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    not too cool for summer school

    hello! i am currently taking 6 courses and am enrolled in 6 courses next term. however, my stress level is slowly (but surely) increasing. im thinking about taking 2 courses in summer school. how/where do i found out if my courses will be available in the summer? id like to know if they are offered in the summer before dropping out of the courses. thank u



    6 courses is an awful lot! if your stress levels are rising and you’re finding it difficult to keep up with 6 courses, it may be a good idea to drop one. i’m always an advocate for dropping things and making more time for yourself, your mental health, a hobby, and/or a job.

    unfortunately, the summer timetable isn’t released until mid-march, so i’m not 100% sure what courses they’re offering in summer 2018. however, you could check the timetable from the 2017 summer session. though there’s no guarantee that the courses will be the same, usually departments offer similar courses year to year.

    i’m sorry for this really slow response, i don’t know how relevant this answer will be now, but you have until november 6th to drop a F session course. so you’ve still got a little bit of time to think about it!

    i hope this helps. good luck!

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    let’s not do that

    Dear aska,

    It got me curious. What happens when everyone drops one specific course that there is no students enrolled in the course any more in the middle of the semester? It is merely a hypothetical question.

    Thanks in advance!



    lol, that would be both hilarious and quite sad.

    disclaimer: everything i am about to say cannot be backed by actual facts, i’m merely hypothesizing.

    i honestly have no idea what would happen. i asked my colleagues who have been here decades longer than i have and none of them had ever heard of this happening at U of T.

    i hope that you’re only curious and that you’re not actually planning on organizing a course-wide drop because that would be pretty bad….a**.

    i’m assuming that the department would try to conduct some sort of an investigation into why this class sucked so much and then take the appropriate measures to make sure it won’t happen again. like i said, there really is no precedent for this kind of situation so you’re allowed to use your own imagination????

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    idk man.

    peace and love,




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    always choose the option with the dog

    Hello Aska!

    I’m extremely frustrated and stressed at how much I’ve taken school for granted, so much that I’m now on academic probation! I’m currently taking 4 courses at UTSG and I know for sure I can not pass this one course. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to drop it before the deadline (Nov 6) without it harming my academic standing.

    Please tell me something good.. otherwise I’m quitting life and taking my dog and we are moving to the mountains and becoming mountain people



    first of all, i realize this answer may no longer be relevant, but i hope in the future you’ll direct your more urgent questions to a registrar! as much as i would like to answer everyone’s questions immediately, some questions do take more time to answer and as a result, it’s hard to answer questions in a timely manner.

    nevertheless, i will answer your question now so future students in your situation can benefit! dropping a course before the drop deadline will not have an effect on your academic standing. yippee! i really hope you actually dropped it.

    if you ever miss the drop deadline, you have the following options, to credit/ no credit (or as some people call it, “see-ar, en-see-ar”), or to late withdraw from the course.

    to credit/ no credit (abbreviated as cr/ncr) the course is an option if you are doing poorly in the course and are not sure if you will pass. if you do pass, you’ll receive credit for the course and no grade. if you don’t pass, you won’t receive the credit. keep in mind, this only applies for courses that you don’t need for your program. you can cr/ncr up to 2.0 FCE’s. cr/ ncr deadlines are usually well into the respective semester and are listed in the ‘sessional dates‘ section of the arts and science website.

    to late withdraw (LWD) from a course is for situations in which you think you’ll fail and if you’ve missed the drop deadline and the cr/ncr deadline. it won’t affect your GPA and your transcript will just say LWD.  you can LWD from up to 3.0 FCE’s. you’ll have to go through a LWD with your registrar and discuss what went wrong to prevent it from happening again. the deadline for late withdrawal is on the last day of classes in each respective semester, meaning dec 7th is the last day to LWD from an F course, and april 5th is the last day to LWD from S and Y courses)

    pro-tip: take a look at all the sessional dates and mark the dates for cr/ncr and LWD on your calendar. you never know when those dates will come in handy!

    registrar’s offices always get students saying, “well i didn’t know when the deadline was!” well, tough.

    moral of the story? keep in touch with your registrar’s office when you have an urgent situation. they’re a great help and don’t usually bite.


