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    someone’s jumping ship from utm or utsc

    hey do you know if i need transcripts (from uoft and/or high school) to apply for an internal transfer to utsg?


    hey friend,

    i started an ouac internal application myself to figure this out for you, so here’s hoping they don’t actually hold me to finishing this lol, i am happy where i am.

    under the ‘transcript requests’ section of the application, you will be required to have transcripts sent directly from whatever your high school was, as well as from your current u of t campus. this u of t website also says that yes, they will be looking at your full academic history to evaluate your application.

    hope this helped and best of luck with your internal application!

    be Boundless and have a good winter break,




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    a rough patch


    I go to UTM for the commerce program. This upcoming school year (Fall/Winter 2019) I am supposed to be going into fourth year. However, due to life I did really bad in school first year (failed all of my courses) and halfway through second year I dropped my courses. This lead to me being put on probation and suspended for 3rd year. I currently have a 0 CGPA & I have 3.5 credits on my record.

    I spoke to academic advising and they told me that to pass 1st year again and eventually get accepted into second year for UTM’s commerce program, and major in finance (what I aim to do), it would be really difficult (I would need  90s in all my courses for the next 2 years, with 8 credits each year, just to get accepted into the program because the cut off is now a 3.0 minimum CGPA). This would make me behind 6 years, with just a chance of being admitted into the program. I’m not sure if the courses I would take for the next 2 years would even count towards my degree properly.

    I really only see myself doing a bachelors in business with a finance major. I took the year of probation to actually study the content and prep myself for the upcoming school year so I can do well. I also started my career in the field as well.

    I really don’t know what I should do and what would be the most effective path.

    Academic advising also told me that even if I applied to other institutions, my transcript would definitely minimize my chance of getting in.

    I wanted to know if there’s anyway for me to get into a different school for example, Ryerson’s accounting and finance program, by just showing my marks high school, if I didn’t want to transfer in, but rather join in as a first year student.

    Or are there any other options within UofT, at any campus, to get the degree I want. I feel like all my doors have closed again, just because of a rough patch I went through when I was younger and just got into Uoft.

    Please help! And thank you so much in advance!!


    hello friend,

    thanks for waiting for this response. your circumstances stumped me, though i’m sure not as much as they’ve frustrated you.

    this is what i want to say:

    regarding the ‘starting over’ option at ryerson or elsewhere, unfortunately the extent of my domain is the university of toronto. i would have loved to help you look into other places and such, but i would recommend you contact those schools directly and find out what their policies are regarding re-starting your degree. you can give ryerson a call here, and if you’d like to at least check out york i’ve linked that too. i feel better sending you directly to their admissions offices just cause i don’t actually have the answers to your question– i’d only be acting as an intermediary, which isn’t the most effective or foolproof way to do things. if you have any specific circumstances you think might affect their decision, you’d also be able to present those to them better yourself.

    i doubt you’d be able to apply to any university, though, with a totally fresh start using just your high school marks. they’d require you to provide your entire academic history upon application– if you omit your university marks, this could be considered fraud. there’s a chance you could submit some sort of supplemental statement along with your transcript to explain what went wrong. it may not help you as much as i wish it would, though, given your record and suspension.

    also– from what i remember, when you apply through OUAC, one of the sections of the application will ask you to account for what you’ve recently spent your time on if you’re not entering directly out of high school. for example, those who took a gap year to travel would indicate that there. you’d be obligated, then, to let any potential institution know about the time you spent at u of t.

    for the path of least resistance, so to speak, you could look into doing college programs, where admissions may be more forgiving as opposed to a university. i’m not sure, but i’m pretty sure colleges like george brown have business programs. i’ve done some research into this, but at the moment i’m not aware of any options you have to get your degree at u of t without taking the path you already know about.

    i know you’ve already visited an advisor, but my gut says to send you back to your registrar. these are the kinds of conversations that are best to have in-person, which is something i’m neither qualified nor allowed to carry out. my hope is that, even though they delivered bad news to you last time, they’ll be able to help you more if you continue to have these conversations with them. 

