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    ECO102 is that course for you, huh?

    Hi there, I took ECO102 in my first year and did LWD as I was unsure about University policies at the time… For my second year I was doing part-time job and did ECO102 but got a 50%. I am thinking of doing economics as a major as I am not much of a fan of others except for politics and geography. I am doing ECO102 but realize doing MAT235 with this course is a bit much for me, I dropped ECO102 before the drop date. Am I now allowed to not take ECO102 again? Do you have answers?



    to my understanding, you should be able to take ECO102 again, yes! you meet all the necessary criteria in the rules and regulations for retaking a course:

    if you do take ECO102 again, it may be important to note that you won’t receive a record on your transcript for it beyond the notation “EXT.” in other words, the course will be counted as an extra course: the course won’t be counted towards your 20 credits required to graduate, and the final grade will not make it to your permanent academic record/will not be calculated into your CGPA.

    if you’re ever unsure about uNiVeRsiTy PoLiCieS again, feel free to reach out to me or contact your friendly ol’ registrar’s office. i hope this helped and that you have a solid saturday night!

    be Boundless,




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    third time’s the charm… unless there is no third time i guess

    I have taken mgm101 2 times already in the year of 2015-2016 first time I passed but with not a high enough mark and second time I left the school without dropping the course which obviously resulted in a fail. Recently Im trying again is there a way to take mgm101 again? I need it for the program I want to do


    hi there,

    i looked into this for you, and unfortunately, it does seem like you won’t be allowed to repeat the course. according to the rules and regulations, it seems like you can only repeat a course you already passed once.

    not sure what you can necessarily do in this situation, though you’re not alone in it– i have seen it before. i just dunno what the fix is– you may need to consider another program, or consider transferring to a different school to take a similar program. i would recommend that you talk your options over with your registrar, just cos they’ll have fuller access to your academic record and maybe be able to make more specific recommendations.

    sorry i can’t be more helpful, dude. best of luck.

    be Boundless,



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    one more then we out

    Hi there, I’m almost near graduating but I seemed to have messed up quite a bit. I was taking a course that would have counted towards my program requirement and because I was going through a lot at the time i chose to cr/ncr the course so my lack of focus on it wouldn’t hurt me too bad. however it seems that i need to retake this course to fulfill my program requirements. can i retake the course for it to count towards my program?


    hello friend,

    retaking the course shouldn’t be a problem! the artsci rules and regulations allow you to retake a course you already have credit for in the following cases:

    • if you need it as a prereq for a course in your program
    • if you need it to get into POSt

    BUT if you need to take a course for any other reason, you can do so up to 1.0 FCE. they’ll mark that course as extra on your transcript. this loophole applies as long as you haven’t previously retaken that specific course, so assuming you’re not a chronic repeater you should be fine. you’ll want to get in touch with your registrar so they can approve your request to repeat, and just confirm that it’ll count towards your program (but as far as i know you’re fine).

    really hope this helped and best of luck meeting your grad requirements! you gots this.




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    we love a good second chance

    Hey, so I wanted to know if you can retake a course you “no credited”? I want to major in sociology but I took only SOC102, LWD SOC103, and NCR SOC150 ( first 2 yrs were tough) There’s only certain combinations allowed and my only hope really is if I’m allowed to try SOC150 again.  Any advice?!



    hi there,

    did some digging for ya, and i’m not gonna lie– initially, it looked like it was gonna be bad news. as far as the artsci website says, you shouldn’t ever cr/ncr a course if there’s even a remote chance you’ll need it for program enrolment. the implication being, you don’t have many options if you’ve already done so.

    HOWEVER. i read through half of the faculty of arts and sciences rules and regulations to see if i could find you a loophole, and it looks like there might actually be one.

    chelsea peretti television GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    apparently if you’ve already passed a course, you’re not allowed to retake it; that includes courses you’ve passed with ‘CR’. but under the ‘repeating passed courses’ section, the rules allow for a single repeat of a course to achieve the minimum entry mark for a program like soc. this retake won’t count towards your gpa or graduation requirements, but it will be on your academic record.

    either way, what’s important in your case is that yes, you are able to give SOC150 another shot!

    in order to make it happen, you’ll need to get in contact with your college registrar. they’ll be able to give you further advice as well as enrol you in the course (from what i’ve read, i don’t think you can enrol in it yourself). i believe you’ll have lower priority to get in than students taking the course for the first time, but don’t let that stop you from going after this.

    best of luck,
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    learning about learning

    if I failed courses (first year) would you recommend not retaking them this year? or should I retake them? gpa is kinda awful right now.



    good news: if you want to take a course that you’ve already taken and failed, there shouldn’t be any issues for you enrolling in it on ACORN. keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to enroll in a course that you’ve passed but wanna retake (let’s say, to get into a POSt) on ACORN by yourself. that’s something you’d have to see your registrar’s office about. those courses (courses you’ve passed but want to retake) will be marked as EXT (“extra”) which means it won’t count towards your GPA or your 20 credits needed to graduate.