    peace and love,


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    drop ’em like their exams ARE WORTH 65%

    I seem to be in a bit of a Jam. I’m currently enrolled in 3 English courses this semester and with the upcoming deadline for dropping courses approaches on the 19th of November I’ve decided that I want to drop EngB05. I did it last summer but I ended up failing it and listed it under the credit no credit option so it’s listed as no credit on my transcript. Also I’m not doing so well in the other courses and might probably fail them both. I’m aware that if I drop one my 3 courses my status will probably change to part time but what are the possible repercussions of that? Also would it be wise to simply select the credit no credit option for the other two courses just as a precaution? and if I do would my cgpa for this semester simply be a 0.00 because I dropped B05 and failed both courses?


    hey there,

    well, that deadline is long gone now. i hope you spoke with your registrar before dropping.

    i guess the major repercussions in this case kind of depend on your other courses. if you had dropped these three english courses before november 19th and you were not in any other courses, there wouldn’t really be any academic consequences. it would just mean you wouldn’t have a GPA for this semester and your fee situation might change.

    if you dropped them all after the deadline, you’d just have a bunch of LWDs on your transcript, which wouldn’t affect your GPA, but would require some explaining in future grad/professional school applications.

    if you failed two courses and dropped one, however, your sessional GPA would be a combination of those failing grades (and the grades in any other courses you took this semester). and if your CGPA drops below 1.60 after that, that means that you would go on academic probation.

    academic probation means that you have one semester to raise your GPA above a 1.60, or you’ll be put on suspension. if you are put on probation (you’ll receive an e-mail about it, and it’ll be noted on your transcript), then you have one semester to raise your GPA above a 1.60 before being suspended.

    if you do go on probation, i’d recommend you find some time to talk to your registrar’s office about it before starting next semester, so you go in with the best possible chance of getting out of probation.

    best of luck,


  • dropping courses

    drop that nightmare of a course!

    If I dropped a course before the deadline, will it show on my transcript/academic record?


    hey there,

    what a timely and relevant question! and the answer is:


    the deadline to drop F courses from your transcript and GPA was november 8th. if you dropped before that, there will be no record that you were ever in the course on your transcript.

    after the 8th, if you drop the course, it is called a ‘late withdrawal‘ and will show up on your transcript as LWD. you have until the last day of classes to LWD, and you’ll just have to go in to your registrar’s office to do that (try not to do it on the very last day if possible, because it will be MADNESS in there – that’s a little inside tip for ya).



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    i could sneeze out a 10% paper

    I remember reading that a certain % of the grade must be returned before the add/drop deadline… I can’t find it now, what is this %? Thanks


    hey there,

    incredibly, they only have to return 10% worth of graded material before the drop deadline. here’s the red tape on it: “Instructors shall return by the deadline one or more marked assignments worth a combined total of at least 10% of the total course mark for H courses and 20% for Y courses.

    doesn’t seem like a lot to me. i could fluke my way through a couple of quizzes and get a decent mark out of 10%. doesn’t mean i’m gonna do so good on the 50% research paper.

    oh well. such is uoft.



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    drop date, flop fate

    what happens if we drop a course after september 20? does this apply to winter courses as well? or can we drop them once the winter session comes around?


    hey there,

    alright, so here are the important dates around dropping courses:

    september 20th: the day the waitlist drops for F and Y courses. from the 20th to the 27th, there will be a free-for-all where anyone (with the appropriate prerequisites) can sign up for courses if there is space available.

    september 27th: the last day to make changes to F and Y courses – that means that this is the last day you can enrol in courses. it is also the last day you can drop a course and expect a full 100% refund, if you’re on per course fees.

    november 8th: the last day to drop courses from your academic record and GPA. after this date, the mark will be recorded, or, if you drop the course, it will be noted ‘LWD’ for ‘late withdraw.’

    january 24th: the last day to add or change S courses.

    february 15th: the last day to drop Y courses from your academic record and GPA.

    march 13th: the last day to drop S courses from your academic record and GPA.

    hope that slew of dates clears up your confusion, friend. and in future, don’t be afraid to Google ‘sessional dates uoft’ and click on the first or second week – it’s not as tricky as you might think.



