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Hi! i’m not sure what college you’re in but was just wondering if you have any experience with innis’ writing centre, or if you know anyone who has experience with the people there! i may be going there for a class to look over a few papers in the coming months and i wanted to hear some things on how each instructor is! sorry if this is silly, thanks 🙂


hey there,

this isn’t silly at all. i do have experience with the innis college writing centre, yes! i’ve only ever booked with one writing centre instructor there, though, so i can’t really give you much of a rundown on all your options.

that one instructor i know is becky vogan, and i’d highly recommend her! i fully believe that her advice has bumped many of my grades up—she’s so good at her job.

i think she actually used to work (or still does work??) in the professional publishing industry, so she’s a fantastic editor. i’m constantly impressed by how she can read a paper on a subject she’s unfamiliar with and ask just the right questions to help me draw my ideas out and strengthen my arguments. usually i try to go to a writing centre appointment with a full draft, but whenever i’ve been behind and come with only half a paper written, she’s been a great sounding board for me to bounce ideas off of.

she’s also a great teacher: when she catches my mechanical errors, she doesn’t just correct me but is patient enough to explain what i did wrong and how i can improve it moving forward.

on top of that, she’s such a generous and kind person and i genuinely enjoy my appointments with her.

sorry i can’t provide much more information beyond that—i’m sure the other innis writing centre instructors are also great, i just haven’t met any of them. so don’t rule the rest of them out automatically just based on my advice, because i’m super biased! i’d recommend that you reach out to any innis, cinema studies, urban studies, or writing & rhetoric students that you know, and see if they might have any thoughts as well. these things are usually best crowdsourced.

i hope this helped!

be Boundless,


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