    i don’t know if i can explicitly recommend retaking or not retaking a course. that’s ultimately up to you; only you know why you’d wanna retake a course and only you can gauge whether or not you can boost your GPA by retaking the course.

    i suggest that you should make an appointment with an academic adviser at your registrar’s office to discuss this. they can go through your academic record with you and help you come up with a plan of action– whether that be retaking courses you’ve failed or looking for new courses to take. they can also point you in the direction of some really cool academic resources. a resource that they may show you is the academic success centre. they’re awesome. you can attend workshops, make one-on-one appointments with learning strategists, and meet peer mentors. i highly suggest checking them out.  learning about learning and how you can learn better is a great first step in improving your marks. at least, that’s what i’ve always found.

    i learned from that justin bieber GIF

    i hope this helps!



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    don’t forget to drop your courses when you move

    Hey I failed grade 12 calculus, chemistry, physics, and biology. All uni level. This was because I only attended the first week and then moved kinda far away, but I FORGOT to drop the courses! I retook them all achieving high marks:

    SBI4U – 84% (failed first time)

    MHF4U – 85% (passed first time)

    SPH4U – 99% (failed first time)

    SCH4U – 98% (failed first time)

    MCV4U – 99% (failed first time)

    ENG4U – 73% (this one sucks, passed first time)

    GPA: 89.6%

    My question is, do the courses that I failed, due to the reason stated above (moved away), count towards my GPA? Or do the higher, newer marks count towards my GPA? I was wondering because uoft doesn’t use repeated marks, so do my new ones count as repeated, or not? What is the procedure if you failed a course and then retook it? Which number do they use for GPA admission?

    And will my average be high enough to have a good chance at being accepted for mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and engineering science? I haven’t decided which one yet lol.

    Thanks so much!!



    this is quite the predicament that you’re in! can’t say i’ve ever heard of anyone else doing this.

    arts and science has a blurb in their policy which states the following:

    “The Faculty of Arts & Science does not recommend that students repeat courses and reserves the right to give preference for admission and scholarship consideration to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course. Students with extenuating circumstances requiring them to repeat such courses should send an explanation to Enrolment Services at the time of application, i.e. prior to the admission decision.”

    long story short, you might be able to attach some sort of an explanation to your transcript. it does say in the FAQ for engineering admissions at UTSG that it is their policy to only count the first attempt, but it also says that you can provide documentation to explain any extenuating circumstances.

    perhaps something along the lines of:

    “i moved and foolishly forgot to drop my courses lul so i failed but it’s k cuz i did them for real and i got good grades, see?”

    since you haven’t indicated which campus you’re planning on attending, i’m going to assume you’re referring to UTSG, since UTSC and UTM don’t offer engineering courses. here are the averages that you would need to get into engineering (below), and physics, and computer science at UTSG.

    Low 90’s Engineering Science
    High 80’s Chemical, Computer, Electrical, and General First Year
    Mid 80’s Civil, Industrial,  Materials, Mechanical and Mineral



    hope this helped,

    good luck with your application!

    peace and love,


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    again and again…and again

    Hi, since I need MAT135 up to a 60% for cs major but i only got a 50% during the school year, but i am not doing too well this summer, now i wonder what will happen if i fail this course during the summer, will it still count in my gpa or no


    hey there,

    those differential equations giving you grief, eh? i feel you on that one.

    according to the Rules & Regulations in the course calendar, it looks like you can only repeat a passed course one time. i’m specifically looking at the line that says: “Students may not use this one-time-only allowance to subsequently repeat a passed course again after having repeated the same course for reasons noted in i) above, i.e., they may repeat a specific passed course only once.”

    that seems pretty clear cut to me, however, since these repeated courses must be added by your registrar’s office, it’s possible that your college registrar could make an exception in certain circumstances. or maybe not. i dunno. best thing to do? talk to them about it.



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    try try and try again


    I’m having to take PHL245 as a requirement for my Bioethics Major and have been really struggling. I’ve taken the class once to get through about two thirds of it, only to drop the course. I’m retaking it this semester and have once again been struggling and am about to take my final in which I need a fairly high grade to just end with a 50%. Because of this, my confidence in passing is a little low and I’m feeling the doubt settle in.

    I was wondering, how many times can you retake a course? Also… Is there a way to petition a required course if one cannot find themselves passing? What would happen if I was to take it as many times as I could and still not be able to pass (hypothetically)… Can I talk to the Program Director about my situation and have them remove it as a requirement for me?



    hey there,

    you can retake the course as many times as you need to as long as you’ve failed the course in your previous attempts. if you pass the course but didn’t get the course you need for your program, you can retake it, but your registrar’s office will have to put you in the course. however, your program just requires you to pass the course, so you probably don’t have to worry about that.

    it is very, very unlikely that a department would waive a requirement for you. you can always speak with them about it, and in fact, i would encourage you to do so – your registrar’s office is another good stop. both of these offices will be able to advise you on realistic next steps. they will probably not, however, just drop a requirement for you. still, it may be helpful to talk.



