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    here’s some unsolicited advice for you instead of an actual answer to your question

    Hello. I wanted to know about pros and cons of CS program in UTSC. I’m deciding b/w CS program in UTSC and Engineering I in McMaster. I want to know about professors, and some other pros and cons. Also I want to know if someone who’s getting 94-97 in math gr12 courses can get into actual CS program after 1st year. I haven’t taken any cs course. I used to compare myself with other students with high grades so I put in a lot of effort to become first or achieve higher and higher grades.


    hey there,

    as someone who’s not really super familiar with compsci or utsc, i’m not sure that i’m a good person to be advising you on this. i’ve never met any of the compsci profs at utsc, and have heard next to nothing about the compsci program there. i hate recommending reddit as a resource because it can often be super unreliable, but for something like this, it’s probably your best bet. it’s likely that there, you’ll be able to find someone in the UTSC compsci program who will be able to shed a little light on what it’s like for you. apart from pointing you in that direction, i feel kind of (read: absolutely) useless when it comes to your question.

    as well, i can’t really tell you what your grade 12 math marks mean in terms of your likelihood of getting into the CS POSt, since grading can vary super widely between high schools.

    here’s a word of advice i do want to leave you with, though: from what i’ve seen, heard, and experienced as a u of t student, i worry that your mindset of comparing yourself to other students is going to hurt you at university. regardless of what institution you end up choosing (and maybe you’ve made your choice already, by the time you see this), you’re only going to burn yourself out and discourage yourself by comparing yourself with the other people in your class.

    don’t get me wrong– it’s certainly possible for you to achieve quite a lot and succeed in your coursework, but it’s more sustainable for you to measure that achievement in other things– like how familiar you are with your course material, or how well your learning can propel you towards your goals.

    i would just hate for you to be one of those bright-eyed, ambitious students used to doing super well in high school, only to have their self-esteem crushed by first year or develop GPA-related anxiety. i’ve seen it happen way too many times. however, you did say “used to,” so maybe that means you’ve put that mindset in the past?

    anyway. if you’d like to talk your decision through with someone at the university, you could reach out to your registrar! wishing you the most wisdom and the best of luck as you make your decision and tackle first year wherever you decide to go!

    be Boundless,


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    ThEy WiLL nOt Be AcCePtEd As EquiVALeNts

    Hello there,I was wondering if I could transfer from UTSC CS to UTM. However, the POSt requirements for CS at UTM it says “Note that only CSC148H5, taken at the UTM campus, will be accepted. Please do not take CSC148H1(UTSG) or CSCA48H3(UTSC); they will not be accepted as equivalent for the purposes of program enrolment. “According to that, Can I still transfer?TNX


    hey there,

    it sounds like you’d be able to transfer to the UTM campus, but possibly not directly into UTM’s compsci program. if you’re determined to be a UTM kiddo, you could probably try doing your internal transfer first, taking CSC148H5, and then applying to the compsci POSt at UTM. that’s what the situation seems like to me, anyway.

    to be 100% sure, i’d check this over with your registrar, or with someone at the UTM compsci department. maybe both. i’m sure they’ve seen this situation before. good luck!

    be Boundless,



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    i’m the goat

    Hi there! Sorry for bothering you but I am really struggling between UTSC and UTM right now. Little bit of background info: I was accepted to the Co-op Management program at UTSC and the Management program at UTM (did not apply to UTSG). I am also an international student who has received a 65% scholarship for my studies in UToronto, and an additional 19000CAD scholarship from UTM.

