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    an imposter among us (sorry, i had to)

    Hello! I’m a st george student and just realized a course I’ve been taking online is from the mississauga campus. Does it matter? will the mark count toward my grade do I have to tell anyone about this?

    hey there!

    generally the course would count towards your gpa and degree requirements, as long as it’s not an exclusion for a course that you’ve already taken. exclusions would be marked as extra courses and won’t count towards your gpa or degree.

    you should also double check with your registrar’s office to see if the course would count towards your degree requirements. if you’re hoping to take the course for your program requirements (major, minor, specialist, etc.) then you’d also need to ask your department.

    there’s some more info on taking courses at other colleges on this page, under “Courses in Other Divisions”, but that pretty much covers the main points!

    so rest assured, as long as you have a chat with your registrar to clear things up, it’ll likely be fine… just act natural and channel your inner utm student.

    all the best,


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    do it!!!

    Hello! I have been invited to apply to utmOne Scholars. Do you have any experience in these type of courses? Do you know if they are more difficult in grading? Thank you πŸ™‚


    hey there,

    i’ve never been in the utmONE scholars program, but i was in a similar first year seminar program at st. george. based on my own experience with courses like the ones utmONE offers, i’d really recommend that you apply.

    small first-year seminars are the best investment you can make in your transition from high school to university. because of the class size, you get to know your profs and classmates much better, and have far more meaningful support in your learning. your coursework is more likely to be experiential or creative, too, which is always a plus given the heavy academic workload of first-year. the first-year seminars i took absolutely changed the course of my degree and i owe so much to having taken them.

    however, i can’t say whether utmONE classes are graded harder than other utm courses. when i took special first-year seminars at st. george, i found that they were graded much easier than my large first-year introductory lectures. it looks like utmONE has more of an intentional research focus than the seminars i took, though, so i’m not sure how that’d affect the grading system. if you have specific concerns, this webpage lists an email address that you can contact with further questions. you can try sending them a message!

    be Boundless,


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    i, too, avoid math

    Hi there! I’m currently taking psy100 to fulfill half of the science breadth requirement but honestly I am not a science student and was wondering if you had any courses you would recommend that will still fill the requirement but is less science/math heavy. Thanks! πŸ™‚


    hey there,

    you didn’t specify what campus you go to, but i’m guessing you’re a utm student because that’s the only campus with a science breadth requirement. i could be wrong, though, because it looks like utm is the only campus still referring to their breadth requirements as distribution requirements.

    it’s hard for me to recommend courses for this breadth requirement at utm, because my personal experience is limited to st. george. but from my experience and from what i’ve heard from my friends, beginner astronomy courses are great for breadth requirements because they don’t require a ton of math and are mostly memorization. obviously that’ll vary based on professors, so don’t take my word as a guarantee! geology courses might also be good for you, since i believe they won’t be as math-heavy as something like physics.

    this utm page recommends some science distribution requirement courses that generally look like solid options to me. you might try one of the anthropology optionsβ€””Fantasies, Hoaxes and Misrepresentations of the Ancient World” looks funβ€”since anthropology is often offered by the faculty of arts at other universities.

    to sum all this up, in order, i think your best options by subject are anthropology, astronomy, and then geology.

    i don’t know about recommending specific courses, though, since i haven’t taken any at utm. if you know any more advanced students at your campus that you can ask for specific course recommendations, do that! most people at u of t are happy to help younger students and answer quick questions.

    be Boundless,


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    you all want impossible answers

    hello! i am a grade 12 student at an ontario highschool. my average at the moment is around 93-95%. i’ve applied for social sciences at utm/ustg. i’m hoping to major in political science or criminology, and then apply to uoft law.

    from your experience in social sciences, 1) do you think i will be able to achieve a 3.5-3.8 gpa in my undergrad? 2) do you have any tips/advice on how to do so? 3) what are the pros/cons between utm/ustg…will i have more difficulty achieving a high gpa at ustg? ty!!

    hey there,

    that’s a pretty dang good high school average!

    i’ll answer your questions in order.

    do i think you’ll be able to achieve a 3.5-3.8 gpa in your undergrad? that’s hard to say. different high schools have different levels of grade inflation, and i know literally nothing about your study habits, so i don’t really feel like i can make a prediction. however, what i can tell you is that there are certainly people with high school averages like that that manage to maintain your target GPA at u of t.

