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    top secret internal transfer gpa’s

    Dear ask a student,

    I am in second year at UTSC and I am looking to transfer downtown for urban
    studies. In first year I took computer science and finish the year with a
    low GPA. Now in city studies after the first semester my sessional GPA was
    2.93 but my cumulative GPA is still below 2.5. Will they look over my first
    year since I am now doing better in City Studies and is there a chance I
    can still get in with just my recent GPA improvement?




    soooooo when UTSG is looking at internal transfer students, (students who are transferring from one U of T campus to another U of T campus) they will consider your CGPA and your most recent annual GPA. however, they will also have access to your whole transcript if they notice some inconsistencies in your GPA.

    in terms of GPA cut-off, i would check with the urban studies department directly to make sure you’re within the range. for some reason admission GPA’s for internal transfers are kind of top secret. they used to post them online, but i haven’t been able to find it ever since they revamped the future.utoronto.ca website. right now, the admission GPA’s are mostly circulated by word of mouth, but for entry into a specific program like urban studies, it would be in your best interest to just ask them!

    hope this helped!

    wishing you all the best in your transfer! hope we’ll be seeing you downtown!

    peace and love,


  • urban studies

    the truth about aska?

    Dear Been There Done That,

    I applied online at UOAC website to Social Sciences/ Urban Studies Program at Innis. I thought I read that Urban Studies is very competitive and you can’t actually apply until your second year. Is that right? If it is, what should I have applied for on the UOAC site. Sociology? Economics?

    Thanks for your help.


    Dear Haven’t Been There, Haven’t Done That Yet,

    You don’t choose a POSt – that’s Program Of STudy for you high school folks – until you have completed 4 full-course equivalents. The mysterious “POSts” that I’m referring to in this post refer to all of the specialist, major, and minor programs offered at the Faculty of Arts and Science, including Urban Studies (which you can either take at the specialist or the major level).

    What you ended up applying for on OUAC doesn’t matter, as long as it’s in the same “stream” of study as your intended POSt. By “stream”, I mean whether you’re generally planning to study humanities, social sciences, life sciences, computer sciences, or physical sciences. Urban Studies is in the social science stream (as are sociology and economics) so you’re FINE.

    Besides, you can change your major until you graduate anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people out that applied to “Pharmacology” or something complicated like that on OUAC but ended up finishing with a double major in English and Geography or something.

    And yes, it is spelled OUAC, not UOAC. Come on. Even I remember that and it’s been a few years since I’ve graduated from my uh………….high school. What did you say? No, I’m not an alien… where did you get that idea? *nervous laughter*

    Make sure that you enroll in your first year courses as soon as you can though, because some of them can be extremely popular and fill up quickly, and you would not want to be locked out of the program just because you neglected to enroll in your courses at the first possible chance.

    You can apply to the Urban Studies major at the POSt-requesting period near the end of first year. If it’s the Urban Studies specialist that you’re looking for, you’d have to apply to the major at the end of first year, and then apply to the specialist at the end of second year.

    Think you got that? Good. Ask me if you have any more questions. Now I’m going to go back to my ship to res… uh……………. darn… wrong picture… look… at… this… one…