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    but your first year just started :(

    I am first year student of commerce. I have question regarding CGPA requirements. I would like to know if I didn’t meet CGPA requirement this year can I improve my marks next year and apply again to the second year?


    hey there,

    since you didn’t specify otherwise, i’m just gonna go right ahead and answer this like you’re a first year in rotman commerce, and you’re worried about the guaranteed admission requirements.

    it might be important to note that it’s not your CGPA you’d be worried about, then– you’d be looking at the grades in your required courses, like RSM101. to make it to second year at rotman, there’s a grade threshold you’ll need to jump, which is what i’m assuming you mean by “CGPA requirement.”

    according to the rotman website, you’re allowed to retake each of the courses you need once, for a higher grade– the catch is, this needs to be done before fall/winter of your second year. as in, during the summer. any of those courses you retake won’t count towards your 20 credits to graduate or your gpa, either. they’ll just be your way back on track, i guess.

    if you did want to retake your requirements during the next fall-winter semester, you’d have to request an extension. apparently these are only granted in special circumstances, like if you dealt with significant and unexpected difficulty during your first year. if that’s the reason you’re asking this question and you think you qualify, you’d have to visit your rotman commerce academic advisor to get the extension process goin’.

    hope this helped!

    be Boundless,



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    an especially confused mood

    Hello ASKA!

    Hope your summer is going well. I’m going into second year at UTSG, doing my BComm in Public Accounting. The thing is that I also planning on a major in French Lang & Lit, which y’know, is nbd, but uhhh I was also interested in minoring in NMC? I’m cool with not doing the full minor and just getting the language certificate for Arabic but I think that I’d be going over 20.0 FCEs no matter what? PA is 15 and French is 7, and a minor, as you definitely know, is 4. Req 1 for my specialist says “At least 20.0 Credits from”University Course(s)”” (Not sure why university courses needed to be in quotation marks but ok, degree explorer.) which makes me think that it’s cool if I go over, but would I need to pay more? What happens if I fulfill all the requirements for the B.Comm and still want to keep going? Should I finish the MAJ/MIN stuff before my specialist requirements? I know that it’s fine to go over 4 years, and I’m planning on doing summer school anyways so I’ll prob be paying for extra tuition no matter what but like, is there an additional fee for going over 20 credits?????

    woW those were a lot of question marks, but I am in an especially confused mood. I had an appointment with my registrar earlier but I forgot to ask so I’m just shouting into your asks here.

    As an aside, I really love your post titles! Thanks for your patience with our questions.



    THANK YOU FOR NOTICING MY TITLES. tbqh, they’re the hardest part of every response and i (sadly) spend an inordinate time making them up.

    anyways, the answer.

    first, for something this long-winded, complicated, and specific, you really should get in touch with your registrar’s office. as you mentioned, you’ve already had an appointment with your registrar, but this really is something that is worth going back for. they can actually dig up specific info for you that i don’t have access to (i’m powerful, but not that powerful).

    you’re right when you say that it’s fine to go over 20.0 credits– that’s just how many you need to graduate. basically, you don’t get to graduate until you actually request graduation. also, there’s isn’t any additional fee for going over 20 credits, just the tuition fees you would be paying anyways.

    something that you could also consider is coming back as a non-degree student after finishing your bcomm. non-degree students are students who’ve already earned a degree from the university and are taking courses without working towards a degree. you could be taking courses to get into a graduate program or self-interest. i don’t know why you wanna do both a bcomm and a major/minor in arts programs, but i respect it. i see you. game recognize game.

    anna kendrick salute GIF

    anyways, if you’re just looking to take french language and literature and nmc courses out of self-interest, looking into coming back as a non-degree student after finishing your bcomm may be a good option.

    if you want to do the french and nmc programs at the same time as your bcomm, then i suggest going back to your registrar to discuss your options.

    hope this helps!



    PS- i literally couldn’t come up with a title for this–i got performance anxiety!!