  • dropping courses

    drop ’em like they’re hot

    Hey! Right now I’m enrolled in 3.5 FCE for this year and I’m thinking to drop down to 2 FCE. When is the last day to do this? Thanks!


    hey there,

    the deadline to drop courses without leaving any trace of ’em on your academic record is November 3rd for F courses, February 16th for Y courses and March 8th for S courses. take note of those dates now, folks, before it’s TOO LATE.



    P.S. a bit of unsolicited advice: keep in mind that a drop from 3.5 FCEs to 2.0 FCEs changes your status from full-time student to part-time student, which means a change in fees that you have to request, and possibly a change in your dealings with OSAP, if you get OSAP, though they’ll notify you of any changes if they happen.

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    accidentally dropping a course

    I was enrolled in a summer course. I dropped this summer course thinking that I could take 3FCE’s next year as a part time student but it turns out that it is actually 2.5FCE. Can I be re-enrolled in this course? I realize that it is my fault for lack of due diligence. I’m kind of freaking out because I’ll have to pay the whopping flat fee next year if I cannot. I’m 3 courses away from my graduation 🙁 Will my registrar be able to help me? How do I proceed?

    Thank you.


    hey there,

    that sounds very stressful friend, but i’m afraid it’s all up to you now.

    you can re-enroll in the course, but you’ll have to do it yourself on ROSI (you’re able to add/change/drop F and Y courses until september 21st), whether that means adding the course or adding yourself to a waitlist. as for your payments, 3.0 FCEs is full-time, unfortunately, so maybe you’ll want to drop one of your other half-credits to get it down? whatever you decide, i don’t think the registrar’s office will be much help at this point.

    if you do decide to go part-time, you need to request to be dropped to per-course fees so they don’t charge you full-time. you can do that at this brand new-link from the faculty.

    best of luck,


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    Hi aska!

    I’m a student at UTM planning on transferring to a different university next year. I applied and my transcripts have been sent and everything! But?there’s this one course (that one course ugh) that will bring my GPA down. I selected the credit/no credit option for that course, but not before the?transcript was already transmitted to the university I applied to. Would they even see the credit/no credit option on the transcript? Or would they?see my grade in the course regardless?

    Also how bad would it look on my transcript if I were to drop that course now….

    I want to leave.


    hey there,

    firstly, I am INCREDIBLY INSULTED that you’re transferring. How could you transfer. How. Could you. I thought we had something special. The other school’s thinner than me, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

    Ahem. It’s fine. No, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

    As to your (traitorous) dilemma, basically, if you’ve sent in a transcript in september or october, all your courses are going to show up as ‘in progress’ to the school you’re applying to. So whether you selected credit/no credit before or after sending it, it’ll look the same to the other school. If this is the only transcript they require, then it really doesn’t matter how the course turns out.

    However, if you have to send another transcript once the term is over, then they will see that you made it credit/no-credit, and they will see if you’ve dropped the course. Generally, unless that course is a requirement for you to transfer, dropping it is probably going to be a better idea than having a bad mark show up on your transcript. It really depends on your situation though, so I’d suggest talking to the UTM registrar’s office or maybe the admissions office at your new school about your situation.

    good luck you uoft-betraying swine. I hope the other school is good enough for you sheesh.


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    dropping courses like it’s hot

    Hi i am a first year student at UTM and I am enrolled in 8 courses (2 full year) for a total of 5 credits. Only two courses are prerequisites for my program. Is it ok for me to drop one of the other courses? Are 5 100 level credits mandatory?


    hey hey!

    No amount of credits is ever actually “mandatory,” really, so long as you don’t try going over six that semester (but that’s a whole other story that I won’t get into). However, to be considered a full-time student, you need to be in at least 3.0 FCE for that academic year.

    So if you end up with 4.0 or 4.5 100-level FCE, that’s totally fine. Personally, in my first-year I spent my second semester sobbing over my fall grades and dropped one of the half-credits in the winter so that I could “concentrate better.” Naturally, that was a complete lie and I’ve maintained my horrible, horrible procrastinating ways since. That being said, as long as you don’t have any more than 6.0 100-levels, you’re good! Anything less than that is fine.

