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but i thought being outstanding was a good thing

I’ll (hopefully) be graduating this coming summer.

I was wondering though what will happen if I cannot pay off my current
tuition by the end of winter term? Will they prevent me from graduating,
attending the ceremony, getting my degree, etc?

Thanks as always.



first of all, i love the “hopefully” graduating part. people keep asking me if i’m graduating this year and i’m always like:

anyways, this is a great question! thanks for asking it!

disclaimer: the following information is only valid for students in the faculty of arts and science.

there are definitely some real consequences of not paying off your fees. keep in mind, these fees fall under a category of other “university obligations” which you will also need to fulfill. (e.g. library fines, incidental fees; for a full list, consult this link)

you won’t be able to receive your diploma or any proof of completion of a degree, but you will be able to attend the ceremony. wooo!

some other notable consequences of not paying off your fees are that you won’t be able to order official transcripts or register as a continuing or returning student. it would be best to quickly double check with your college registrar’s office to see if you have anything else that’s outstanding just in case you’ve missed something!

unfortunately, at U of T, being “outstanding” in the context of fees is a bad thing. bummer.

all of this information is actually explained quite nicely in the link above, so i would recommend that you take a thorough look at that! hope this helped!

peace and love,





the post-secondary payment pickle

So I ended up being really stupid with money and am paying too much rent/so on. I know now for a fact that I will not be able to pay off quite a bit of my tuition by the time school is over this year. What does that mean? If I cant pay it off will I not be able to enrol in classes for next fall? Will my new tuition fees be put on top of that if I do get to stay and will that mean that I will then be paying interest on the whole lot of it?

Aside from that, say I were to take a year off to try and pay off my tuition from this year. I know that my student loans start to need to be payed off within 6 months of the last day of my enrolment, so if I do decide to come back after my year off, does that mean I will still have to be paying off my students loans (as it would have been more than 6 months from the end of this year) even though Id be back in school? Or would the payments stop?



Hey there,

Alright, I wanna start off by saying that the documents I’m going to link to use a lot of terminology that can sound TERRIFYING if you don’t know what the terms mean. They throw around words like “sanctions” and “penalty” like they’re about to excommunicate* a nation.

I understand that trying to pay for tuition when you can’t is super stressful (trust me, I break down whenever I see the train fare price on my Presto card). BUT I wanna help you, not add to your panic. What I’m saying is I don’t need you STRESSING OUT, K? Bottom line is: you and the school both want the same thing, which is for the tuition to be paid. That means you can work together to find a solution.

Onto some policy-mongering:

Uoft has a variety of ways to deal with people who haven’t paid tuition, which you can read about in more detail here. To sum it up, if you haven’t deferred or made your payment after November 15th, a service charge will start to be applied, which is basically interest on your tuition. If it still hasn’t been paid in full by April 30th, your outstanding fees will eventually be transferred to a an “external collections agency,” which will then take over the job of collecting your debt (you can take a look at the exact schedule of that transfer here). They may also impose academic sanctions, which can include anything from stopping you from requesting a transcript to refusing you future registration, as well as financial holds starting May 1st. That’s the condensed version of it, but I’d really recommend you read the pages I’ve linked to to understand all those things better.

Depending on how much you owe, it might be a good idea to take a year off and focus on paying the school back. 6 months after you leave school, you would have to start making OSAP payments (they would stop as soon as you re-enrolled into school), but it may be possible to negotiate lower payments or even the preserving of interest-free status with the national student loans centre. I don’t know enough about the situation to be able to recommend taking a year off one way or the other, but what I would do is go to your college registrar’s office to talk about your specific situation, and you guys can figure out the best thing to do from here.

I know this is a tough time. I know school is hard enough as it is without dealing with all these financial shenanigans. I know tuition rates in this country are absolutely SOUL-SUCKING. Believe me, I cannot empathize more; but it’s not impossible. So listen to some meditative music in your underwear and then go out and calmly speak with people who can help you sort out the problem. It’s gonna be fine.

Good luck!


*excommunicate is not the word I’m looking for. Does anyone know the word for when a nation is being bad and all the other countries, like, say they don’t approve of what it’s doing or whatever? Hmm. You can tell I’m not a Geography student.


give me back my money!


I am currently a part-time student at UofT. Unfortunately my mind isn’t concentrated on school at all and it has been reflected in my marks. I’ve been thinking about dropping out for some time off. If I were to drop my courses for the winter semester, would I get a complete 100% refund? I know there are incidental/campus fees on top of tuition fees that don’t amount to much, but I was wondering if those charges would be dropped as well if I dropped my courses on Rosi. (Is that how I’d go about this? Just dropping my courses on Rosi? I should probably speak to my registrar right?).

