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hello first year student here! I haven’t started fall 2022 semester yet and wanted to know if I could drop a course I’m enrolled in without paying the tuition for that course (stupid question but I wanted to make sure). also, is there a website for students to use when professors post class materials and such (like google classroom but not really)?? Thanks!

hello hello hello!

so the way that tuition works is a bit weird. if you take 4.0 – 6.0 FCEs (full course equivalents for you newbies) in the fall/winter year, you’ll pay the program fee. so whether you’re taking 4.0 or maxing it out to 6.0, it doesn’t matter, financially — you’d pay the same tuition.

if the courses you drop bring you down to 3.5 or less FCEs total, you can pay course fees, which depend on your number of courses, and ends up being cheaper per course. everyone is charged the program fees at first, and the extra amount for students on course fees will be refunded later in the year.

but be careful: if you are planning to switch from program fees to course fees, make sure to drop your courses by the last date to enrol in them, otherwise, they will still be counted in your total course count. for example, a fall session course has to be dropped by the last day to enrol in F (fall) courses, which is september 21st this year. if you have any concerns or questions about this, definitely check out your registrar for advice because it can be tricky to keep track of all the different dates and how the payments work and everything.

in terms of the course materials and stuff, yes! it’s called quercus and it literally is google classrooms but not really. uoft just had to get a ~quirky~ name for our whole oaks and acorns theme.

i wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve started getting bombarded by email notifications from quercus already but don’t worry if you haven’t, because profs are slow, and you will be hearing from them… soon. 🙂

best of luck!


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