    First year can be stressful, so don’t feel pressured to stay in a class if you think it’ll hinder you for all the other ones. And if you do drop it, make sure you use your time wisely! 😉



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    loving law

    Hi aska,

    I have a couple questions if you don’t mind:

    1. I really screwed up my first year finishing with a horrible gpa of 2.4. I was looking into going to law school or grad school after my undergrad, but now I’m terrified that I’ve ruined my chances of getting in. Have I completely screwed up my gpa? Even if I get a 4.0 for the rest of my undergrad years (which is highly unlikely), my cgpa still won’t be very high. I heard the minimum for most law schools is 3.7 :\

    2. If I drop an F course before Nov 4th, there will be no record that I even took the course in the first place right? If so, is it possible for me to drop the course and start fresh by taking it next semester? Or will they know that I enrolled and dropped out of it first semester?

    3. Do you have any info or know where I can find more info about internships? Or volunteering? And do you have any tips on applying? If law/grad school is still an option, I’m worried that my resume is not up to par.

    Thanks so much and please reply asap if possible!


    Hey there,

    So I’m just going to number off my answers if you don’t mind:

    1. You didn’t screw up your first year, so you better take back those pity party invitations hun. While most post-grad programs want at least a 3.5 GPA, you have three whole years to raise your CGPA. How? By working hard. You sound like you realize you slacked off a little last year. Are you ready to change that? If you don’t know how or if you need some tips, try consulting the Academic Success Centre. They’re always really helpful. 🙂
    2. You are correct. November 4, 2012 is the last day to drop an F course without any academic penalty. Likewise, you can definitely drop the course right now (before November 4) and take it again next semester without any problems.
    3. As for info on internships and volunteering, head over to the Career Centre website. They always have listings for part-time work or volunteer opportunities. Moreover, they have loads of pages on writing proper cover letters, prepping for interviews, and general application tidbits. They also hold a number of workshops and info sessions over the year about applications or the ins and outs of resume writing.



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    wait me up before you go go


    I am a polisci major and i need a canadian politics course, it’s part of the requirement. However my course registration started when I had to be at? work , where i normally don’t have acess to computers, so I had to borrow it from somebody else… i was in a rush to give it back because i was interupting thier work.. long story short in my rush I entered the wrong course code , signing up for us politics instead of canadian and it was two weeks before i caught my mistake. by the time i dropped the us poltics and signed up for the canadian politics i was 36 on the waitlist of 250. now i moved up to 14 but with only 5 days left for waitlists to dropp what are my chances of getting in before
    than? thanks



    Hi Harini,

    Girl, I feel you on this one! At my lowest of lows, I was doing course registrations on a borrowed cell phone, stealing wi-fi from the Whitney Museum of Art seven hours after my start time. On another occasion, I dropped the wrong course because two of my course titles contained amphersands (thanks, Literary Studies, for the worst course titles ever). What I?m saying is, we?ve all got stories like yours, and we’ve all felt pretty hopeless about our waitlist position.

    I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball today, so I can only surmise about your chances of getting into the course. Like you said, waiting lists drop away on September 16th this year, and 14 spaces is a good bit to move before that happens. However, I’ve heard of much dimmer prospects coming through, so it really could happen! If you’re still not enrolled after the waitlists drop, watch ROSI like a hawk and jump on that space when it inevitably opens up- that’s also been done! Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about waitlists, minus whether you’ll actually get off of one.

    Additionally, it’s really a great idea to go to the first day of class, introduce yourself to the professor and get his or her email address. Unfortunately, profs are pretty helpless when it comes to getting you into the class, no matter how much they like you. Still, it’s important that if you do get in, you’ve already had access to readings and lectures you might have missed. I also feel like you get some kind of karmic priority by being a goodie two-shoes like that.

    Good luck, and remember that you can always take the course the next time it’s offered, at which time you’ll have more credits and a better shot at getting in. And remember, you’re not the only one suffering from this same issue! Solidarity forever!