    Pros for UTSC:
    -Can do Co-op which I believe is really good for a student’s future career
    -Better sports facilities (especially for my sport) which are really ideal for me

    Cons for UTSC:
    -Don’t really like the campus, looks pretty sketchy and people don’t seem to like it on Reddit
    -More expensive as I will be losing my 19000cad from UTM and Co-op costs more I believe
    -The campus just really doesn’t look as nice as UTM but I am not sure because I have really only looked at pictures online
    -No free shuttle bus to downtown:(

    Pros for UTM:
    -nicer campus, more green area which I will feel more comfortable being around
    -Lower tuition fee (which is kind of a big deal for me)
    -Free shuttle bus!!
    -The community just look nicer and suit me better, idk…

    Cons for UTM:
    -no co-op which I’m not sure if its really that big of a deal (Coz I really need job experience but can I even get any at UTM…)
    -might have to travel to downtown/UTSC 3-4 times a week to practice
    -isolated area? So hard to find jobs/internships around campus? I am really not sure because I am just so lost:(

    I guess UTSC can prepare me for a better career which is truly ideal, but UTM is what I prefer for my 4 years of college life. Would be great if I can get the same amount of work experience at UTSC by attending UTM (is there a way to secure that the school can help me find jobs if I don’t do co-op or am I really going to be on my own:( )

    I might even do UTM Commerce in my second year if I study at UTM, but I will probably stick with Co-op management if I study at UTSC. Which one do you think I should choose? Is Co-op really that big of a deal? Is it worth sacrificing part of my college experience/preference for it?

    Sorry that I am all over the place, there’s just too much going on in my head and I’m just so worried that I’m going to regret it. Thank you so much for your precious time and help!


    hey there,

    congrats on making it into both programs, and with scholarships, too!

    quick psa: it would be v cool if people stop sending questions to every single ask box i advertise! this seems to be an international student thing, so you’re not alone in it, but rest assured that i will see your question even if you only send it once. 

    but you never need to apologize for bothering me, this is what i do. let’s get to it. for anyone who hasn’t been following this epic saga, this post is a part two, it seems, to this one. thank you for taking my suggestion to shorten your question! that’s cool. we love readability.

    so you did the epic pros and cons list, i can see. a few notes on that list:

    • don’t believe everything you see on u of t’s reddit! from my experience, it’s where the angry people go to congregate.
    • finances are definitely something to consider! you’ve been offered a huge scholarship to UTM, and imo that’s hard to turn down.
    • it can often be quite difficult to make a judgement about a campus based solely on pictures. here is a webpage offering virtual tours of utsc, and here are some virtual tours of utm residence buildings. you can also try looking video tours up on youtube, which is something i did when i was making my admissions decision!
    •  utsc has a lot of green space too! 
    • it’s hard to tell what a school’s community is like until you’re there. i’m curious as to why you think the utm community will suit you better. rest assured you will be able to make friends, find mentors, and study under great profs regardless of whether you choose utm or utsc!

    it’s still really hard for me to give you a definitive answer re: which school you should choose, because even if i know what factors you’re considering, i don’t know the weight of each one. for example: if you give up the utm scholarship, will you be taking on that same amount in student loans? or do you have sufficient parental support to not need those loans in the first place? i feel like depending on your situation, the importance of certain things you’re considering can change.

    keep in mind that you will (presumably) be spending four entire years of your life as a student at whatever campus you choose. so if you feel like you’d be happier at UTM, that’s not insignificant. four years is a solid chunk of your life. university isn’t just a stepping stone to a future career– it’s an experience, and one that has so far been really precious to me.

    that being said, i’m not sure that there’s a way to ensure that u of t helps you get a job without a guaranteed co-op. that isn’t to say there aren’t any student supports to help you find jobs at utm– utm has a fantastic career centre, and like i told you in the last post, the utm management program has programming that will help you get work placements and hands-on experience. ie. MGT480H5 and the certificate in effective business practices and leadership skills. if you end up choosing utm commerce, you’ll have access to the Personal Experience Year (PEY), which is a 12 to 16 month internship also done by students at utsg.

    basically, i wouldn’t say you’ll ever be fully on your own. there’s programming at both schools to help ensure that you get hands-on work experience while pursuing your degree. at the very least, your registrar’s office (both at utm and utsc) will be able to provide you with guidance and refer you to career resources.

