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I am in last year with the intention of graduating in June and, after checking Degree Explorer, I saw that I was missing a credit from BR=5 :Physical and Mathematical Universes. I just completed AST201 this summer and I passed (I took it as CR/NCR because I am terrible at astronomy!). Anyhow, I am just a little worried; I was so sure that AST201 covered that requirement. Or do I have to take ENG287? (I wanted to take that initially, but AST201 worked better for my schedule).

If you could help me clarify this, I would be immensely grateful!


hey there,

AST201 definitely fulfils the 5th breadth req. category, so you don’t have to worry about that. second, credit/no credit can be used to fulfil breadth requirements, so that’s also fine.

my bet is that degree explorer has just been slow in updating the breadth requirement category from this summer.

we are still only in september, and this is a busy time for people who work with Portal. i’d give them a bit more time to update everything before you start to worry.

if you do want to make certain that you’ve done everything you need to graduate, what you can do is make a grad check appointment at your registrar’s office. then you can get confirmation from a real, live human whether everything is hunky-dory and you’re on track to graduate this june.




  • V

    student should contact their Registrar — if it is a BR5 for an English major or specialist it CANNOT count for the Subject POSt

  • aska

    It can’t count for the subject POSt, definitely, but it can still count as a breadth requirement! (Which I believe is all they were asking?) 🙂

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