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    someone’s jumping ship from utm or utsc

    hey do you know if i need transcripts (from uoft and/or high school) to apply for an internal transfer to utsg?


    hey friend,

    i started an ouac internal application myself to figure this out for you, so here’s hoping they don’t actually hold me to finishing this lol, i am happy where i am.

    under the ‘transcript requests’ section of the application, you will be required to have transcripts sent directly from whatever your high school was, as well as from your current u of t campus. this u of t website also says that yes, they will be looking at your full academic history to evaluate your application.

    hope this helped and best of luck with your internal application!

    be Boundless and have a good winter break,




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    carry on, carry on

    I’ve been admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science; I’m an international student from Hong Kong. This year will be my first at UofT. I don’t know if this is your area of specialty but I have a question regarding the submission of my final transcript.

    I completed the international baccalaureate diploma. I ultimately managed to meet my conditional offer from UofT. However, I sent a request to the IB to send off my transcript to UofT on the 5th of July, two days before results were released to me. They said it would take 10-15 business days to send off. However, I realised later that on my offer of admission, my transcript is supposed to be received by July the 14th. I have already emailed the IBO to see if they can speed up the process, but have not yet received any reply.

    I am quite worried about what will happen if my transcripts are not received in time. I have already asked the admission department, but was wondering if you may have any insight on my issue, or any advice to offer. Thank you in advance!



    it’s okay if your transcript is a little late. it would be max, like, 6 days late (i think? my math is bad) which is totally okay. as long as u of t gets it ASAP, you will be okay.

    i know that it’s really stressful and anxiety-inducing, but trust me, people are late all the time and people continue to carry on and do fine. in fact, you’re coming to u of t and toronto. being late for things is kinda our thing.

    my only advice is to keep calm, wait for the school to receive your transcript, and look out for that email from u of t stating that the conditions on your conditional offer have been satisfied.

    i hope this helped. i look forward to seeing you on campus in september!

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    with a grain of salt


    i am a sixth-year student, hoping to finally begin grad school next year
    (fall 2017). i have heard that grad schools assign more weight to
    undergraduates’ later academic performance than their earlier; however, i
    was wondering if this is supposed to indicate that higher-level courses are
    more heavily weighted, or if it is rather simply because they are looking
    for how well the student is doing closer to the time of the application.
    so, for example, say you left a bunch of required courses to the end of
    your degree, and they are 100- and 200-level courses, and you do
    significantly worse in them than you did in 300- and 400-level courses that
    you took much earlier –– would the lower-level required courses be
    overlooked in favour of high marks in the upper-year programs? or is it
    really that it is about whatever courses were most recently taken, and so
    the lower-level courses would be given greater weight.




    this is a really good question. each school is different in their process of assessing your transcript. to get more program-specific information, i would highly recommend that you contact the school yourself and take what i am saying with a grain of salt.

    sorry. i had to.

    however, typically, they DO look at your last two years to get an accurate idea of your most recent academic standing. with this in mind, they will still have access to your whole transcript, meaning that if there are certain courses that you took earlier on that were more relevant to the program you are pursuing, they won’t necessarily be ignored.

    so, no. higher level courses (300-level or 400-level) courses aren’t weighted differently.


    peace and love,



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    “JOINuoft” – but WHEN?

    Hey aska, I’m a first year student currently in UTSC’s City Studies program (technically going to 2nd year as finals are over) however I reapplied to UofT’s St.George’s architecture program for an internal transfer. I submitted my application during January and the only update I have received on the status of my application (via joinUoT portal) was that my final transcript is needed. This was in the beginning of April. I know results won’t instantly be given right after finals happened but I received all my marks and my final gpa last 2 weeks and the final transcript box in my joinUofT portal still isn’t checked in and still has the “Finals Required” note there. When can I expect a notification on my acceptance for the architecture program? I’m still on the fence on selecting courses for summer school as I already finished my breadth requirements and I don’t want to waste money on courses I won’t need in the future as architecture is still a possibility. Thanks!! An anxious student awaiting for his UofT JD acceptance


    hey there,

    unfortunately, these things can take a while. according to this page, the deadline for schools to submit supplemental documents is June 15th. I can’t find anything that concretely states when you might expect to hear back by, but to be honest, that’s not surprising to me. these admissions deadlines don’t tend to be widely publicized. you can call enrolment services for that info, but i wouldn’t be surprised if you had to wait until past June 15th to hear back.



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    what do marks really mean, anyway?

    If my friend has a very BAD GPA (like very very bad) and wants to apply for a work-study position (which requires giving his transcript). Will they be looking at that? Does he have a worst chance at getting the job even if he has tons of work experience? What’s the need for giving the transcript anyways?


    hey there,

    well, the good news is that there’s no mandatory minimum GPA, at least as far as i can tell. in order to be eligible to do work-study for this coming school year, you just need to be registered in a minimum of 2.0 credits in the fall/winter terms. however, if the job posting requires a transcript, then there’s?probably for a reason for that.

    as for how relevant work experience will be, without knowing the employers, the job, or what your friend’s work experience is, it’s nearly impossible to tell. like, what if he’s applying for an office?job and he has 10 years’ experience as a hand model? that’s a ton of experience, but it probably won’t help him here. unless the employer has a hand fetish.

    yeah, work experience does matter. but i’m not the one employing people, so who am i to say what?exactly is important to them? i’ve been rejected from more positions than you can possibly imagine, so i’m really not an authority on the subject.

    regarding the transcript,?allow me to?get just a tad preachy about this. it won’t be too bad, i promise. you’ll live. get over it.

    as someone who worked a work-study job (this one) for the past fall and winter terms, i can see the benefit in providing a transcript. it may not seem like it, but working 12 hours every week?is tough. (i know that everyone who works part-time at a tim’s somewhere for 20 hrs/week is probably rolling their eyes at me – i don’t know what to say. i’m sorry. get a work-study job instead?)

    depending on your program, 12 hrs/week can nearly double the time you’re at school. it saps your time and energy, and if you don’t have good time management and study skills, you may not be able to handle?that very well.

    so, your transcript is a good way for the employer to judge whether you can handle the additional workload without sacrificing quality of work at your job or at school. i know it’s not perfect, but until we figure out a better method of measuring intelligence and work ethic, we’ll just have to roll with it. sorry, dude.



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    too little too late?!

    So I sent my final transcript, it says they got it on July 31st, but my application still says I don’t have proof of graduation/diploma.It still says final transcripts not yet received, and I was supposed to fulfill that by July 16.

    Please let that just be a lot of traffic. Did I do something wrong?



    Hey hey

    I highly doubt you did anything wrong and that the real issue is just that Enrolment Services, at this time of the year, is EXTREMELY busy.

    Like I’ve been hearing horror stories about the people who work there and how stressed they are right now — understandably, of course, because half the things students nag their registrars over are meant for Enrolment Services.

    Anyhow, I’m pretty sure there’s just a lot of traffic and that the update came a bit late. Nevertheless, the university probably won’t miss out on the chance to educate you/steal your money. 😉

    But if you’re really concerned, drop by to Enrolment Services. I’d say call em but I’m sure they have tons of people on the line already.