what even is a bell curve

hi there! I was wondering if you could maybe explain bell curves. I don’t really understand what these are but they sound daunting haha. one of my profs mentioned it and it made me confused so :’)



it’s totally fair to be confused by bell curves. honestly, i don’t really understand them that much either, and from what i understand, the effects of bell curving can vary depending on what average is selected for the bell. this western gazette piece explains bell curving and its complications better than i can, so check it out.

anyway, according to this varsity article, bell curves aren’t even allowed in the faculty of arts and science.

so if you’re taking an artsci course and your prof is bell curving you, try getting in touch with the ASSU and see if there’s any advocacy they can do for you and your classmates. i’m not super sure what the rules are outside artsci, so if you’re part of a different faculty i’d suggest emailing your registrar’s office (or faculty) to find out.

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