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    …i think?

    hi I’m in utm I was in a commerce program in my first year in 2016 but i didnt get into my subject post because one of the courses, I tried it again in 2017 and failed again. So right now its may 2018 and I want to repeat the course again so i want to know if i’ll get back into the program right now my acorn is blank there is no ‘invited to 2018-2019’ just wondering if that will change in the future.



    your question is extremely confusing and i have no clue what you’re saying. i’m assuming that you mean you’ve tried in 2016 and 2017 to get into a subject post, but couldn’t both times because you failed a required course? and you’re retaking the course right now so that you can get into the post for 2018-19? i think?

    in that case, you would’ve needed to request the post on ACORN before april 29th, and as you pointed out… it’s may 2018.  that’s probably why you don’t see the “invited to 2018-2019” thingy on your ACORN. you also wouldn’t have been invited to the post on ACORN if you haven’t completed the requirements of the post.

    i’m assuming that you’re taking summer courses right now to fulfill the requirements of the post?? in that case, you’ll need to request the post during the second request period between june 11- august 24. if you request the post during the second period, you’ll find out if you got in or not sometime in early september. THAT’S when you’d see if you were “invited to 2018-2019” or not.

    i THINK that answers your question… i’m still not quite sure what you mean.

    al pacino GIF

    good luck!



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    try, try again

    So I am a first year commerce student at utm and im almost positive im probably not going to get into the post that applied for. If i don’t get in, what are my options in terms of getting into the commerce program? I hear you can apply again after summer, so is that in terms of me taking a course in summer to boost my gpa?



    so just to confirm, you’re saying that you don’t think that you will get the required minimum marks in the required classes?

    according to this link, you can apply for a subject post starting march 11, and if you meet all the requirements by may, you will be admitted in may. however, if you don’t meet the requirements by may, you can retake the courses over the summer and then request the post again starting june 11 and will be notified by early september. so yes! if at first (in may) you don’t succeed, try, try again (in june, after taking in the required courses).

    just remember that any course you retake to get into a post will be designated as an “extra” course and will show up on your transcript as “EXT”. this means that it will not count towards your GPA or the 20 credits needed to graduate. it does count towards subject post requirements.

    i hope this makes sense! good luck 🙂

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    i want a 9 CGPA

    Hey there,
    I have currently completed my 12th from India. I would like to join
    university of toronto,Mcgill university, York university or university of
    British Columbia for undergraduation in business or finance. But due to
    certain circumstances I have missed this year’s application deadline. So,
    if I take a gap of a year and apply again next year, will the colleges
    consider me or not due to the year off. I am an student with
    With around 86% in 12th and 9 CGPA In 10th.

    Regards from India



    taking a gap year after your last year of high school will not affect your chances of getting into U of T. most of my friends that i’ve met at U of T took gap years before first year!

    with regards to your GPA, i’m not familiar with the GPA scale in India since it is very different than the 4.0 scale we use here, but i would recommend that you look at this link which tells you the minimum requirements for students applying from India. GPA calculations are already quite tricky and since we are only familiar with the U of T scale, i think it’s best that we don’t try to convert/ translate your CGPA and let the pros at admissions do it.

    the link says you will need: “All India Senior School Certificate (awarded by CBSE) or Indian School Certificate (awarded by CISCE).  Year 12 State Board Exams with excellent results will also be considered on an individual basis.”

    … none of that made any sense to me but i hope it made sense to you!

    “excellent results”, of course, is super vague, and since you’re trying to get into rotman commerce, the admission requirements may be slightly different. here’s a link to rotman commerce’s admission requirements- make sure you scroll to the part about apply from high schools outside of canada! hope this helps!

    have a wonderful gap year and make the most out of your time!

    good luck with your application and we hope to see you here soon!

    peace and love,



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    the ultimate showdown

    Is Utm commerce inferior to Rotman commerce? What are the significant differences?



    i’m going to present you with all the relevant information so that you can make your own informed opinion about the two programs. since i’m not in commerce, i don’t actually have my own opinion, and even if i did think one was better, i can’t actually tell you because i’d have some very angry people dressed in suits knocking on my door.

    Suits hell tv reaction usa

    that being said, i’m going to lowkey paraphrase an aska post from 2 years ago because they gave great info. don’t worry, this is not me throwing subtle shade at you for not looking through old posts. it took some digging to find!

    the main difference between UTM commerce and Rotman commerce are in the requirements needed. Rotman’s requirements can be found here and UTM requirements can be found here. if you are thinking of applying after first year, you’ll see a difference in the minimum grade requirements. you can take a look at both of them and see which one seems better suited for you.

    do keep in mind that if you are accepted to Rotman, you will not be able to take any RSM classes at UTM or at UTSC.

    the main takeaway of this post is: Rotman has a reputation that can’t be ignored; it is no doubt one of the best undergraduate business programs in canada. that being said, UTM is definitely part of this reputation, considering the fact that it is a branch of one of the best universities in canada. at any rate, whichever one you choose, you’ll get an excellent education, just because it’s still at U of T.

    i would highly recommend that you try to reach out to both schools for more information. a cool thing about Rotman is that they have student ambassadors who would be happy to connect with you and tell you more! for UTM, i would recommend that you direct your general inquiries to the department of management, which you can find here. you might also find it worthwhile to check out both campuses to see which one you like more! U of T campus tours are a great place to start.

    i wish you all the best in your commercial endeavours!