    i know u of t has a reputation for being really tough, and it is challenging. there are certainly high achieving students who have a very difficult time adjusting to first-year university, but i wouldn’t say everyone needs to be super scared of failure. there are student supports at u of t to help you achieve your goals.

    do i have any tips on getting a good GPA? sure. here are a few:

    • use your resources.

    achieving and maintaining a high GPA is a lot easier when you’ve got help.

    here are some things that have helped my friends and i with our studies: going to office hours, making use of the writing centres and math learning centres, participating in club or college mentorship programs, visiting a learning strategist, and checking out the academic help workshops on the clnx calendar. visits to your registrar’s office will prove invaluable whenever you need advice, andΒ tapping into u of t’s mental health resources can help you deal with the stress of academics.

    • build a support network

    studying is a lot easier if you’re not also dealing with isolation and loneliness. a lot of uni students i know have struggled more with their studies when they haven’t been surrounded by supportive peers. pulling a long-haul study session is less painful if you’ve got someone with you keeping you accountable (even if just over Zoom).

    plus, it’s important to remember that academics won’t be all you’re dealing with in universityβ€”you also need people to help you endure your personal lows and celebrate your highs.

    i really do think that the better you’re doing as a person and the more you’re plugged in to some kind of likeminded community or friend group, the better equipped you are to achieve your academic goals.

    • get organized

    i’ve spent a solid amount of time at u of t now, and something that seems to happen every semester for me is that a few balls get dropped. unless you’re gifted with impeccable organizational and time management skills, the endeavour of managing classes, clubs, a job, your health, and your personal life does get tough.

    find a system that works for you to keep track of all your responsibilities and deadlines. it always feels really bad when you find out about an assignment last-minute or after the deadlineβ€”you lose marks unnecessarily, and your grades don’t reflect your abilities.

    i currently use a monthly planner that i got from muji, which allows me to see all my deadlines several weeks ahead of time. i colour-code it (green for assignment deadlines, pink for tests, purple for shifts at work etc) so that, at a glance, i have a good grasp of what i’ll be busy with in any given week. and then at the beginning of each week, i dump everything into a google spreadsheet schedule broken down into half-hour increments, so i have a sort of weekly timetable. that’s what works for me. virtual calendars are also a good option if you prefer!

    to touch on your last question, i’ve only ever been a student at st. george, so i don’t feel like i can say whether it’s harder than utm. i don’t really feel that qualified making a pro-con list either, since i’m probably quite biased towards st. george. this might surprise you, but i’ve never even been to utm in person!

    i’d recommend that you do some research yourself and make a pros-cons list that reflects your own priorities. you can consider things like what extracurriculars each campus offers, living costs (if those are applicable), program offerings, campus aesthetics (if that even matters to you), and location.

    if you’re extensive in your considerations, you’ll probably find that you end up with one option that’s clearly better than the other.Β i chose my campus because i was interested in specific st. george extracurriculars, as well as programs that were only offered at st. george. it just seemed like the right call.

    hope this helped! wishing you all the best of luck with your application.

    be Boundless,


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    this whole enrolment/POSt thing does get confusing,,, sigh

    Hi! I got into UTM last year for commerce, but didn’t make post. Instead of redoing courses and reapplying, I wanted to do a double major in Economics and Stats. I don’t have all the required courses for that though, so I need to take them next year. However you need to declare a major in order to be able to enrol. How do I go about that? Do I declare my major as Econ and Stats? Or do I just continue with commerce until I have the credits? I’m not sure what to do.


    hey there,

    hopefully i’m getting to this question in time… the first time i read this i thought you were a second year, but now i’m not 100% sure. hopefully you’re a second year and today isn’t your enrolment date. anyway.

    these are my thoughts: you may need to continue with commerce or select other placeholder programs. from what i can tell, UTM’s econ major has a few required courses for admission, which i won’t go into here as they provide several options and i don’t want to confuse you. the statistics major also has required courses. in other words, enrolment in both your desired POSts is limited to people who’ve exceeded a certain grade threshold in the relevant intro courses. since you’ve said you don’t have the requirements yet, you wouldn’t be able to declare a double major in econ and stats at the moment.

    if i were you (which i am not, thankfully, econ is not my strong suit) this is what i would do: stay in commerce, register in the prereqs for econ and stats, get those done, and request the POSts next spring. wait to get into them before you drop your commerce program, and there you go. if you run into trouble anywhere along the way, i’d recommend that you get in touch with the utm registrar, who will be able to advise you!

