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    top secret internal transfer gpa’s

    Dear ask a student,

    I am in second year at UTSC and I am looking to transfer downtown for urban
    studies. In first year I took computer science and finish the year with a
    low GPA. Now in city studies after the first semester my sessional GPA was
    2.93 but my cumulative GPA is still below 2.5. Will they look over my first
    year since I am now doing better in City Studies and is there a chance I
    can still get in with just my recent GPA improvement?




    soooooo when UTSG is looking at internal transfer students, (students who are transferring from one U of T campus to another U of T campus) they will consider your CGPA and your most recent annual GPA. however, they will also have access to your whole transcript if they notice some inconsistencies in your GPA.

    in terms of GPA cut-off, i would check with the urban studies department directly to make sure you’re within the range. for some reason admission GPA’s for internal transfers are kind of top secret. they used to post them online, but i haven’t been able to find it ever since they revamped the future.utoronto.ca website. right now, the admission GPA’s are mostly circulated by word of mouth, but for entry into a specific program like urban studies, it would be in your best interest to just ask them!

    hope this helped!

    wishing you all the best in your transfer! hope we’ll be seeing you downtown!

    peace and love,


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    i’m minoring in CINicism


    I’m about to begin my second year at UTSG, hoping to major in English and minor in Cin and History. I didn’t take CIN105 during my first year, but I will be taking it this upcoming school year, along with a 0.5 FCE 2nd level course towards the program. I was hoping that the 2nd year foundations course would be available during the summer and I did my research to find out that unfortunately it wasn’t available this previous summer, which most probably means that it wont be available during the 2017 summer term. Right? I’ve tried emailing the Cinema Studies Inst. about this but no one has gotten back to me yet. They probably won’t get back to me at all.

    Anyway, so on to the actual questions.

    So, on the Cinema Studies Undergrad and Program Admissions page, under ‘Minor Program’ it says:

    “Entry requirements: A final mark of no less than 70% in CIN105Y1 or CIN201Y1 and three additional FCEs.

    4.0 FCEs, at least 3.0 FCEs of which must have a CIN designator

    CIN105Y1 – Introduction to Film Study

    CIN201Y1 – Film Cultures I

    Two additional full-course equivalents from Groups A through G (see below for list of courses). of which 1.0 FCE must be at the 300+level.

    Students must complete CIN105Y1, CIN201Y1 and CIN301Y1 before taking any fourth-year courses.”

    I’m pretty sure it’s just me haha, maybe because I ain’t the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to reading about and understanding any of U of T’s program stuff, but does this mean that since CIN105 and CIN201 are required, that I will only be left with taking 2.0 FCEs to get the minor degree? Also what about CIN301? Doesn’t that mean that the 1.0 FCE in the 300-level is fulfilled as well if CIN301 is taken? So does that mean in reality, I only have to take an additional 1.0 FCE to complete the degree requirement? Please do tell me if I’m wrong, if I’m completely delusional, and that trying to fix the mess that is my u of t life ain’t as easy as that.

    Also, is it possible to take CIN301 and a fourth year course at the same time even if it says all those foundation courses have to be completed before taking one? Do I even have to take a fourth year course?

    Thank you! Hoping to hear from you soon!



    wow, this was a lot to take in. okay, let me try to break this down.

    in regards to your first question: course offerings are pretty random; it really varies with every year. a good rule of thumb is to not expect a course to be offered until it’s actually announced. in the past, there have been courses that i have planned to take, only to discover that they weren’t offered when i wanted to take them. i would try emailing the cinema studies department again if you’re really worried.

    now for the meat of your question… don’t worry if you’re confused about the cinema studies minor description- it’s not worded in the best way!

    my face when looking at it:


    behold: a step by step guide to a cinema studies minor!

    basically, you have 4.0 FCE’s to fulfil. with me so far? great.

    you need to take CIN105 and CIN201. these are both Y courses which means they will fulfil 2.0 of your 4.0 FCE’s. cool.

    for the remainder 2.0 FCE’s, you need 1.0 FCE that are courses that start with CIN. the reason why this requirement exists is because in group G courses, there are courses that have the indicator EAS, HIS, GER, SLA, FIN, etc. which you can also take.

    1.0 FCE out of the remainder 2.0 have to be at the 300 or 400 level. still with me?

    however, if you want to take a class at the 400 level, you have to first take CIN301. (keep in mind you don’t have to take a 400 level class)

    that’s pretty much all you need to know! i really hope this answered all of your questions!



