shout out to this person for not asking *me* their math question

Hey! I looked at the math aid centre schedule, and I don’t see my course. Is it still cool for me to walk in and ask a TA if they are available to help me out even though my course isn’t listed? Thanks, Aska!


hey there,

well, the location in sidney smith (assuming you’re on the downtown campus; i really really hope you’re at the downtown campus) says that it is intended for students in “MAT133Y, MAT135H, MAT136H, and possibly other courses.

i’d say the “possibly other courses” part is an open invitation to go in and see whether you can sniff out a TA who at least recognizes what you’re trying to learn. i’m not sure how strictly they follow the schedule, but i think it’s worth it to try.

even if your question is not necessarily something they specialize in or are there for, they might be able to help you.

and if they can’t help, you can at least count on finding a sympathetic ear from a graduate student in mathematics who probably knows all too well what it’s like to study some obscure branch of math that no one has every heard of. otherwise, you may have to go searching at one of the other math aid centres, or find a private tutor.

i hope you find someone who can help you!


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