Thanks for your help! I appreciate your help.


hey there,

questions about refunds and things are HIGHLY SPECIFIC and vary based on the case, so before i say anything, here’s my offishul disclaimer that this is a lot of generalization and that – as you rightly said – you should HURRY YOUR TUSH over to your college’s registrar’s office to see how much exactly you can expect to be refunded. y’all know my refrain of “GTF TO YOUR REGISTRAR’S OFFICE” now – i like that.

basically though, if you’re a part-time student for just one term, you are going to have under 3.0 credits finished in this academic year, which means you are eligible to be charged per course. meaning that you don’t have to pay the upfront program fee that makes all of us and our bank accounts cry; you’ll just have to pay the few hundred dollars per course that you completed in the fall. so no, you won’t get ALL your money back, but you won’t have to pay for any courses you didn’t take. capice? good.

oh, and yes, drop your courses on rosi. obvi.

but like i said, like you said, like everyone knows to say, obey the timeworn phrase: talk to your registrar. they will know the specifics of your situation and all the details that an internet joe like myself couldn’t possibly.




procrastinate on ALL the things!


my college’s fees are due tomorrow August 20th (victoria college). I applied for OSAP,however it hasn’t come through yet and so ROSI is not letting me defer my payment. The minimum payment is almost $5,000, which is very difficult for me to pay. What should I do? what’s the best option?

Is there a smaller fee that i can pay?


Hey hey

Lol nope. There is no smaller fee.

You’re paying your minimum.

But what you need to do is get a form from Enrolment Services for registering without payment. As long as you’ve already handed in your OSAP signature pages et al, they should give it to you.

Now… what did you learn from this experience?

Apply. For OSAP. Early.




what do you mean you don’t work weekends?

Hey, I will be a first year student at UTSC and i’m a little confused as to what to do with the minimum fee payment. I’ve paid my minimum fee on thursday, august 15th, 2013 and the deadline was yesterday (friday, august 18th, 2013). On my ROSI account it shows my payment still hasn’t gone through, will my classes be cancelled? should I wait until I see the payment has gone through?

I’m not sure what to do at this point :S


– Lindsay



So you made a payment on Thursday and wonder why it hasn’t gone through…

Common question.

See, there are these things called business days. They’re Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And then there are work hours, typically from 9 to 5.

When you make a payment, that money goes from the bank to Student Accounts and then to the unlucky bastard that updates ROSI.

Naturally, this is a 3-5 BUSINESS day process, which, given the time of the year, probably takes even longer.

You’re fine. Just wait.

But if you’re soooo concerned and feel like you’re going to burst from all the anxiety, go to your registrar’s office with a proof of payment and see if they’ll manually register you.




I’m Going To Save Lives, So You Make My Tuition Higher?

I’m a student currently attending Fleming College. A few days ago I got early acceptance into the practical nursing program; which means I’ll be starting Jan 2012. I’m currently already enrolled in a program (GHS). I have already started the process of changing my OSAP application to say I’ll be taking nursing in Jan and not finishing the GHS program. My question was since my tuition for nursing is a LOT more than my tuition for GHS will the amount of OSAP I get in Jan change?


… at U of T? Actually its probably the same for Fleming college.

What will most likely happen is a reassement.
OSAP will look at your finances again and if your entitlement is more they will release that to you.

Depending how fast things are assessed, you may receive all of your new OSAP in Jan. If it takes a long time, they will issue what you were already entitled and you will receive the difference later on in the semester.

Happy nursing!



second thoughts already?

Hi there,

I have been accepted to study cinema studies at Innis College for September 2009. I will not be living on residence and would like to know the fees per term (books, equipment etc.)

Thank you.



A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound

Dear Aska,

I’m just wondering what the tuition for the commerce program is like… because according to this website
it’s near 10,000$.? Which seems like a lot compared to the arts/science tuition.? Just wondering if this could possibly be true.

? (more…)


you ain’t gettin’ frosh week for nuthin’

Okay well first… Cabaret rocks (well the music anyway – haven’t seen the entire thing yet)…!
And second…
I heard about having to buy frosh packages. What’s that all about?
And incidental fees… what are those??
Thanks a lot!!



a whole bunch of good q & a…

how nice to have a forum like this!
i’ve got tons of questions that need to be answered….



tuition is faster-growing than starbucks

why are tuition costs constantly going up? how exactly is it that the school keeps justifying these increases? university is getting too expensive. (more…)

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