    hope this helped,,, good luck.

    be Boundless,


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    check yourself before you (pre)req yourself

    Hi, I am a first year going into the chemical and physical sciences program at UTM. I am looking to take a specialist in Biological Chemistry after the first year so I looked at the classes I should take. The problem is that many of the math courses require a minimum of 70% in Advanced functions and this past year I had an awful teacher and received my worse high school mark of 66% in her class. I also took Calculus and got an 83%. Will I be able to take the math courses?


    hey there!

    congrats on committing to u of t and starting the lil adventure that is university!

    for a question like this, i’d recommend reaching out to the UTM chemistry department (probably the undergrad program administrator, specifically) and asking about your case. i’m not sure how they deal with situations like this, and it would be best to go directly to the source.Β there’s a chance you might need to take an online high-school level advanced functions course and get a higher grade in order to meet the prerequisite? but they’d be the ones to confirm that.

    i wouldn’t recommend registering in the course without the prerequisite, because departments will usually go into your records to check that you’ve met the requirements. if they find out that you don’t, you’ll be removed from the course with no warning, which will cause you a lot of unnecessary stress. 10/10 would not recommend.

    i hope the chem department is able to shed some light on what you should do! good luck with this.

    be Boundless,


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    ThEy WiLL nOt Be AcCePtEd As EquiVALeNts

    Hello there,I was wondering if I could transfer from UTSC CS to UTM. However, the POSt requirements for CS at UTM it says “Note that only CSC148H5, taken at the UTM campus, will be accepted. Please do not take CSC148H1(UTSG) or CSCA48H3(UTSC); they will not be accepted as equivalent for the purposes of program enrolment. “According to that, Can I still transfer?TNX


    hey there,

    it sounds like you’d be able to transfer to the UTM campus, but possibly not directly into UTM’s compsci program. if you’re determined to be a UTM kiddo, you could probably try doing your internal transfer first, taking CSC148H5, and then applying to the compsci POSt at UTM. that’s what the situation seems like to me, anyway.

    to be 100% sure, i’d check this over with your registrar, or with someone at the UTM compsci department. maybe both. i’m sure they’ve seen this situation before. good luck!

    be Boundless,



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    i’m the goat

    Hi there! Sorry for bothering you but I am really struggling between UTSC and UTM right now. Little bit of background info: I was accepted to the Co-op Management program at UTSC and the Management program at UTM (did not apply to UTSG). I am also an international student who has received a 65% scholarship for my studies in UToronto, and an additional 19000CAD scholarship from UTM.

    Pros for UTSC:
    -Can do Co-op which I believe is really good for a student’s future career
    -Better sports facilities (especially for my sport) which are really ideal for me

    Cons for UTSC:
    -Don’t really like the campus, looks pretty sketchy and people don’t seem to like it on Reddit
    -More expensive as I will be losing my 19000cad from UTM and Co-op costs more I believe
    -The campus just really doesn’t look as nice as UTM but I am not sure because I have really only looked at pictures online
    -No free shuttle bus to downtown:(

    Pros for UTM:
    -nicer campus, more green area which I will feel more comfortable being around
    -Lower tuition fee (which is kind of a big deal for me)
    -Free shuttle bus!!
    -The community just look nicer and suit me better, idk…

    Cons for UTM:
    -no co-op which I’m not sure if its really that big of a deal (Coz I really need job experience but can I even get any at UTM…)
    -might have to travel to downtown/UTSC 3-4 times a week to practice
    -isolated area? So hard to find jobs/internships around campus? I am really not sure because I am just so lost:(

    I guess UTSC can prepare me for a better career which is truly ideal, but UTM is what I prefer for my 4 years of college life. Would be great if I can get the same amount of work experience at UTSC by attending UTM (is there a way to secure that the school can help me find jobs if I don’t do co-op or am I really going to be on my own:( )

    I might even do UTM Commerce in my second year if I study at UTM, but I will probably stick with Co-op management if I study at UTSC. Which one do you think I should choose? Is Co-op really that big of a deal? Is it worth sacrificing part of my college experience/preference for it?