    ultimately, you’re gonna need to take ownership for your decision. there’s no easy formula to success in life. co-ops are important, yes, but you can do great even without one. students at st. george don’t have access to the co-op program that utsc runs, but they tend to be fine. i have full faith in you to make the best decision for yourself. you got this.

    i actually think it’s pretty clear which school you want to go to, so…

    be Boundless,


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    is it gonna be (rev)ok(ed)

    Hi! I was accepted to UTSC’s Psychological and Health Sciences program (so excited!). I was told I need to maintain at least a 75% average and at least a 70% in my prerequisite subjects. If my final average is a couple of marks under 75%, but I maintain above a 70% in my prerequisite subjects, will my offer of admission be revoked? This totally wasn’t the best year for me sigh 🙁

    Thanks 🙂



    congrats on your acceptance!

    for specific cases like this, i would encourage you to give the utsc office of admissions a call. as they’ll have access to your actual academic record, they’ll be able to better advise you on your circumstances. this is too consequential of a guesstimate for me to comfortably make, as someone who’s not particularly involved in the actual process of admissions.

    apparently if you’re really worried about it, you can take summer school and try to boost your marks to avoid getting your offer revoked. at least, that’s what this 3-year-old reddit thread suggests. i try not to use reddit too much as a source, because it can be wildly inaccurate, but the comment i’m referencing was apparently made by a utsc admissions staff member. i’d give the thread a look and check its info over with the office of admissions.

    good luck and be Boundless,


  • UTSC

    too many horror stories or whatever

    I want to come to utsc for math, and I’m really scared I won’t be able to make it through, I currently have an average of 92.5 in high school (senior year). Are there any tips for me


    hello prospective fellow student!

    feels like this question tends to hover over the heads of everyone considering u of t. it sure hovered over mine, before i decided to just take the plunge and deal with whatever consequences might come. and so far… the school hasn’t been nearly as bad as i expected. i figure you’ve probably heard/read a lot of horror stories, just like i did before i got here.

    i don’t know anything firsthand about utsc or math, to be honest. all i know is what my experience at utsg has been like– and it hasn’t been as terrible as i heard it would. i actually really like it here. with that said, i really want to stress that everyone’s experience at the university is different. i have the advantage (and it does matter) of loving my programs a lot, having a solid support network, and living on res. it also helped me to drop down to 4 courses my first semester, which– if you’re able to do it– is something i’d recommend. it helps with adjustment, yknow?

    previous askas have written some pretty solid posts on this i can link you to, on getting work done, buttering up your profs,  and using the resources at your disposal.  these are probably the three biggest recommendations i’d make to you: develop a strong work ethic, engage with your instructors/classes, and know what’s there at the university to help you make it through. as i said, i’m not too familiar with utsc but there are definitely supports there in place. just know that it’s not impossible to do well at u of t, no matter what reddit declares.

    bottom line– scared you won’t make it through? chances are you’ll probably be all right, especially with that entering average. but i make no concrete promises or predictions. like a previous aska has put it, the experience will be what you make of it.

    i’m planning to put up a comprehensive askastudent guide to surviving this uni, hopefully sometime soon (lord knows we need one). will link it in the comments below once it’s up.




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    the strange world of exclusions


    I took off the winter semester due to personal reasons however now I’m interested in coming back in the fall so I’m also trying to catch up on classes that I missed out on during the winter semester. I’m interested in taking an EEB major or specialist (not sure yet) but that means that I need bio130 which isn’t offered in the fall(only the winter). I know UTM and UTSC both offer the same course under different course codes (BIO152 and BIOA01H3) in the fall and I’ve decided to go to UTSC for that course since it makes more sense distance wise and also scheduling, but bio130 and bio120 both come up as ordered exclusions for BIOA01H3 and I don’t know what that means or if I can even take that course now, since it’s not under exclusions either.

    Also if I’m taking a course at UTSC do I need to notify my registrar/program coordinator because I’ll want the BIOA01H3 to count as bio130 for a requirement for the program I want or can I just take it and it’ll just transfer automatically.