    i do have a question for you– when meeting with your advisor, how open were you regarding the “life stuff” you struggled with? if you went through something particularly compelling and can show how you’ve grown and overcome your difficulties, maybe there’s a chance they might be able to make some kind of exception for you? for example, you can talk about how you’ve used your probation year well. good on you, for that– i hope it does something for your circumstances overall.

    if you choose to go the route of pulling your GPA up with the eventual goal of making it into business, i’d also ask them what’ll happen if you take those commerce courses but ultimately don’t make POSt. they might know more about what your options look like, eg. if they’re usable for another program.

    this is a tough one, dude, i feel you. all my best and i wish i could be of more help. i’m sorry the system is as unforgiving as it is– that it’s so difficult to pull yourself out of a place you were in at a single time in your life. but i have faith in your ability to get where you need to be, even if that path doesn’t look the way you hoped it would.

    over n out,


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    lemin! LEMINN!

    Hi there!

    I was wondering how hard it is to transfer to UofT LifeSci. I applied after high school and got into UTSG, but my final high school results barely met my conditional requirements so I turned down UofT’s offer to try and make it better at UWaterloo. I want to try for med school, and now my first year grades at Waterloo are much better. We don’t get a GPA but based on online GPA calculators, with a percentage ranging from 80-92%, I have a 3.7-3.8 GPA average.

    I got in with much worse grades in high school, but I’m wondering if it’s more competitive to transfer after a year at uni because of lower availability of seats?
    Currently I’ve applied and am waiting for my final transcript to be sent to UTSG and UTM before a decision comes in.

    Also, should I get to choose, would UTM really be a bad choice for med school as compared to UTSG? I’m in a pickle because I live in Mississauga so UTM is more convenient, and apparently provides a higher chance of getting a good GPA, but everyone says UTSG is the place to be for my program and to make connections, etc.

    Thank you for your help!


    hello hello!

    two transferees (is that a word?) in one week, wow. we in demand here.

    you’ve got two main questions that i can identify, so– because i have trouble! focusing! otherwise! — i’ll break my answer into two main parts.

    1. is it more competitive to transfer in now?

    ike i told the last person who asked, you’ll need a high b university average to be competitive as a transfer student. at u of t that translates to the 77-79% range. the school does indicate that some programs may require a slightly higher transfer average, but with a 3.7-3.8 you should be safe. or that’s my best guess, anyway. meanwhile, admissions straight out of high school requires an average in the mid- to low- 80s.

    so, looking at just the numbers, it does seem like it’s actually less competitive to transfer in after a year of uni elsewhere. keep in mind that they do consider your whole academic record, not just your uni grades, but i’m not sure how the two are weighted against each other. no grade threshold is provided for transferees’ high school record, unfortunately.

    2. UTM or UTSG?

    i mean, ultimately you still get a u of t degree regardless of which campus you choose. but i can outline what each campus will be able to offer you, and hopefully that’ll help you with your decision.

    UTSG is known to be a more competitive campus in general, likely because of two things: its size, and the fact that it seems to attract a greater proportion of high-achieving students. i’m not saying the other two campuses can’t have geniuses, it’s just a general pattern that people at the school believe exists. so as a lifesci kid here, you’ll be dealing with larger, more impersonal classes, and can expect to be graded alongside a good chunk of very smart, very driven people. if you’ve heard it’s not the place to be for a high gpa, this is likely why.

    the best thing about UTSG, though, is that it’s where the majority of opportunities are concentrated. it is true that if you’re looking to network or immerse yourself in extracurriculars, the downtown toronto campus has a lot more to offer you. in terms of what’s relevant to you, we’ve got a ton of hospitals in the downtown core, which means more opportunities for you to gain experience in the field of medicine as an undergrad. as far as i’ve heard, a good GPA alone can’t get you into med school– they’ll also look at what you were involved in outside the classroom, like leadership activities and volunteerism. in this respect, i couldn’t recommend UTSG more to you. UTSG also offers a wider range of program and course choices, if that’s something that matters to you.