    Sorry that I am all over the place, there’s just too much going on in my head and I’m just so worried that I’m going to regret it. Thank you so much for your precious time and help!


    hey there,

    congrats on making it into both programs, and with scholarships, too!

    quick psa: it would be v cool if people stop sending questions to every single ask box i advertise! this seems to be an international student thing, so you’re not alone in it, but rest assured that i will see your question even if you only send it once.Β 

    but you never need to apologize for bothering me, this is what i do. let’s get to it. for anyone who hasn’t been following this epic saga, this post is a part two, it seems, to this one. thank you for taking my suggestion to shorten your question! that’s cool. we love readability.

    so you did the epic pros and cons list, i can see. a few notes on that list:

    • don’t believe everything you see on u of t’s reddit! from my experience, it’s where the angry people go to congregate.
    • finances are definitely something to consider! you’ve been offered a huge scholarship to UTM, and imo that’s hard to turn down.
    • it can often be quite difficult to make a judgement about a campus based solely on pictures. here is a webpage offering virtual tours of utsc, and here are some virtual tours of utm residence buildings.Β you can also try looking video tours up on youtube, which is something i did when i was making my admissions decision!
    • Β utsc has a lot of green space too!Β 
    • it’s hard to tell what a school’s community is like until you’re there. i’m curious as to why you think the utm community will suit you better. rest assured you will be able to make friends, find mentors, and study under great profs regardless of whether you choose utm or utsc!

    it’s still really hard for me to give you a definitive answer re: which school you should choose, because even if i know what factors you’re considering, i don’t know the weight of each one. for example: if you give up the utm scholarship, will you be taking on that same amount in student loans? or do you have sufficient parental support to not need those loans in the first place? i feel like depending on your situation, the importance of certain things you’re considering can change.

    keep in mind that youΒ will (presumably) be spending four entire years of your life as a student at whatever campus you choose. so if you feel like you’d be happier at UTM, that’s not insignificant. four years is a solid chunk of your life. university isn’t just a stepping stone to a future career– it’s an experience, and one that has so far been really precious to me.

    that being said, i’m not sure that there’s a way to ensure that u of t helps you get a job without a guaranteed co-op. that isn’t to say there aren’t any student supports to help you find jobs at utm– utm has a fantastic career centre, and like i told you in the last post, the utm management program has programming that will help you get work placements and hands-on experience. ie. MGT480H5 and the certificate in effective business practices and leadership skills. if you end up choosing utm commerce, you’ll have access to the Personal Experience Year (PEY), which is a 12 to 16 month internship also done by students at utsg.

    basically, i wouldn’t say you’ll ever be fully on your own. there’s programming at both schools to help ensure that you get hands-on work experience while pursuing your degree. at the very least, your registrar’s office (both at utm and utsc) will be able to provide you with guidance and refer you to career resources.

    ultimately, you’re gonna need to take ownership for your decision. there’s no easy formula to success in life. co-ops are important, yes, but you can do great even without one. students at st. george don’t have access to the co-op program that utsc runs, but they tend to be fine. i have full faith in you to make the best decision for yourself. you got this.

    i actually think it’s pretty clear which school you want to go to, so…

    be Boundless,


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    fOLLoW yOur HeaRT, [redacted]

    Hi this is [redacted]. I am sorry for contacting you but I am too desperate to get an answer for some of the questions that I have regarding UTM management and UTM commerce haha. Hope you would not mind:)

    I was recently accepted to study management at UTM in the upcoming Fall. I love the course and all that it has to offer but I can’t help thinking that there are better options such as Rotman Commerce, or even just UTM Commerce. I have been looking through Reddit post and people are saying that UTM Management is just not that impressive and is a low-risk low return kind of course. There are also no PEY or co-op for this course but the one thing that I really want to do at Uoft is to get a lot of internships/work experience during my college life. However I do not think UTM Management can provide me as much experience when compared with Rotman commerce/ UTM commerce. The only specializations that UTM management offered are Human Resources management and management which is very broad. On the other hand, The commerce program leads to specializations in accounting, finance, and marketing which are more employable than just pure management or pure commerce.

    I understand that I will have to do Management at UTM for my first year. But may I know is it easy to transfer to UTM commerce after first year? I also did not take any Calculus course in high school but I might consider getting tutorial on Calculus (not summer school/night school) before attending UTM. Now I was looking at your previous response and you mentioned that β€˜MAT133Y5 recommends that you’ve already completed high school calculus (with at least a 70%) before taking the course.’ I do believe that I have a solid math background but I am not familiar with calculus, do you think tutor can help me get prepared for the course?