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    you’ve got time

    I want to get into commerce/management which requires the CGPA of minimum 4 credits

    Im about to go into second year right now taking summer courses, since i dropped a lot of courses over the terms i will only get 3.5 credits after this summer session completes

    I have all the prerequisites for management and still need MGT120 for commerce(if i choose commerce)

    Im not sure what i should do now is it possible for me to take courses next term get into commerce/management program in the third year? or please suggest better option? i really dont want to stay in university for 5 years and i dont mind doing course overload!!!!



    if you have all the prerequisites for management, you can apply for the program after you take one more half credit course (in order to reach the 4.0 credit requirement). you’ll have to apply during the subject POst period.

    if all you have to do is take MGT120 for the commerce program, you’ll have your 4.0 credits to apply for the program, provided that you meet all of the other requirements (e.g. minimum GPA, minimum grades in specific courses).

    since you just finished your first year, you still have your whole second year to reach your 4.o credits, so you should be able to apply to your program of choice during the subject POst request period in march 2017 in time for third year.

    in terms of you wanting to graduate in 4 years, remember that you will need 20 credits in total. if we wanted to divide these 20 credits by 4 years, we could say that you want to finish 5 credits for each year, which is a full course load.

    since you have 3.5 credits after first year, you can chose to make up the 1.5 credits in the rest of your undergrad through summer school or by taking more than 6 courses a semester. you have options. if you require further guidance on how to make up your 1.5 credits, don’t hesitate to consult your registrar! they can help you come up with a practical plan without overwhelming yourself.

    now all you have to decide is whether you want to go into the management program or the commerce program!

    good luck with your decision and i hope you have a great second year!

    *in case you’re wondering what the title of this post is referring to



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    come, comma, commerce

    I am terribly sorry to bother, but i need help. I am very new to the whole system in Canada, so i have problem. I applied to UTM (mississauaga) in Commerce, however due to some personal issues, i was inAble to continue with calculus. I dropped it. After that i got two alternating offers, i was wondering if there is anyway to enter Commerce again. I am willing to do whatever it takes but i CCan’t take the course during the Summer, (personal) i am willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means taking an extra year in Universitu with Calculus as an elective. I was wondering if i did accept my alternate offer, will i still be able to switch back to Commerce in Second year or first year? What if i took Calculus as an elective( if i can) will i be able to go back to Commerce? Please i will do anything. I promise to do my best, but please tell me what to do. How can i go back to my Program? If i took it as an elective or anything. please. Should it be a prerequisite in highschool or am i allowed to take all the prerequisites for Commerce as alternatives in the first year and apply in the second year to Commerce? Please help me please. Thank you.


    hey there,

    it’s totally possible to get into commerce after first year. there are just a few things you’ll have to do.

    thing #1: you’ll need to get that calculus requirement under your belt. MAT133Y5 is required for admission to commerce after first year. however, MAT133Y5 recommends that you’ve already completed high school calculus (with at least a 70%) before taking the course. as someone who lived through the hell of first year calculus, trust me that it’s probably a smart idea to stick to that recommendation.

    you can take high school calculus in summer school or night school before then enrolling in MAT133Y5 in the summer, after your first year, or even your second year. alternatively, you can take UTM’s Prep. for University Calculus course, MAT100H5.

    thing #2: you’ll also want to take everything else required for commerce: MGM101H5, MGT120H5, and ECO100Y5. none of those courses have prerequisites, so you can feel free to take them in your first year. just keep in mind that you’ll need a 63% (at least) in each to be eligible for commerce.

    thing #3: because of calculus, you may have to wait until after first year or even second year to be eligible to apply to commerce. don’t let that frustrate you. it takes everyone a different amount of time to finish their degrees, and it’s rarely a straight path from high school to graduation, for anyone.

    if commerce is really what you want to do, then be patient and work hard, and you can get there eventually. however, take advantage of your alternate offer to explore what UTM has to offer. you may find that another program is a better fit for you – and that’s ok too.

    best of luck, chum,


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    rotman’s a riot

    Hi aska! I have a series of questions and I hope you can help me with them! As background info, I’m a UTM first-year going into second year, and I am unsure if I want to stay at UTM or if I want to transfer to UTSG. I’m planning on specializing in accounting and majoring in economics. Here it goes:

    1) Is there a significant difference between UTM Commerce and Rotman Commerce? I know we both get a BCom degree from U of T, but from reading internet posts, it seems like they’re two different worlds.