    I know this is a lot all at once, sorry!! I’m just super confused and any help would be greatly appreciated!




    welcome back!

    as you said, BIO120 and 130 are exclusions for BIOA01H3. basically, if a course is listed as an exclusion, you can’t take the course if you’re taking (or have taken) the excluded course(s). you can check out the faculty calendar for more information on exclusions.

    hypothetically, BIOA01H3 is equivalent to BIO130. however, i don’t know whether or not the EEB department will accept BIOA01H3 as a part of their program requirements. i would definitely get in contact with them directly to see if they would accept BIOA01H3.

    since you’ve also taken some time off, i suggest making an appointment with an academic adviser at your college registrar’s office. i personally find it really helpful to talk to someone about my academic plans and to have a capital-A Adult tell me that i’m on the right track. they’ll also be able to give you more detailed information on taking courses at another campus, if that’s the route you decide to go down.

    hope this helps! sorry that i couldn’t really give you a concrete answer either, but equivalent courses at other campuses and figuring them out always throws me for a loop. and i don’t wanna lead you astray or give you bad advice.

    episode 18 ghost GIF

    good luck!



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    an interesting conundrum

    Hey there,

    I’m a third year psych specialist at St. George. I recently received an acceptance for internal transfer at Scarborough. I took PSY201 in the summer of my first year and remember nothing of it. Scarborough has PSYB07 as a requirement, which that excludes PSY201 (which I took), so I will have to take the next PSYC08 or PSYC09. I am not confident at all in taking these courses since I remember nothing from my first stats course. How much do I have to remember to take them? Will I be lost? Is there anyway they will let me take PSYB07 and start over?

    Please help!!



    wow an interesting conundrum; actually WANTING to take a prereq even though you’ve been excused. most people wanna skip any prereq that they can. hat’s off to you, m’dude.

    unfortunately for internal transfers, or people transferring to u of t from another university, you can’t forfeit your transfer credits, unlike IB/AP credits. so, it looks as though you will have to take PSYC08/09 without taking PSYB07.

    however, it may be a good idea to get in contact with the department of psychology at utsc to see IF (and i strongly emphasize IF!!!!!!) they can make an exception for you.

    i hope that helps!

    and justice for all suffering GIF




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    top secret internal transfer gpa’s

    Dear ask a student,

    I am in second year at UTSC and I am looking to transfer downtown for urban
    studies. In first year I took computer science and finish the year with a
    low GPA. Now in city studies after the first semester my sessional GPA was
    2.93 but my cumulative GPA is still below 2.5. Will they look over my first
    year since I am now doing better in City Studies and is there a chance I
    can still get in with just my recent GPA improvement?




    soooooo when UTSG is looking at internal transfer students, (students who are transferring from one U of T campus to another U of T campus) they will consider your CGPA and your most recent annual GPA. however, they will also have access to your whole transcript if they notice some inconsistencies in your GPA.

    in terms of GPA cut-off, i would check with the urban studies department directly to make sure you’re within the range. for some reason admission GPA’s for internal transfers are kind of top secret. they used to post them online, but i haven’t been able to find it ever since they revamped the future.utoronto.ca website. right now, the admission GPA’s are mostly circulated by word of mouth, but for entry into a specific program like urban studies, it would be in your best interest to just ask them!

    hope this helped!

    wishing you all the best in your transfer! hope we’ll be seeing you downtown!

    peace and love,


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    i will find you

    Hello! I can’t seem to find the statistics on those that were accepted into the faculty of arts and science. Help would be appreciated!



    stats are hard to find. don’t feel bad. you have come to the right person.

    in addition to being ridiculously charming and hot (like my homeboy liam neeson), i also possess a very particular set of super ninja detective samurai skills. fear not, for i have found what you are looking for.

    there’s this super cool thing called Common University Data Ontario (CUDO) which can give you stats on:

