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I’ve been reading your is for some time now and was hoping you could help me out. I am a 3rd/4th year student and I spent all of last year taking the required courses to graduate with a major in psychology on time. Even for this year I picked courses relevant to the major in hopes that I would have enough marks to at least get into the minor. What sucks is that i didn’t get into either. And it turns out that for the last 2 years, the average threshold has been pretty high so the calendar was wrong. I just don’t know what to do. I honestly hoped that I would get in and I really wanted to graduate by next November. I basically spent an year taking courses that I didn’t,t even need. Is there even a remote chance of getting 85% in a 200-level psych course at UTSG?


Lost and depressed


hey there Lost and depressed,

well, i hate to be that person, but the calendar isn’t wrong. psychology’s minor, major and specialist are all type 2L subject POSts, which means that there is a finite number of spaces in each POSt. so, even if you meet the prerequisites, you may not get in.

that said, don’t be too hard on yourself for it. psych is insanely popular in this faculty, so the competition that you were up against was not insignificant (to put it mildly).

i think now is the time to weigh your options and decide what you want more: to graduate with a psychology POSt, or graduate by next November.

if you don’t want to be here over four years, it may be wise to start planning to graduate with whatever POSt(s) you’re currently in.

as for whether there is the chance of getting in 85% in 1 200-level psych course: beats me.

people do it, so it must be possible, strictly speaking, but one person’s possible is another person’s impossible. without knowing your strengths, i have no idea whether it would be possible for you, and that’s what’s counts.

what i would do is make an appointment with your registrar’s office. they can take a look at your whole academic history and advise you on your options.

based on your transcript and chatting with you one-on-one, they can tell you whether they think that 85% is feasible, and also, whether it’s a good idea to pursue a psych POSt again.

if you had a specific question about a 200-level psych course, the undergraduate administrator at psych would be your first point of contact. you can also talk to them about the possibility of getting into a psych POSt in the next enrolment period.

best of luck (hoping you feel a little less lost and depressed),


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