    it is true that if you’re struggling academically as a result of commuting and UTSG’s higher demands, you may not have as much space in your life to dedicate to volunteering and extracurricular involvement. at UTM, i’m sure you can still find clubs and such to immerse yourself in. UTM’s also not as massive, and if your classes/labs are smaller it stands to reason that you’re more likely to get to know your profs. this can be immensely helpful in terms of getting reference letters and getting help on coursework.

    in other words, your proximity to UTM definitely isn’t the only thing going for the campus– it wouldn’t doom you for med school, as far as i know. the rumors are that there aren’t many successful med school applicants from UTM, but perhaps that’s a reflection of the smaller campus size? it’s definitely still possible to do med out of UTM.

    i’m not sure if all i did was make your decision more difficult. i really hope not. i would recommend that if you’re really stuck, you speak to someone in the admissions office and see if they’re willing to advise you. after all, i’m just a fellow student who’s never made it to med school.

    one last thing. how do you not get a gpa? what? whaT? with the utmost respect, that’s kind of whack. i’m really curious as to why.

    over n out,



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    DYING to transfer

    Hi there!

    I just completed my first year at another Ontario university and unfortunately, because I wasn’t in a program I was very passionate about, I only achieved a GPA of 73% during first semester, and as things worsened, my GPA was only 61% – so I now hold a low cumulative GPA of 68%. However, my high school transcript is much higher at about a 94% average for the whole year, and I have lots of volunteer and extracurricular experience under my belt.

    I am dying to transfer to UofT St. George for an arts and science/humanities program (something involving writing). I’m aware that the average to transfer must be a solid B. What percentage grade does this translate to? I know a B is considered to be a 75% for some schools, but an 85% for some schools. I’ll be taking more courses this summer to try and boost my GPA, but what percentage average would I need to even be considered? I’ve calculated and even if I take 10 more courses and achieve a 90% in all of them (which is not likely), I’ll still only be able to get my GPA up to 79.6%. Even if I’m able to achieve a 75%, I’m assuming this wouldn’t be enough to be competitive – would my high school grades help me at all? Is there any way you think I can make this happen?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me!


    hello and welcome,

    glad you managed to figure out where your interests lie and are brave enough to take this jump! as previous askas have stated, none of us really know how u of t’s transfer admissions work, but hopefully i’m able to help you out at least a little.

    at u of t, a solid b translates to a range of 73% to 76%. however, based on what i can find on the admissions site, it looks like you’d need a high B in uni to be competitive. i’m guessing that means a B+ (77-79%) to be safe. the website does suggest that high school grades will be considered, as it reads that admissions are ‘based on your overall academic record.’ there’s a chance, then, that your 94% average may be able to help you out here. the thing is, it’s not explicitly stated so if you’re really keen on your high school grades being used, i would shoot the admissions office a question here just to confirm whether or not it’s possible. you might also want to ask them whether they’re looking for your school’s equivalent of a high b or u of t’s.

    as for your volunteer and extracurricular experience, unfortunately i doubt that’s going to help you out. u of t is one of those schools that really only considers academics for admissions, as far as i know. what’s holistic admissions? we only see numbers here.

    other than that, i would also consider whether you have the prereqs for the program you’d like to transfer into. there are generally fewer requirements if you’re shooting for humanities, but either way you can check those using the program finder.

    if you do decide to take more courses to increase your gpa before transferring, keep in mind that after you have second year standing, it becomes significantly harder to transfer to u of t. i don’t know how similar your current field of study is to what you want, but the school will literally bar you from continuing your studies in that field  when you transfer. eg. if you were already in biochem somewhere else, once you hit third year standing you can’t decide you want to be a biochem major at u of t. there’s also a limit on how many transfer credits they’re willing to take. i’d recommend that you keep yourself aware of these possible complications if you don’t feel that your chances at transferring are at their best right now.

    either way, good luck with everything! if the process continues to be confusing, feel free to send in another question.

    over n out,


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    u ought ta transfer!