    • Number of degrees awarded, student enrolment and entering averages – all by program;
    • Number of students living on campus and activities offered;
    • Student satisfaction;
    • First-year tuition and ancillary fees by program;
    • Number of teaching faculty;
    • Undergraduate class size, by year level;
    • Research awards granted; and
    • Graduation rates and employment rates by program.

    click on the year that you want to see and voila! you can even look at stats on UTM and UTSG.

    go crazy!

    peace and love,


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    please be the new neil degrasse tyson

    I am a first year student currently majoring in the Physics and Astrophysics program at UTSC and was wondering what GPA I should strive for in order to be admitted into UTSG. I know that competitive programs tend to require 3.7 – 4.0 GPA’s, but I’m assuming competitive means engineering rather than physics.

    Also, do you know the deadline for internal transferring? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m assuming that it’s sometime after, or maybe during, the winter semester since that’s when the latter half of my physics related courses are.

    Thank you for your help


    hello hello!

    so first of all, we don’t actually have a physics and astrophysics program at the st. george campus so it would mean for you to find a similar subject POSt, like astronomy and astrophysics.

    there isn’t really a GPA range posted anywhere in regards to astronomy and astrophysics specifically, but i’ve been told by admin that the grade that we were accepting last year was B+~ A- (3.3-3.7) for internal transfers, but these averages do change from year to year, so keep that in mind. if you want something more accurate/ updated, you could always contact enrolment services directly!

    in terms of evaluating your GPA, they would be looking at your CGPA as well as your most recent annual GPA.

    when it comes time to apply, go see your registrar’s office to make sure you’re on track for your transfer. once that’s all settled, you’ll have to complete an online application right here.

    the next deadline for an internal transfer to UTSG is january 13th 2017 for a september 2017 start date.

    it will ultimately be up to you to decide whether you want to major, minor, or specialize in astronomy and astrophysics, but since astronomy and astrophysics subject POSt’s are all part of type 1, you can apply following the completion of 4.0 FCE’s.

    best of luck! i hope you get in and become the new neil degrasse tyson.


    peace and love,



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    a polisci question on election day

    Hi, what are the approximate averages needed for ontario students to get into BA political science at St George, Mississauga and Scarborough? Thanks


    hello there,

    first, let’s break this down. at U of T, political science falls under the category of social sciences. if you want to pursue political science, you might consider applying to the social sciences stream after high school.

    once you are accepted, you’ll first have to complete a total of 4.0 FCE’s (full course equivalents, or credits) until you can be accepted into a political science program, be it a major or a minor. 4.o FCE’s just means that you’ll only be able to apply after first year. keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to get into your program after first year, you can enter in second year and on!

    in terms of admission into the social sciences stream at each campus, you’ll see here that they recommend the following averages: low to mid 80’s for U of T St. George, mid 70’s for UTSC, and mid to high 70’s for UTM.

    before you choose your first year courses, definitely refer to the calendar and look at what courses you’ll have to take and what grades you’ll need to get to be accepted into the polisci program. since i am the nicest stranger you’ll never meet, i’ve linked you to the political science calendar of each campus: UTSG, UTM, and UTSC so you can see what you’ll need. you’re very welcome.


    i hope you get into polisci and do some good in the world. don’t forget to thank aska when you receive a nobel prize. happy (or unhappy) election day!



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    we got ourselves a catherine keener

    Hi, i graduated high school in June 2016 and I decided to take a gap year before I attend university. Hence,I will be applying to utsc for entry into September 2017. If I do get admitted into my program will I be able to at least take my electives during summer 2017? I’d really like to get a head start since i did take time off from school due to unforeseen circumstances.
    Thank you for your times and hope to hear from you soon!



    first of all, i totally understand your desire to get a head start. the sooner you’re done with school, the better. (at least that’s how i’ve always felt)

    unfortunately, first year intake at U of T is always in september. to my understanding, starting first year during the summer has only been granted in very unique circumstances, but is highly discouraged and “rarely entertained”.