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    why can’t we just all be together??? :(

    hi aska! is there a cutoff score for people applying to innis?


    hey there,

    the thing about cutoff marks is that schools don’t put them in place just for kicks. they exist because they just don’t have the space to take everybody, and schools need to use something to make a decision about who to admit. most places (like innis) use marks because, well, that’s just simpler, isn’t it?

    what i’m saying is that because the cutoff exists to distinguish students, it is also dependent on the students. if the average mark of applicants one year is higher, then the cutoff will be higher. same thing if it’s lower. there’s no fixed number; it’s fluid, like a pool noodle soaked in water, or my marks depending on how much coffee i’ve had that week.

    one trend that’s been pretty consistent over the years is that the cutoff is at least 1%-2% higher than the cutoff for entry into the Faculty of Arts & Science, which is usually somewhere in the low-mid 80s. but i can’t give you an exact number, ’cause students aren’t the same every year. hate to say it, but some of y’all are dumber than some of the rest of y’all. don’t worry though, i still love you all the same.



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    i’m coming home, coming home, tell the world i’m coming home


    I am a member of innis college and i stay at the chestnut residence this year. i want to stay in a residence other than chestnut or innis, but i am offered space only in those 2 residences. what should i do?

    Thanks in advance!


    hey there,

    dude, i don’t know why you wouldn’t want to live at innis. that residence is HELLA NICE. and i haven’t been to chestnut, but i hear it’s great. anyway, i’m sure you have your reasons. that’s cool. this is a judgement-free zone.

    unfortunately, if you’ve only been offered space at innis and chestnut and you don’t want to live there, you’re kind of limited in options. what you can do is go onto your MyRes and rank residences in the order you’d prefer. then you might get onto a waiting list for one of them. however, the spots for upper years are pretty limited and the notification you get about whether there’s a space for you will probably be last-minute, since waiting lists are so uncertain. so don’t bank on getting a spot.

    just in case you don’t get into another residence, i’d recommend you also start exploring other housing possibilities. you can search off-campus rentals close to St. George through housing services, do your own search, or apply to become the official school ghost for one of the colleges (you’ll probably have a better chance at that last one if you are already a ghost).

    if all else fails, they have free cardboard boxes at no frills.

    happy house hunting,


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    getting into innis at the last possible minute


    I’m an arts and sci student. I will graduate this june. I am not an innis student. Is it possible to transfer to innis college now? I am willing to postpone graduation for this.




    If you plan to graduate this June, then no, this little transfer is not doable. Or well, it’ll be very hard. I spoke to the head honcho over at Innis College and he says that if you’re reaaaaaaally eager to join the Innii (what is the plural of Innis…), to come over and maybe have a chat with him and he’ll see what can be done.

    However, the problem is that, well, the grad booklet thingies are being printed already annnd you won’t really be in them. Sounds silly, right?

    But if you plan to postpone graduation for the sake of getting into Innis, you’re kind of crazy! In this case, fine, yes, it’s possible, but consider whether or not that that’s reaaaaally a good idea. A PRACTICAL idea.

    If you firmly believe that it is, then you’ll have to write the college a lovely little letter explaining why Innis is your one true love and why you deserve to be taken in by the Innis Folk.



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    nobody seems to want chestnut…


    I am looking to apply to res at Innis but I fear getting sent to Chestnut as I simply could not afford it. I should have an average >92% in my final year of high school and am applying to the physics program, which is only a low 80’s to get in. Would this average be enough to get a spot at Innis and not be sent down to Chestnut? How many student do end up being sent down to Chestnut and what averages have previous years had to get their choice of residence at Innis?



    Hey hey!

    Okay so as I’m sure you already know, the grades needed to get into the residence are technically the same as the ones needed to get into your given program. For you, yes, that would be low 80s. However, given the smaller size of Innis residence, getting in will be super competitive.

    I can’t tell you anything for sure, but I’d say a 92% average would more than likely be enough to get a spot in the residence. As for the number of students that get sent over to Chestnut, well that varies by year and by number of applicants.

    Good luck getting in!


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    frosh = friends?


    I will be unable to attend Frosh Week because I’ll be arriving campus 3 days after it starts, but I am kind a worried because almost all the sources that I have read indicates that this is an important “mile-stone” that first-years need to take, and that it was a good way to meet friends, socialize, get used to the campus etc… I’m also dorming, so I have this little irrelevant fear that I won’t get along with my roomates (in Innis) because they’ll know each other better before I arrive, and I’ll sort of be the “outcast”.

