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an especially confused mood

Hello ASKA!

Hope your summer is going well. I’m going into second year at UTSG, doing my BComm in Public Accounting. The thing is that I also planning on a major in French Lang & Lit, which y’know, is nbd, but uhhh I was also interested in minoring in NMC? I’m cool with not doing the full minor and just getting the language certificate for Arabic but I think that I’d be going over 20.0 FCEs no matter what? PA is 15 and French is 7, and a minor, as you definitely know, is 4. Req 1 for my specialist says “At least 20.0 Credits from”University Course(s)”” (Not sure why university courses needed to be in quotation marks but ok, degree explorer.) which makes me think that it’s cool if I go over, but would I need to pay more? What happens if I fulfill all the requirements for the B.Comm and still want to keep going? Should I finish the MAJ/MIN stuff before my specialist requirements? I know that it’s fine to go over 4 years, and I’m planning on doing summer school anyways so I’ll prob be paying for extra tuition no matter what but like, is there an additional fee for going over 20 credits?????

woW those were a lot of question marks, but I am in an especially confused mood. I had an appointment with my registrar earlier but I forgot to ask so I’m just shouting into your asks here.

As an aside, I really love your post titles! Thanks for your patience with our questions.



THANK YOU FOR NOTICING MY TITLES. tbqh, they’re the hardest part of every response and i (sadly) spend an inordinate time making them up.

anyways, the answer.

first, for something this long-winded, complicated, and specific, you really should get in touch with your registrar’s office. as you mentioned, you’ve already had an appointment with your registrar, but this really is something that is worth going back for. they can actually dig up specific info for you that i don’t have access to (i’m powerful, but not that powerful).

you’re right when you say that it’s fine to go over 20.0 credits– that’s just how many you need to graduate. basically, you don’t get to graduate until you actually request graduation. also, there’s isn’t any additional fee for going over 20 credits, just the tuition fees you would be paying anyways.

something that you could also consider is coming back as a non-degree student after finishing your bcomm. non-degree students are students who’ve already earned a degree from the university and are taking courses without working towards a degree. you could be taking courses to get into a graduate program or self-interest. i don’t know why you wanna do both a bcomm and a major/minor in arts programs, but i respect it. i see you. game recognize game.

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anyways, if you’re just looking to take french language and literature and nmc courses out of self-interest, looking into coming back as a non-degree student after finishing your bcomm may be a good option.

if you want to do the french and nmc programs at the same time as your bcomm, then i suggest going back to your registrar to discuss your options.

hope this helps!



PS- i literally couldn’t come up with a title for this–i got performance anxiety!!

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  • mari

    Thank you so much! I’m doing both because… why not? I love French and I really want to learn Arabic and the NMC courses look so interesting ;-;

    I hadn’t realized being a non-degree student was a thing! I mean, it makes sense, but I always thought that that was continuing studies. Guess they’re different after all. I’ll def talk to my registrar to get some advice, but thank you again. It makes me feel a little bit less pressed to know that it’s okay to keep going past 20.0.

    I wonder if the issue really is that complicated; honestly I’m a very long-winded person and I try to be as specific as I can since I know it’ll make it easier for other people to understand what I’m asking.

    PS: the title was perfect! dw you’re doing great <3

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