    Apart from that, is there anything that I need to look into before thinking about transferring from UTM management to UTM commerce? Or are there actually any advantage of studying Management over Commerce? My ultimate goal is basically just to work at a large company with a decent salary and nothing much. Will UTM management be able to give me that opportunity or will other courses provide a better prospect for my future career? Really sorry that I have so many questions. I am just pretty excited but also kind of worried that I am missing out on better opportunities. Just want to get a clearer picture of everything and I hope you would not mind giving me some guidance and suggestions. Thank you very much for your precious time!! (Love what you are doing btw:)))


    hey there,

    not gonna lie– i get kind of overwhelmed when people send me questions longer than medieval love letters. please don’t ever apologize for contacting me, though! this is what i do. just means i gotta break the question down a lil. let’s see what we got.

    is it easy to transfer to UTM commerce after first year?

    easy enough. in fact, i dunno if you’re aware of this, but you’re not actuallyΒ a management student in first year. you’ve probably been admitted to a stream (management first-year admissions is my guess) with instructions to take certain courses; upon completing those courses in first year, you’ll then be eligible for admission to the actual management program. u of t runs using a POSt system, which stands for Program Of Study; all this means is that first years aren’t really in a major/minor/progam until they qualify, apply, and get accepted at the end of their first year.

    i’d check this over with the utm registrar to be safe, but as far as i’m aware, all you need to do to switch into commerce is take the commerce prerequisites and meet the grade threshold. you can find that info here. if you’re certain you want to be in commerce, you can probably take those prereqs right off the bat (instead of your management ones) to save you the trouble of switching over later on. but like i said, please confirm this with the registrar’s office! in my experience it’s been easy enough to switch around, but i don’t know if the programs you’re interested in have any quirks.

    can a tutor help you get prepped for calc?

    you are correct that calculus is important for MAT133Y5. i can’t give you a straight answer as to whether a tutor would be helpful– wouldn’t it depend on the quality of the tutor and the material you cover? i think in general, it would definitely be better than no calculus experience whatsoever. university math classes are pretty rough, and i would not advise you to enter into one without calculus. the best approach would probably be to have your tutor cover the calculus and vectors curriculum outlined in this pdf, and make sure you have all those concepts down. if you scroll down to page 101, you’ll see the curriculum i’m referring to.

    is there anything that you need to look into before transferring to UTM commerce?

    like i said, just check in with your registrar!

    are there actually any advantage of studying Management over Commerce?

    i am not an expert on this.

    i’d say someone at the department would know– maybe you could try contacting the academic advisor? the advice i, personally, can give you is simple: follow your heart, as cheesy as that sounds, and don’t trust everything you read on the internet. if i had believed every single redditor i came into contact with in high school, i would not have ended up at u of t. i’d say it’s more important to pursue your interests and excel at them than it is to drag your feet into a program that an internet stranger said was better. so that’s my take.

    you didn’t directly ask these questions, but you seemed to want guidance on it. out of the generosity and benevolence of my heart, i’ll cover them:Β 

    • can you get PEY and co-op opportunities in management?Β 

    it actually seems like the UTM management program offers a fourth-year internship course, MGT480H5, that will give you the kind of hands-on experience you seem to be hoping for. whether you’re in management or commerce, you’ll also be eligible for a new program (launching in fall! wow!). it’s called the certificate in effective business practices and leadership skills. details are here, should you be interested. if you’re admitted to the certificate, you’ll get to take part in a 4-month paid work placement, on top of other certificate requirements. fun stuff! ‘

    • will you end up at a large company with a decent salary?

    haha bold of you to assume climate change won’t getcha first

    all in all, though, i’m really glad you’re excited and looking into your options! best of luck with it all, and you know where to find me if you have any other questions. hope this was helpful.

    be Boundless,


  • anthropology,  subject POST,  UTM

    tis a learning process, i am learning

    I posted this before but didn’t make it clear I go to UTM, which made it confusing for you, I’m sorry. I would like to apply to the Anthropology Major (Science) program at the end of this school year. I am in my final year and will have completed all the requirements for the program by April 2020, however my CGPA is below a 2.00 at the moment and they require a 2.00 for program enrolment. I am not planning on doing any post-graduate studies, I just want to graduate.
    Would I still have a chance in any way to make it into the Anthropology Major (science) program if I were to apply today? Is there a letter I can write? What can I do? I am slowly bringing my crap average up from what it use to be, but it may not be above a 2 by April. It is a type 2 post, but has some requirements.