    I was just wondering, am I really missing much? I’m sure there will be other opportunities to find friends, socialize, and attend orientation that may help me as a first year? I just don’t want to be left out, or feeling like I’m missing something that so many people are hyping over.



    Hey Catherine!

    Don’t worry! Frosh week is pretty fun, sure, but it is by no means the dealbreaker when it comes to social life at U of T.

    To make you feel better, here’s what I didn’t like about frosh week: they pretend to feed you, but actually all you get is two burgers a day, you really don’t sleep ever at all, you can’t officially drink, but everyone seems to be acting funny, and you’re totally wiped out when classes start. Still feel like you missed out? Well, maybe so, but there’s still no reason to worry.

    Living in res also gives you a leg up on meeting people, especially people involved in Innis student life– which you’ve probably realized by now! Several of my roommates at Innis didn’t do Frosh, so I made sure to bring them along to meet others, and, for better or for worse, we ended up being one of the busiest suites on the block! I’m sure your roomies will be just as down to hang. House events and residence programming simulate the same sort of get-to-know-yous that frosh does, anyhow, so you’ve got a second chance there.

    Honestly, Catherine, I made my best first-year friends in my classes- for one thing, you already know you have similar interests as those people, as opposed to a fairly arbitrary commonality such as your year and your college. And second of all, it’s simply more natural to chat after class about your cute prof than it is to get a stranger to guess the celebrity name taped to their forehead at 9am on a Saturday (true story, it was Rachel McAdams for me, and I didn’t even know who that was!). Getting involved in campus activities, getting a part-time job, and just being friendly and outgoing go pretty darn far.

    One last bit, and this is mostly for future froshies- if you missed Innis frosh, I hope you opted-out of the $100 fee in time! A few years ago, the Innis College Student Society, who run Frosh, included a somewhat greedy referendum in the yearly elections, which changed Frosh fees from opt-in (you pay when you sign up) to opt-out (you’re automatically charged on ROSI, and have to contact them a month before frosh to get your money back if you aren’t going). If you ask me, the kind of student who doesn’t go to Frosh is often the kind who wouldn’t know to vote in student elections, so thats why the motion passed overwhelmingly– and now a lot of first-years are paying for something they don?t even get! Bummer spice!

    Welcome to U of T!


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    i want to party, party

    Im in grade 12 and I didn’t know too much about the residences when I filled out the applications and Im unsure about going to Innis residence… Since its apartment styled, if i went to the res in first year, would I still be able to meet new people and network???
    Thanks so much for your time,


    You bet your boothay Vera,

    Innis is a cool way to meet peeps. The residence style allows you to meet new people while still having your own private getaway when you need to study … or.. do …uhhh …other?… uhhh private things … cough.

    The Innis “pods” are set up of 5 or 6 rooms with a common kitchen and chill out area. Sharing a common area allows for you to quickly meet people. Innis also puts a lot of effort into puttng on events through the residence. So if you want to make buddies with the rest of your college, there will be events galore for you to attend; think movie nights, pub crawls and club nights.

    Go forth and be social.

    forever and always babe,


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    Innis … baby … please take me in

    Hi, I was wondering whether or not you might know about the acceptance requirements for engineers. I have a 93 average in my final year so far, is that enough to receive an offer of acceptance from Innis?? Thanks 🙂


    Hey Hey!!!

    Look at all the Innis love going around here. They generally say, as a rule, to expect a few percentages higher than the admissions to get into Innis.

    I do know, however, that Innis does set aside a good chunk of spaces for engineering students.

    Good luck homeslice.

    fatiguely yours,


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    i … just … need … to … know

    Hey Aska,
    I was accepted just last week for mechanical engineering at U of T!
    I chose Innis as my first choice of residency, but haven’t gotten any feedback so far.
    I was hoping you could tell me when to expect an offer from any residency, my top 6 marks averaged out to be around 96%.
    But from things I’ve heard, even that may not be enough to get into Innis 🙁
    I’d really appreciate the feedback and your personal opinion!


    Hey Dan!!

    Absolutely nothing will happen until you have accepted your admissions offer.