    I’m currently a first year student in a mathematics program at the University of Ottawa. I am very passionate about maths and am hoping to pursue a career in the field, possibly in research. I am finishing the first semester with a GPA of around 9.4 or 9.6/10.0 (as uOttawa is on a 10.0 scale), which is about a 3.7-3.8 on the 4.0 scale. I decided to stay in my hometown due to the costs associated with studying in a different city and I was offered a good scholarship at uOttawa, but after one semester, my drive as been rekindled and I was hoping to transfer to UofT for the Mathematics Specialist in September, even though I would have to stay for an additional semester to graduate. Do you know if it is likely that these transfers are accepted (the site only lists a B average as required)?. Is UofT very selective about their transfer applicants? Do they simply look at grades at university to determine transfer acceptance?




    as i’ve said time and time again, i have no effin’ clue how u of t reviews and selects their applicants!!!!! this website says that you need a solid “B” average to be competitive and that they factor in both university and your entire academic history, so i’d trust that information.

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    essentially, you would be applying to u of t generally at first. if you’re admitted, that’s when you’d apply to programs within the university specifically based on your transfer credits. take a look at the math calendar for the specific program that you’re interested in to see what their requirements are. then, you’d use this handy dandy transfer explorer to see what transfer credits you’re eligible for. those transfer credits are then confirmed after you’re accepted and you get a transfer credit assessment from the faculty. depending on what your transfer credit situation is like, you MIIIIGHT (emphasis on MIGHT!) be able to transfer directly into math without having to be a “first year” student (which means you aren’t in a program). this is totally just my (very educated) guess though, so it might not actually work out like that.

    i’m not totally sure what the process is like for transfer students and getting into programs (i’ve never been a transfer student) but i think that should be all you need to know. i’d also recommend contacting someone from the math department for any other questions you might have about their programs and transferring into them. their contact info can be found here.

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    best of luck!



    (PS- the title took me forever to come up with y’all better be grateful!!!!!)

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    workin’ on my fitness

    I am currently half way through my first year at UOIT studying Kinesiology. I had been accepted into UofT Kin and had it as my top choice, then I last minute changed my mind and accepted UOIT’s offer. I was wondering if it’s possible to apply to UofT for the coming September, and if that application would include my transcript from UOIT even though I would not be completing the full year if I get accepted? Or would my application only include my high school grades? I have well above the GPA recommended for transfer students, and I am aware that none of my credits will be transferred.

    I am just curious what I would need for the transfer or if I am okay with just applying right away.



    according to this link from KPE (the faculty of kinesiology and physical education), it seems as though they would be looking at both your high school marks and your post secondary transcript. it says that you need to have “high school grades in the A range” and “a university GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale” in order to be competitive.

    hope this helps!

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    (^me, working on my fitness, you’re my witness)




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    we got ourselves a transfer!

    Hi there! This September I will be entering my first year at York University (Biomed Student). However, UofT has always been my dream school and unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut for Life Sciences in Grade 12. I’ve been thinking of transferring to UofT SG in my 2nd year. I did my research online and it said I had to apply through OUAC 105D and pay a fee of $30. My problem is that I used Transferex and some of the courses I’m taking at York apply as half credit, no credit or aren’t courses at UofT SG at all. This concerns me because some people are telling me I might have to spend an extra year at university to complete these courses (a total of 5 years).

    Just wondering what I should do, thanks a bunch!!



    good job for doing your research! you have no idea how many vague and uninformed questions i get (hint: a lot).

    it’s possible that you will have to take more time to finish your degree if you transfer. though that is a bit of a bummer (especially if you were planning on finishing in four years), just remember that it’s totally fine (and normal!) to take more time! go at your own pace! if finishing in four years is super important to you, then that’s possible too. you may need to take summer courses and/or more than 5.0 credits one year (5 is the standard amount of credits that u of t students take, though it’s a lot!) to finish in four years. it’s doable, but may be a little difficult. but if it’s what you want, then i’d say go for it!

    have you looked at the programs available at u of t? i suggest that you take a look at the programs at u of t, find a few that interest you, and see what their entry requirements are. that way, you can see what if your york credits would transfer and fulfill the requirements of the program(s) you want to enter when you’re at u of t.

    i highly suggest that you go see some sorta academic adviser at york. they should be able to give you more information about transferring and help you with next steps. i can’t really point you in the right direction since i don’t know what resources are at york (this is askastudent u of t, not askastudent york!!!) but hopefully you figure it out.

