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mysterious impossible courses

Hi! I was looking at summer courses, and I came across CSC207H1Y. Would students have gotten a half-credit or a full credit? How would this impact their eligibility for a summer work-study position? Thanks.


hey there,

i think you misread the course code there, chum. i see a CSC207H1 on the 2014 summer timetable, but no CSC207H1Y.

and it’s a good thing, too, because ‘H1Y’ is not a thing (at least, in the faculty of arts & science – not true for the faculty of engineering, or for certain independent studies courses in artsci).

you can’t be in a half-year course and a full-year course at the same time. unless you’re cheating.

anyway, if you’re in a half-year course, you’d need to pick up at least 0.5 more credits over the summer to be eligible for work-study.





  • Sad screenwriter

    hey! This isn’t true… Screenwriting (CIN349H1Y) is totally a thing. It just means that you get a half credit for a year of work. Either you’re taught every other week, or just for the first semester, then you work independently.

  • waitaminnit

    CIN349H1Y (Screenwriting) exists. Youre either taught every other week or only for the first week, then you work independently.

  • aska

    Thank you! That’s great to know. As soon as I published this I got bombarded with exceptions to the rule – thanks for keeping me on top of things 😉

  • Nishi

    FYI, all CSC courses(H Courses) in summer are taught similarly to the half term length in a regular year. This is because of the way the assignments/exercises are structured in CSC courses. It would not be possible to do it in condensed 2 month summer courses.

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