    one of the main reasons for this is that transitioning from high school to first year is a big jump and getting settled into university is such an important aspect of the whole university experience. the university will have orientation events (not just frosh week) in september to help you adjust along with your peers. you’ll definitely understand what i mean once you start in september.

    furthermore, i imagine the whole process of petitioning for early intake would be extremely arduous and just not worth it. summer courses also generally move at a faster pace and it would be an even bigger jump to go from high school straight into university summer courses. since i’m saying all of this, it might seem like summer intake is actually an option, but it really isn’t.

    trust me on this one, september intake is the way to go. you’ll find a lot more support from both campus resources as well as friends you meet during frosh.

    just make sure you apply by january 13th and if all goes well, you’ll be set to start in september!

    ^this is an amazing song, by the way.

    i hope this cleared up some of your questions! best of luck with your application!



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    sticky situation


    So I originally enrolled at UTSC because I had missed the application
    deadline for SG. I decided to start in Scarborough and brave the commute (I
    live downtown) for a year to hopefully try for an internal transfer later.
    I dilly-dallied and decided I enjoyed Scarborough bc of a course offered
    (IDS) but then started to hate the commute and now want to return to my
    original idea of transferring.

    My question is about courses at another campus:
    I have the intention of transferring (again missed the deadline last year
    BC I thought I liked Scarborough) so ideally I would like to gather
    downtown courses this year so i can transfer in my third year.
    So. I currently have 3 utsc FCE’s (from 2015/2016) and took 1 FCE this
    summer at SG. As of this fall, I enrolled in 2 more FCE’s on the st.george
    campus, but have a sneaking suspicion that I am in violation of the rules
    for taking courses at another campus.

    On the office of the registrar website it states:
    “Courses at UTM or St. George
    You can take a maximum of 5.0 credits at another U of T campus (or 1.0
    credit if you have completed fewer than 4.0 credits) as a UTSC student.”
    I SWEAR I had spoken with a councilor who said I could only take 1 FCE in
    the first year only. NOT that I needed to also complete at least 4.0 FCE at
    utsc. What is your understanding of this rule? Can I appeal? I am enjoying
    my courses and do not want to be removed.



    you, my friend, are in a sticky situation! i honestly wasn’t sure if i should answer this question because i thought you would be removed from your courses by now, but since i haven’t heard anything about you being removed, i’m going to assume you’re still in your st. george courses.

    you are, indeed, in violation of a rule at U of T, but at the same time, getting kicked out of your courses this far in would suck.


    first, go back to your counsellor and be all, “yo wut?”

    okay, but seriously.

    in regards to your inquiry, i called the utsc registrar’s office and asked what they thought about your situation. based on what they told me, it seems like you have two options.

    first, (10/10 would recommend) you can call admissions at st. george to let them know about your intentions to transfer. in this scenario, you would probably have to tell them the number of FCE’s you have completed at scarborough and st. george. they may even subsequently remove you from your courses if they ask for your student number.

    on the other hand, it is also possible that they may make an exception for you if they know you’re thinking of transferring to st. george eventually. you’ll still have to wait until the next deadline (january 13th),  of course, but you may be able to keep the courses you’re in. you could definitely mention that you heard from your counsellor that it would be okay. i can’t guarantee that you’ll see this outcome, but you never know until you call!

    your second option, (1/10 would not recommend) is to not call at all. the course-remover people will eventually do their rounds and remove you from your st. george courses. after that, if you want to argue this, you’ll have to open up communication with the university and explain why you broke the rules. i can’t speak on behalf of the course-removing people, but if i were in their shoes, i would be less forgiving if it seems like you knowingly broke the rule and didn’t seek out any guidance or resources.

    if i were you, i would call admissions to see what they can do for you. you may be surprised at what they have to say. if they end up removing you from courses because you called, that blows, but remember, it would’ve happened sooner or later.


    just be honest and come clean about your intentions instead of living in fear!

    i hope you do the right thing.