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    hope this helps!



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    goodbye science hello arts

    Hey Aska,
    Im currently enrolled as a BSC specialist student, but want to change to a double major BA. I meet the transfer credit requirements for my double major BA and have the grades for it, so should the switch go smoothly? Thanks!



    i’m a little confused by your question– you gotta be more specific!!!!

    i assume that you’re a student in the faculty of arts and science and you’re trying to just switch from a science specialist to an arts double major? i’m just gonna answer the question as if that’s what you mean.

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    so, within the faculty of arts and science, you don’t need to “transfer” any credits over if you’re switching programs within the faculty. all you need to do is change your POSt. if, as you say, you’ve met the requirements for the arts double major that you want to switch into, then there shouldn’t be an issue with switching from a science program to arts programs. just don’t forget that if the program(s) you’re interested in is a type 2 or 3 program, you will need to apply by august 29th and if it’s a type 1 program, you have until september 19th to add the program on ACORN. check out this link for more info re: the dates and program types.

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    if you’re actually a transfer student from another school, campus, or faculty, then there’s a totally different process that i don’t really feel like detailing for you right now. check out our “transferring” tag for more information on that specific circumstance.

    good luck!



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    the long journey from western to u of t

    Hi, I am currently a Western student that wants to transfer to U of T sg campus. I am a music student at Western but i am wanting to join arts and science sociology at u of t since I have decided to go to a different career path. The main reason for me to consider transferring is for prestige reasons since u of t’s reputation is very high globally. I have read most of u of t’s transfer section but still have some questions about the system. First of all how difficult, competitive is it to join arts and science dept at u of t as a transfer student? On the website it says that i need at least a ‘B’ average but I want to know if this is 100% true. Also since I decided to join the music dept, I do not think I have finished the six grade twelve courses at my high school (in BC). Is it still possible for me to even apply for transfer to u of t? If I am eligible for transfer, would you guys recommend for me to take some socio courses at Western before considering transfer? or would it be possible for me to just have the music course credits to transfer over and start fresh in socio at u of t if i do get in.



    first of all, let me apologize for this very very late response. this school year has been (for lack of a better term) kicking my ass so far. but i’m back now!

    i can’t really comment on how “competitive” admissions are (as i’ve stated time and time again, read my blog before you ask questions!) as that depends on every year’s roster of applications. if the website says a B average is usually what is required, i would trust that information.

    you should have finished six grade twelve courses, as that’s the minimum requirement for all ontario universities. and since you were at western, i’d assume that you had those credits.

    if you want to come to u of t as a transfer student, you’d want to check what transfer credits you’re eligible for. use the transfer explorer and input the courses that you’ve taken at western. it will generate a list of the equivalent u of t courses. according to the department of sociology’s website, you’ll need to have achieved a 65% (for the major program, which means you’d be taking 7 FCE (full credit equivalents) to complete) or an 80% (for the specialist program, which means you’d be taking 12 FCE) average in SOC101Y and at least 3 FCE (full credit equivalents) in other disciplines. they also have some other requirements that you can check out in more detail on their website.

    you may not have the courses or transfer credits needed in order to directly enroll in sociology right after your transfer. what you can do is to transfer to u of t, use your first year at u of t to take the required courses and pull up your GPA. then, in the summer between your first year at u of t and your second, apply for sociology. i know it might be frustrating to be unable to enter the program of your choice directly after transferring, but unfortunately, that may be your only option.

    again, i am so sorry for this extremely late response, i hope it was still helpful!