    2) I’m unsure whether UTM was the right choice for me, and seem to be inclined to want to transfer to UTSG. Don’t get me wrong, I love UTM, but there’s something that’s telling me that UTSG is where I belong. Is it easy to transfer internally??

    3) I really want to get into Commerce, but if I transfer into UTSG, I know that Rotman Commerce is very difficult to get into after first year. Since they don’t publish an official cutoff for ArtSci transfers, do you know what the unofficial cutoff could be? Like the average of the people that were able to transfer? (BTW, I completed most of the required 1st-year courses, except for MGT120 which I’m just about to complete.)

    4) I went to the Internal Transfers application website, and noticed that there are no transfers available for UTSG. Is there a specific timeframe as to when we’re allowed to complete a transfer application?

    5) If I apply for a transfer to ArtSci, and they accept me, do I instantly get kicked out of UTM? What if I change my mind and want to stay at UTM?

    6) Is there a GPA cutoff for transferring to ArtSci? If I do plan on transferring, I want to apply to University College. Does it have a minimum GPA or requirements?

    I’m sorry for making this long, and trust me, I also want to go over this with my Registrar. However, I think it would be awkward talking to them about transferring out. Thank you in advance! Take care aska!


    hey there,

    wow. lot of ground to cover here. why don’t we just get right to it?

    1. they’re different in some ways, but probably not as much as people at either school say. you can take a look at the program requirements for rotman’s programs and UTM’s and make a judgement call yourself. you can also read more about rotman’s programs here.

    obviously, rotman’s behemoth reputation is the elephant in the room that i can’t address, because i just don’t know how much of that is accurate, and how much is just good marketing. i do know that the programs are different enough that students in rotman can’t take the equivalent UTM or UTSC courses for their degree.

    people are always gonna try to create an us-versus-them binary, so to some extent, you just have to ignore that stuff. however, you do need to decide which one is right for you, and the best way to do that is actually visit rotman yourself. they can even connect you with a current student who can give you the inside scoop about their experience!

    2. just to be clear, rotman commerce does not accept internal transfers. you would have to transfer to the Faculty of Arts & Science into some other program and then apply to rotman after second year. here are the stats for registered transfer applicants versus transfer applicants at uoft – but keep in mind this data is from 2008 and has probably changed. the world’s changed a lot since then; crazy frog isn’t even popular anymore.

    3. yes, it is very diffcult (from rotman: “Entry into Rotman Commerce through this route is very competitive. Students who apply are advised to simultaneously ensure that they have appropriate prerequisites for other Arts and Science programs of interest.“) as always, i have no idea about cutoffs to programs. rotman doesn’t tell me these things. (rude, tbh. but what’re you gonna do?)

    4. the deadline to transfer internally to the faculty of arts & science was january 31st.

    5. as far as i know, you would just have to accept the offer of admission from UTSG. but double-check with your registrar.

    6. at least a B average.

    i’m all for talking to your registrar about your options (as always), but at this point, you’re looking at: transferring to UTSG, possibly having to spend an extra year in the Faculty of Arts & Science (to take RSM100Y, at least), applying to rotman and then hoping to get in despite the extremely competitive admissions process. it seems to me like it would be a lot easier to stay in UTM commerce, but as always, it is your decision. whatever feels right, is right.



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    who ever knows what university documents are talking about

    Hello, I am a grade 12 student currently in high school and I plan on applying to UTM commerce, but this year my mother was terminally ill and diagnosed with breast cancer which has a impact on my school most importantly Grade 12 Advanced Function and I was wondering if UTM will accept me repeating the course again in night school to get a better mark. Please let me know! I plan on applying during the winter holidays starting December 19th!


    hey there,

    my condolences about your mother. as far as night school goes, UTM will be able to see both of your marks. they definitely won’t refuse to accept the repeated mark, but they “reserve the right to give preference to students whose grades represent their first attempt.” which i know sounds just like…what talk straight, dammit – will you accept me or not?

    that’s where i come in (w00). i have some experience in decoding red-tape talk, and if you translate that sentence from bureaucratic university jargon, it basically means that it might affect the admission decision a little bit, but it definitely won’t decide it. additionally, a repeated course is much better than just leaving a really poor mark on your transcript. so i’d go right ahead and repeat it!