    A 96% is a pretty awesome average. Even for engineering that is pretty good. They generally say a few percentages higher than what your admissions requirements were. It’s not based on the highest in general, but in relation to what program you are admitted to.
    My guess would be within the next month you should get your residence offer. Rounds of admissions are still going out, but as time goes on, the rounds are late offers and those people most likely don’t have the grades for residence.

    Innis puts a large chunk of spots aside for engineering students.

    I wouldn’t panicked just yet.

    forever yours – truly and forever,


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    Tis The Season To Be In Innis

    hello 🙂
    my name is abena and i want to know what the admission requirements for innis college is
    thank you 🙂


    Hey Abena,

    Innis College’s admissions are usually a couple percentages over the program requirements. So it depends on the program you are applying to. Just keep in mind that Innis College (along with Trin and Vic) require that they are chosen as number one in order to be considered.

    beers and cheers,


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    i’mmmmm moving out!

    As the procrastinator I am, only researched about UofT’s residence buildings this week.
    (I’m already accepted to Innis, but I’m having major doubts now).
    I hear Innis is a really quiet, studious, and self-contained residency, and that is
    definitely not what I’m looking for. I picked it because I assumed that the majority of
    my peers would be taking courses at Innis College, ie Cinema and Rhetoric, thus having
    similar interests.

    Basically, could I have a breakdown of what type of people are at and what the atmosphere
    is of New College, Vic, and Woodsworth, along with Innis, incase what I’ve heard is
    false? I’d like to be in a social atmosphere with other kids who are in the Arts, and
    it’s probably too late to do a switcheroo since the 28th is in a week, but it’s worth a

    Also, if I change residency from Innis, does that mean I can no longer take courses at
    Innis College?

    Merci beaucoup!


    Hi there! I am here to crush your possible dreams.

    I called the Innis Residence coordinator to discuss switching residences. As a student of Innis College, you have to stay at Innis Residence. You can however, take whatever courses you please. The program you’re in and the college (and residence) you’re affiliated with have nothing to do with it. Colleges are for administrative purposes only. More of a way of organizing you, than restricting you from courses of study.

    The only time colleges however matter is when it comes to residences. If you were to pull out of Innis now, you would have to eat the $600 deposit charge. The only other residence that would be available to you is 89 Chestnut.

    Plus I can totally vouch for Innis Residence! As a former Cinema Studies student, I went into Innis Res not knowing what to expect and found a highly social atmosphere. Residences are a crapshoot when it comes to who your roommates are and who you’ll meet, but Innis is a big and artsy residence. I think you’ll find some like-minded souls.

    Also keep in mind that: Most of your best friends in university won’t come from residence (despite what you might think the first few weeks of school), anyway. They’ll come from meeting people in the same classes as you, and from getting involved (U of T has about a bazillion clubs and societies). Innis Residence has its good and great points, too – you won’t have to share a sketchy shower down the hall, survive on a gross meal plan or have to sleep in the same room as your roommate.

    To get more acclimatized, the residence offers tours and meet and greets during the day. Contact them here.

    xoxo, Askastudent

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    seeing students through ROSI-tinted spectacles

    Hi Askastudent,

    When I go to the Innis registrar office, and they asked for my student number. I know that they can just type it in, but are my marks and GPA displayed on their monitor right there.

    I am just always so curious about it. My marks are not that great this semester, and I just wanted to know if they actually judge you on it. My GPA isn’t as high as I’d like this semester, and I get embarrassed thinking that they know my marks whenever I need to go do my OSAP or any registrar related matters.

    Thank you.


    The fact that the registrar has access to your records shouldn’t come across as a surprise to you the registrar is supposed to be your first stop for any academic problems you’re encountering. If they didn’t have access to your marks, how would they ever be able to help you?

    I’m sure the people at the registrar office won’t judge you for your marks. They are nice people. On top of that, they were students themselves at one point too. I’m sure every one of them has had a semester or two during which their marks dropped a bit. They’re only human, right?

    Don’t worry about your marks. Everyone feels burnt out once in a while! In any case, I’m sure you’re not the only person with low marks this semester.

    In any case, what’s the worst that can happen to you? A little wounded pride? I don’t think you should concern yourself with whether or not they judge you based on your marks. Instead, take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. Keep an open mind; perhaps they’ll give you some advice from which you’ll benefit from in the long run. You’re paying the University for their registrarial services, so you might as well take advantage of it.

    Anyway, you can’t be as embarrassed as these guys.