    hey there,

    got it! everything makes sense now. if a campus isn’t mentioned, my default is typically st. george, but i guess i should be looking things up for all three campuses when something doesn’t make sense. will keep that in mind for the future. thanks for being patient with meeee πŸ™‚

    i see the 2.0 CGPA requirement you were referring to now. mainly, my answer remains the same: you will still need to wait until march 12 at the earliest to request your program. should you get admitted, you’d accept your enrolment between may 10 and july 26. so you still wouldn’t be able to graduate in anthropology for june.

    your best option is still to get in touch with the department and see if there’s anything that can be done. they’ll be the ones to advise you whether there are letters you can write, and tell you to whom you should be writing. i think you should also hit up your registrar— book an appointment with them and explain your situation. they might be aware of more possible avenues you can take, beyond what i can offer you.

    be Boundless,


  • clubs,  UTM


    Hi! I just recently accepted my offer to UTM and will (hopefully) be majoring in Criminology, Law and Society by the end of first year. However, my question has to do more with musical opportunities at UTM. I absolutely love singing and playing the piano and have enjoyed competing and performing throughout high school. I was wondering if there are any music clubs that I can join or courses that I can take as a non music faculty student during my time at UTM. Thanks!


    hello hello hellooooo,

    enormous congrats on accepting your offer! i sense … a future lawyer, maybe?

    well, maybe-future-lawyer, i hope the weather is as good where you are as it is for me right now. there’s something about sunshine and blue skies and cotton candy sunsets that make me feel like everything’s gonna be okay.

    anyway, i looked this up for ya– many of your options are listed here! a quick rundown on what we got:

    harmonix music club seems pretty cool– as far as i can tell, their focus seems to be on creating a very international/multicultural space for making music. i guess the idea is that music can unite people no matter their background or culture– or maybe that you need difference to produce beauty the same way you need different notes to make a harmony. wow! metaphors! maybe i’m reaching.

    into heavenly harmonies? the utm gospel choir might be a good option for you. they do monthly/bimonthly performances, and if there are openings you can join either as an instrumentalist or vocalist.

    there’s a straight-up utm music clubΒ  you can check out, too, that holds a bunch of music-centred events on campus– think karaoke, open mics, jam sessions, and guitar workshops. sounds pretty cool to me. they claim to be the best music club on campus on their facebook page, anyway.

    beyond these options, there’s a chinese music club or kpop organization you can join if you feel so inclined. this post is gonna drag on if i plug those two too, so look them up yourself if you’re curious, would ya? appreciate it!

    you should have the opportunity to connect with many of these clubs your first week at uni! i dunno specifically where/when the clubs fair is yet, but as long as you keep an eye out i’m sure you’ll hear about it. tends to be quite well-advertised, especially if you plan to attend frosh. if you can’t make it to clubs week, it shouldn’t be too difficult to contact these orgs directly through social media and ask about getting involved.

    in terms of courses, well… not sure if i’m doing something wrong, but it doesn’t seem like utm offers music courses, or has a music department at all? i can’t find it, anyway, which is surprising to me because i always just kind of assumed there was one. this is the full list of undergrad programs at utm, if you wanna check for yourself. if i’m right, then your options for getting involved with music might be limited to extracurriculars.

    since we’re on the topic of music, i would tell ya to follow my spotify, but that would defeat the point of an anonymous blog, wouldn’t it? guess i’ll just have to appreciate my own curated-til-3-am playlists. i kind of feel like the world is missing out, but we’ll never know, will we?

    wishing you the best of luck and a 10/10 work ethic for first year! lord knows most of us could use it.

    over n out,
  • internal transfer,  UTM

    you are artiste

    Before I ask my question, I wanted to say thank you for your advice. I finally got in! So my question is I’m currently going into Art & Art History but I want to transfer to Visual Studies at the St. George campus after my first year. Would it be impossible to do?


    hello again,

    WELCOME TO U OF T MY FRIEND, i’m so excited for you and big congratulations on your acceptance. as far as i know, what you want is certainly possible. in order to transfer to visual studies at utsg, you’ll be looking at doing an internal transfer into the daniels faculty of architecture, landscape, and design. utsg’s rotman faculty (the business one) is the only one that doesn’t seem to take transfers from other u of t campuses, so as a potential daniels kid you’re in luck.