    ALSO, IMPORTANTLY, since you have a legitimate reason for this having occurred, you have the opportunity (which i 100% recommend you go for) to write the university a letter explaining why your mark(s) is/are that way. it’ll make them a lot more disposed to give you special consideration. you can do that by getting in touch with enrolment services: they’ll tell you where and how to send this kind of letter.



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    Dropping an FLC

    Dear All:) Hey,
    I am a first-year student in Rotman Commerce and right now involved in FLC group for RSM (RSM099Y1). For some reason I have to drop this non-academic course. I went to ROSI at first and it said that I could not change anything on ROSI. So may I ask how to drop that course then? Am I still allowed to drop in this half-way period?


    hey there,

    I really like how you said “dear all,” like there’s a whole office behind askastudent, all of us just working together to answer as many questions as possible…yeah, no, it’s just me. Sittin’ here. All alone. Feel free to drop me a line any time. I don’t really get a lot of chances to talk to people.

    Anyway, I’m sad to hear you’re thinking about dropping your FLC group! FLCs are really cool because they’re like extra-curriculars in that they’re non-credit courses, but they’re official enough that they appear on your transcript as an extra activity – and they provide a social and networking atmosphere that can be really helpful for your future career, especially in commerce.

    However if you do have a scheduling conflict or REALLY don’t like your FLC, all you have to do is e-mail flc@utoronto.ca and let them know you want to drop it, then they should take it from there. Because it’s a non-credit course, dropping it halfway through the semester won’t jeopardize your GPA, so you can rest easy about that.

    stay swaggie,


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    bop to the top at UTM commerce

    I am a second year in the accounting and financial management program at the university of Waterloo. Due to a loss in my immediate family, my academic performance was poor during my first year. For the same reason for my second term in first year my marks were graded on a credit/ non-credit basis. This means all my marks for this term were marked as pass with no numerical grades. I am struggling in my second year in AFM as well and wanted to know my chances of getting into UTM commerce.
    My university transcript is very poor (GPA 76.5% not including credit/non-credit grades) but in high school I got accepted into UTM commerce with a 89.5% average.
    Thank you for your time.


    hey there,

    UTM commerce doesn’t publish the cut-off range for GPA every year, but your 76.5% is around what would be acceptable. Also, from the looks of UofT’s course equivalencies, it seems like you would have completed most of the 4.0 prerequisite courses for commerce already while in AFM.

    This is the stick, though. Even if you meet all the pre-requisites, in order to be in UTM commerce, you have to have completed 4.0 credits at UTM (either in addition to your transfer credit, or completing what you don’t get as transfer credit). Either way, you need to spend a year here before you can start commerce. They just want to see that you’re UTM material, you get me? You gotta bleed that blue and white. If you decide to do that, you could take some economics courses that are part of the commerce program so that you won’t have to take them once you get to commerce, but there’s no way to get around that extra year.

    Here’s how I look at it: if you transfer, you’ll have to do one general year at UTM, then three years of commerce, plus your one or two years in AFM. That’s six years just to get a bachelor’s degree that’s pretty similar to the one you’re in now anyway. The way I see it, staying in your program or transferring into something else at Waterloo might be easier.

    If you’re cool with spending a few extra years in undergrad, then go for it. Apply to UTM, and then you can move on to commerce if you want to. But remember to do whatever feels right to you.

    Hope it all works out, freund.


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    business studies coming before commerce

    I just recently have gotten an alternate offer into your First year Business Studies program at UTM (denied UTM commerce). I was just wondering what the difference is as I dont know much about it and I checked electronicinfo.ca, it is not there. As well as i got a acceptance at york administrative studies, and im definately stuck between both programs.

    A little bit clearing up would be a great help, thanks again!


    Hey hey

    I pretty much looked at your message, laughed, and asked myself, “What the heck is Business Studies?” because I’d never heard of it.

    Now research extraordinaire that I am, I googled that and found UTM’s little page on alternative offers — which I’m sure is totally neglected by incoming students.

    Basically, let’s say Business Studies is like a pre-program of sorts to Commerce. You’ll take the same first year courses as the Commerce kids and then you’ll essentially be applying for the program again from within UTM come April. They say the cut off average is 2.5, but be warned that that the ACTUAL minimum is most likely going to be a looooot higher since there are going to be a bunch of other people doing the same thing.

    So all in all, there’s no reaaaaal difference. You’re taking the same courses and working toward the same goal, you’re just… in Business Studies > Commerce, so you’ll have to apply to the program again at the end of first year based on your grades in those courses.