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    adventure from utm to utsg

    I’m currently a first year student at UTM and I was wondering if it’s possible for me to transfer to UTSG. I haven’t been able to find much information about this online. How competitive is it? If one of the required courses for the program I want to enroll in at UTSG isn’t offered at UTM what do I do? Can I do that course after I transfer?




    it is possible to transfer to UTSG. here is a link to the transfer page with all the information needed. just scroll down to where it says “transferring from another u of t faculty or campus”.

    unfortunately, i have no idea how “competitive” it is as it is dependent on each year’s roster of applicants. try getting in contact with enrolment services, who would have the most up-to-date and accurate information about other applicants and enrolment.

    if one of the required courses for the POSt that you want to enrol in at UTSG isn’t offered at UTM, you could check out the transfer explorer. some of the course codes may be different between campuses, so you may actually have the required courses. basically, type in the course code at UTM and it will show you what the equivalent course is at UTSG, if there is one. if there isn’t one, it will show you what you can get for it instead (for example, a breadth credit).

    if that doesn’t really work out and you still need to take the required course, you can definitely take it after you transfer.

    i hope this is helpful! good luck on your transferring adventure.

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  • psychology,  Transferring

    join us

    Hey. I’m currently in my third year in Medical Sciences at Dal. Second year was really hard on me and I even got to a point that I deferred my MCATs for next summer and didn’t do them this summer… I feel stuck here, I feel like this is not the place for me. I’ve been thinking about transferring to U of T and doing a degree in psychology. I have a bunch of courses that are eligible for transfer (or so the u or t website says). Is there a chance that I would be able to transfer there and not have to start from first year



    just to make sure that you have the appropriate courses for your intended subject POSt (program of study, what we at u of t call our programs. it’s usually comprised of either a specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors), make sure you’ve used the transfer explorer. though it sounds like you’ve already checked out the status of your transfer credits, it’s always a good idea to check what the equivalent courses at u of t are.

    after you’ve checked out the transfer explorer, see which of the required psychology courses you’ve already fulfilled at dal. according to the psych department’s website, you need to have PSY100 regardless of whether you want to do a major, minor, or specialist. i’d make sure that you have that credit from dal as it will allow you to enroll in the program once you get here.

    next, you want to check out how many credits u of t will accept. if you have more than 5.0 FCEs (full credit equivalents), then you’re considered a second year student. if you have 10.0FCE, you’re considered a third year student. however, it may take more than four years in order to complete your degree in psych if you don’t have many psychology transfer credits.

    i also suggest talking to one of the academic advisers that the psychology department has. check out this link for their contact info.

    i hope this helps! i can’t really do much or give you a ton of personalized information since i don’t know how many general credits you have and how many PSY credits you have, but i hope this at least provided some guidance.

    good luck!

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    another coy transfer answer

    If I get good grades in my second year though I have a really low first year GPA, would I be able to transfer to u of t? I’m a student at another uni. Or do I need high GPA’s for both my first and second year?



    i can’t really say for sure whether or not you’ll be able to transfer (aska makes no absolute guarantees, only educated guesses and estimations). logically, though, it would make sense that you’d have a better chance of getting in if you had a high CGPA (cumulative GPA).

    before you apply to transfer, you should also hit up the transfer explorer to see how many credits you can transfer over to u of t and what the equivalent courses are here.

    hope this helps! good luck.

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  • internal transfer,  Transferring,  UTM

    don’t let your dreams be dreams!!

    Can I transfer from UTM to UTSG in my fourth year to the same department? So my specialist is Biology, can I do the same in downtown? Thanks!



    unfortunately, i’m not 100% sure whether or not utsg would accept you as a fourth year student. i would get in contact with enrolment services and see what they say. they may deflate your dreams, but you never know!

    if you were to transfer and get in, you might not be able to be in the same subject POSt or combination of subject POSts. because the program requirements at utsg are slightly different than those at utm, you might not fulfill the requirements for the equivalent program that you were in. the selection of programs is also slightly different from campus to campus, so your specific program (or program combination) might not even exist at utsg! check out the program calendar to see what the requirements are for the program that you’re interested in. i just said program a lot.

    enrolment services can help you figure out what kind of program you could get into if you transferred over from utm, but i would also consider talking to the registrar at utm. they’d have tons of info too.

    don’t let your dreams be dreams, dude!

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