    the terrible thing is that you actually have to apply through ouac all over again. assuming you’re a full-time student, you’ll be using an internal application that will apparently cost you $90. when going over your application, the university will look at both your overall academic record as well as your grades from the year you spent at UTM.

    i’m not sure exactly what grades you’d need to be considered, at utm, to be competitive as a transfer student from another u of t campus, you would have needed a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 2.5 and upwards. this is a bit awkward because the u of t grading schemeΒ  jumps straight from a C+, or 2.3, to a B- at 2.7– and anyway, i would guess that the utsg threshold would be higher. it’s not publicized, though, so you may want to give your registrar a visit and ask if they know anything.

    to get into visual studies specifically, you’ll need to have met any program prerequisites. i can’t exactly figure out what prereqs visual studies requires, so you may want to look into that if you can.

    since you’re applying to daniels and not artsci, you’ll need to apply for a transfer credit assessment once you get admitted. it’s the same school, i know, but what you’ll learn very quickly is that u of t is this weird disjointed bureaucracy of all these different offices that report to different things. so i guess in some respects, the campuses are treated as quite distinct from one another. you’ll only need to do this after you’re admitted, but keep in mind there’s an extra fee tacked on of 30 whole dollars. that’s like, two whole sushi burritos. a devastating amount.

    the deadlines for your application aren’t out yet, but to give you an idea of what you’re looking at, the deadlines for 2019-2020 internal transfers were january 10, 2018 for the application, with a recommended deadline of november 1 the previous calendar year. there’s a supplemental application with a deadline that varies slightly, so you’ll want to take a look at that as well.

    the catch is, you’ll want to do this before you hit second year– if you’re serious about transferring, it’s safest not to wait. daniels won’t take anyone with more than 10.0 credits or full-course equivalents, i guess because then your degree will be half done and there’s not really much point. on top of this, you can only get up to 5.0 transfer credits, equivalent to one fall/winter session’s worth of classes.

    sorry for the long and dry post but hope this is helpful! internal transfers can get complicated and i would highly recommend you talk to someone in-person about this as well. good luck with it all, though, and if you have any more questions feel free to send them in!

    to end the post off, here’s a smol painting dolphin with more artistic talent than me:



  • ccit,  switching,  UTM

    [insert clever pun about ccit here]

    hi, I recently got accepted into uoft- ccit major, but I want to change my major to finance or commerce, do I need to finish my freshman year first and then transfer programs or can I directly do it. I’m an international student and I’m so lost since there is no one to explain how the system works at uoft.


    hey there,

    i feel ya. u of t is a maze of a bureaucracy– even those of us who are from around here and have been at the school for a while are constantly confused. it’s just one of the joys of going to a big, complicated school. navigating it is a lot like this:

    but hey, i’ve sifted through all the CCIT stuff on the internet in an effort to help you out. as far as i can tell, the program works the same way as most other POSts. which is to say, you’re not actuallyΒ a CCIT student (or a polisci student, or a chemistry student, or ANYTHING sigh) until you apply for POSt. this is also reflected in the fees you pay: i believe CCIT tuition is higher, but you only begin paying that in second year when you become a CCIT student.

    if you’re not familiar, POSt stands for Program of Study, and it’s essentially another hurdle all students of certain faculties need to jump once they get into undergrad. you apply to POSt at the end of your first year, and most of them have prerequisite courses you’ll need to get in. those courses are usually what you’ll focus on getting through in your first year.

    so as far as i know, if you wanted to transfer to finance or commerce you’ll just want to make sure you have the right prereqs, and then when you apply to POSt just indicate whichever program you want. one of the things i love about u of t is that it’s relatively easy to switch programs around as long as you have the prereqs. for example, if i was studying… indigenous studies and wanted to switch to canadian studies, i wouldn’t have to fill anything out, just make sure i had the requirements and apply to POSt during the application period.

    to be honest, i feel a little iffy with you using this as your only source of advice since i’m not ~that~ familiar with ccit as a program. i’d encourage you to get in touch with their department, because they’ll be able to confirm or correct anything i said. the university at large tends to operate in much the same way, but there are always those quirky niche programs that do their own thing and ccit could be one of those. the utm registrars may also be able to help you out.

    over n out,