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i, too, avoid math

Hi there! I’m currently taking psy100 to fulfill half of the science breadth requirement but honestly I am not a science student and was wondering if you had any courses you would recommend that will still fill the requirement but is less science/math heavy. Thanks! 🙂


hey there,

you didn’t specify what campus you go to, but i’m guessing you’re a utm student because that’s the only campus with a science breadth requirement. i could be wrong, though, because it looks like utm is the only campus still referring to their breadth requirements as distribution requirements.

it’s hard for me to recommend courses for this breadth requirement at utm, because my personal experience is limited to st. george. but from my experience and from what i’ve heard from my friends, beginner astronomy courses are great for breadth requirements because they don’t require a ton of math and are mostly memorization. obviously that’ll vary based on professors, so don’t take my word as a guarantee! geology courses might also be good for you, since i believe they won’t be as math-heavy as something like physics.

this utm page recommends some science distribution requirement courses that generally look like solid options to me. you might try one of the anthropology options—”Fantasies, Hoaxes and Misrepresentations of the Ancient World” looks fun—since anthropology is often offered by the faculty of arts at other universities.

to sum all this up, in order, i think your best options by subject are anthropology, astronomy, and then geology.

i don’t know about recommending specific courses, though, since i haven’t taken any at utm. if you know any more advanced students at your campus that you can ask for specific course recommendations, do that! most people at u of t are happy to help younger students and answer quick questions.

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