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    fail, retry, tail, refry

    What happens if I failed a course that is not part of my program, but a course I needed to get into a program? Can I retake it? Also do graduate programs look at overall grade-point average, or do they mostly look at 3rd and 4th year?

    hey there,

    if you failed a prerequisite to get into a program, you can absolutely retake it in order to try and achieve the mark needed to get in. it becomes trickier when you passed the course but didn’t get the mark you needed to get into your program; in that case, you would need to go to your registrar’s office and have them enrol you in the course. in this case, the second attempt at the course would be marked “extra”: that means that the course won’t count towards your 20.0 degree credits or GPA, but it would count towards breadth/program requirements.

    regarding grad school, most graduate schools (that i’m aware of) look mainly at your upper year courses. the thing is, there are a LOT of grad programs at many institutions across the world. they have different requirements, and some are more competitive than others. it’s always good to look into the requirements for any graduate program(s) you may be considering in order to have a better idea of what you’re looking at.



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    eco100 again…and again…

    Thank you so much for running this website.

    I recieved a 50 in eco100 in the summer, I have to take it again this upcoming year, depending on what grade i get, what will my gpa show? and how can i calculate it on the gpa calculator on the arts and sciene page

    also, if i am applying to rotman commerce at the end of the upcoming year, they require 67%, so which mark will they consider? Also, if i do really well (80+) in my other courses and really good in my second time around taking eco, will they take me into the program?

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey there,

    it’s not a problem at all! i love running this website. i mean, i’ve disappointed my parents on a fundamental level by being a no-good internet person, but hey. we learn to love ourselves.

    if you are able to retake ECO100 a second time, it will necessarily be counted as an extra. that means that the course will not count towards your GPA or your 20.0 degree credits.

    your 50% from the first retake, however, will count towards your GPA and will be weighted the same as the first time you took the course, unless that one was ALSO an extra. it would only have been an extra if the FIRST time you took ECO100, you passed it.

    as for how you can calculate this, you can either use a calculator and your grade 4 math skills, OR you can use UTSC’s handy-dancy GPA calculator. if you’re confused about whether your first retake was counted on an extra, just check your transcript; it should be noted there.

    in terms of your chances of getting into rotman, there are two answers:

    if you were admitted to rotman straight out of high school, under guaranteed admission:

    you had one full calendar year to complete ECO100. that means that if you took ECO100 in Fall/Winter 2014-2015, then again this past summer, and you have to take it again in Fall/Winter 2015-2016, you no longer have guaranteed admission to rotman, because one full calendar year has passed.

    also, if you passed the course the past two times you took it, that would mean that you’re taking it as an extra for the second time, which is not allowed. if, however, you failed it the first time, took it again and passed, then you can take it a third time as an extra.

    if you’re applying to rotman as a regular Faculty of Arts & Science student:

    they will consider your highest mark for ECO100, BUT keep in mind that applying this way is very competitive. only a handful of students are admitted this way every year, and you’ll need to do very well in ECO100 (as well as in RSM100 and your first-year calculus course) to have a shot of getting in.

    i know this business with the extras can be a little confusing, so if you have any more questions, please talk with your college registrar about it. they will have a much fuller picture of your situation and can advise you further.

    best of luck,


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    math in the summer? heaven forbid


    I am a first-year actuarial science student, so I have to reach 65% to get to my subject post program. I am not sure about my MAT137 mark for this term (it might be not good enough). However, I cannot stay in Canada during summer time, so I wanted to ask: is it possible to retake a course during the fall/winter 2015 term instead of summer 2015 term? Thank you in advance!

    Best regards


    hey there,

    it is totally possible to retake it in the Fall/Winter term! however, you are required to enrol in a subject POSt after completing 4.0 FCEs, so if you’ve already completed 4.0 FCEs, you’ll be required to sign up for a subject POSt before the next term starts.

    meaning: if you haven’t retaken MAT137 by the end of the summer, you’ll have to sign up for some other POSt as a place-holder until you can apply to the actuarial science major in the next subject POSt enrolment period (April-September 2016).

    so just make sure you’re in either one specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors. then next year, you can apply to actuarial science and drop those place-holder POSts.



  • repeating course

    if you pass, you pass

    kinda similar to a question you just answered, but if you retake a course and pass the second time, but your average for the 2 marks is less than 50% do you not get the credit? cause last year i was a fucking idiot and completely ignored one class, i ended up getting a 15 in it (i gave up all hope and didn’t write the final, don’t judge me) i retook it this year, and i’m thinking all probably come out of it with about 68, does that mean my actual grade will be 41.5 and i won’t earn that credit?


    hey there,

    now, now, we don’t judge people here on askastudent. we’re all just exhausted, kinda soggy, usually hungry students trying to get through four years in one piece. there’s absolutely no place here for judgement – just so you know.

    to answer your question: if you passed the course once, then you passed it, which means you got the credit. both attempts will be reported on your transcript and contribute to your GPA (the question i answered previously which you’re referring to is not exactly the same case as yours), but you got the credit if you passed the second time. not to worry.