grad requirements! you gots this.




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    so close to the end

    Hi Aska,

    I am close to graduating and my goal has always been to graduate with ‘high distinction’. I am coming very close to a 3.50 and just about have 20.0 credits. However, I am wondering if I can take additional courses (more than the required 20.0 credits for graduation) in order to raise my CGPA and graduate with high distinction. Or do only my first 20.0 credits count towards getting that distinction? When and how is this determined?




    congrats on being almost done! any course that you take, even those beyond the required 20.0 FCE, count towards your CGPA. this means that if you choose to take more classes to boost your CGPA, they will count towards getting that high distinction.

    get that degree!!




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    yay career advancement!

    Hi Aska!

    I have 2 questions for you:

    1. If I take a Y course in the summer, and only that 1.0 course, I’m eligible for work-study during the summer, right? The wording is a little confusing to me.

    2. I know you’re able to finish up your 20 FCE in three years and be eligible for November graduation, but if you finish a semester early, would you be considered “graduated”/will you receive your degree? I was thinking of graduating a semester early (can’t do it in 3 years) so I could possibly start working earlier but a lot of “real job” places insist on you having your degree before they employ you. So I’m trying to figure out if that plan is even possible!

    Thanks, Aska!



    1. yes! you’re eligible for work-study during the summer. according to the uoft website, you must be enrolled in at least 1.0FCE— which you are.
    2. sadly, you aren’t considered “graduated” until the actual ceremony. however, you can go to the artsci registrar and request a letter confirming your graduation.

    i hope that was helpful. good luck on your career journey!



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    pros and cons of an extra semester


    So I’m in my third year and I am currently behind 1.5 FCE due to dropping out of courses I was doing really poorly in the last couple years. I know that to graduate with distinction you need a cGPA of 3.20. I’m wondering if it is still possible to graduate with distinction [assuming I have a 3.20 GPA still] if I take the summer after my fourth year to complete the remaining credits? Would I still graduate with honours? What is your opinion on the pros and cons of taking that extra summer to finish and graduating in the fall of 2018?

    Thank you so much!!



    you can graduate with distinction as long as you get a GPA between 3.20 and 3.49. it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete your degree!


    the pros of taking an extra summer:

    -you’ll have more time to pursue a higher GPA if your goal is to graduate with distinction

    -you can spread out your course load and have a more chill semester during the year

    -courses are more sped up during the summer and will take less time

    -if you got a bad haircut at the beginning of the year, it’ll have grown out by convocation

    -studying outdoors with squirrels running around is a possibility!


    cons of taking an extra summer:

    -having to study during patio season

    -if things go wrong again (god forbid), you’ll be paying more tuition for the same result

    -courses are sped up so you’ll need to work really hard to keep up with the course materials

    -convocating in november means it’ll be really cold when you’re trying to take photos outside of conhall/ UC with your family


    regarding your question about graduating with honours: if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science or arts at U of T, your degree will be called an Honours Bachelor of Arts or an Honours Bachelor of Science degree.

    if you are still not sure about what to do, it’s always a good idea to go see your registrar’s office to look at how you are progressing in your degree. if you are financially capable of paying for an extra semester, it’s definitely a good option to consider!

    hope this answers your question!

    peace and summer lovin,


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    don’t go

    Hello! I’ve tried looking for this answer but I can’t seem to find it. Is there a limit to how many years you can do to complete your undergrad? I’m on my 5th contemplating doing a 6th. I’m also hoping to change 1 of my majors as well. My GPA is terrible and am very slowly reaching the minimum requirement to graduate but I’m really starting to wonder if I should take another year instead. I feel like I would really regret leaving the school with the bare minimum GPA required since it’s so final


    hello there!

    there is no limit! you can take as long as you want to finish your undergrad. if you want to stay behind and boost your GPA, that’s perfectly fine. unless you’re an international student, then you’ll have to make sure you have the right visa allowances.

    you can definitely change one of your majors if you meet the requirements, you just have to do in within the appropriate program switching period.

    if you leave school with the bare minimum GPA, it might be hard for you to apply to grad schools (if that’s what you’re interested in). if you see more school in your future, it would be a good idea to stay behind to get a better GPA.

    it’s very common to take longer than 4 years to do your undergrad, so don’t worry about it!

    you got this!

    peace and love,


  • graduation


    If my last semester at uoft is in the Summer which convocation ceremony would I be a part of, November or June? And what about if my last semester was in the Fall? Also when should I start with preparing for things like convocation tickets, grad pics, would it be the semester before your last semester or during your last semester?



    congrats on almost graduating! you’re almost there! if your last semester is during the summer, you’ll be part of the november convocation ceremony (hey, me too!). if your last semester is in the fall, you’ll have to wait until june.

    don’t forget to request graduation! check out the sessional dates here to see when you can request graduation on ROSI/ ACORN.

    convocation.utoronto.ca has all the information about when to get tickets. since your expected graduation date is not the upcoming one, the deadline for RSVP won’t be available yet, but you’ll have quite a long time to RSVP and reserve tickets on ROSI/ ACORN when the time comes.

    contact your registrars office to see when grad photos will be taken. each college has different grad photo slots, and you can even get yours taken outside of your college at any studio of your choice. at each college, there is usually one grad photo slot for people graduating for both june and november. if you’ve missed the photo-taking period in your college, you can try contacting the studio which does U of T’s grad photos.

    good luck with everything!

    peace and love,



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    but i thought being outstanding was a good thing

    I’ll (hopefully) be graduating this coming summer.

    I was wondering though what will happen if I cannot pay off my current
    tuition by the end of winter term? Will they prevent me from graduating,
    attending the ceremony, getting my degree, etc?

    Thanks as always.



    first of all, i love the “hopefully” graduating part. people keep asking me if i’m graduating this year and i’m always like:

    anyways, this is a great question! thanks for asking it!

    disclaimer: the following information is only valid for students in the faculty of arts and science.

    there are definitely some real consequences of not paying off your fees. keep in mind, these fees fall under a category of other “university obligations” which you will also need to fulfill. (e.g. library fines, incidental fees; for a full list, consult this link)

    you won’t be able to receive your diploma or any proof of completion of a degree, but you will be able to attend the ceremony. wooo!

    some other notable consequences of not paying off your fees are that you won’t be able to order official transcripts or register as a continuing or returning student. it would be best to quickly double check with your college registrar’s office to see if you have anything else that’s outstanding just in case you’ve missed something!

    unfortunately, at U of T, being “outstanding” in the context of fees is a bad thing. bummer.

    all of this information is actually explained quite nicely in the link above, so i would recommend that you take a thorough look at that! hope this helped!

    peace and love,




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    proud of you

    I have 21 credits and a cGPA of 3.21; do I graduate with distinction? I’m pretty certain if I had 20 credits my cGPA would not meet the distinction threshold.
    hey there,
    the only reason why you wouldn’t graduate with distinction is if any of these 21 credits were considered extra. an extra credit would fall under:
    -any 100-level courses taken after you’ve reached your limit of 6.0 100-level FCE’s
    -any course that you have already passed and are repeating
    -an exclusion for a course you’ve already taken
    if none of your courses fall under this category, yes, you will graduate with distinction! your credits will all be considered in your cGPA! congrats for making it!