dropping courses

drop ’em like they’re hot

Hey! Right now I’m enrolled in 3.5 FCE for this year and I’m thinking to drop down to 2 FCE. When is the last day to do this? Thanks!


hey there,

the deadline to drop courses without leaving any trace of ’em on your academic record is November 3rd for F courses, February 16th for Y courses and March 8th for S courses. take note of those dates now, folks, before it’s TOO LATE.



P.S. a bit of unsolicited advice: keep in mind that a drop from 3.5 FCEs to 2.0 FCEs changes your status from full-time student to part-time student, which means a change in fees that you have to request, and possibly a change in your dealings with OSAP, if you get OSAP, though they’ll notify you of any changes if they happen.

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