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not another college question

I’m a student who’s applying internationally for the faculty of arts and
sciences. And I really don’t understand the college system.
I mean I do, but like, are there subjects that are not available in all
colleges? Are there any colleges that are  academically lower than others?
I’m planning to either major in film or english, is that going to matter?
Also, how do I do my research about the colleges? I’m really lost about
this whole situation.

Thank you so much, your blog really helped clear up a lot of thing.



i was going to preface this post by saying ‘ugh, not another college question’, but you’ve asked some questions that i think are important to address, so i have no sass for you today.

let me try addressing your questions one by one.

1. are there any subjects that are not available in all colleges?

do you mean to ask if there are any subjects that are exclusive to certain colleges? the answer to that is no. you have access to all courses in the faculty of arts and science regardless of your college affiliation.

2. are there colleges that are academically lower than other colleges?

no, not that i know of. there are students who perform well and students who perform poorly at every college. even if there were, we most likely would not be able to disclose that information on aska because that would be hella shady.

3. i’m planning on majoring in film and english, does that matter?

not really. innis college IS known for their cinema studies program and there isn’t really ONE college affiliated with english. innis also has a writing and rhetoric program, while vic has literature and critical theory. the only thing that might matter is, for example: you might hear more about cinema studies events if you’re an innis college student. regardless, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you are subscribed to the right listservs (email subscriptrions). to see a list of every college’s specialty, click here!

4. how do i conduct research on the colleges?

you can go on this website and find the tag ‘colleges‘. we’ve answered tons of questions similar to yours and you’re bound to find out a lot about each of them. even browsing reddit or college websites can tell you a lot about them. maybe you’ll find that one particular college gives off a good vibe. like i’ve said in the past, what college you’re part of doesn’t REALLY matter unless you’re thinking of living in residence. there’s also college culture to consider, but you’ll have to find out about those yourself by talking to people from the respective colleges.  if you want more info on the residences offered, check out our ‘residence‘ tag!

keep in mind that when you’re ranking colleges, some colleges (innis, vic, trin) require you to rank them first.

choose wisely, my friend.




peace and love,



UofT isn’t always the answer


I am a Chinese Senior student in Hunan Normal University, Oh, I bet you have never heard about it. Never mind, I am so happy that Innis College have such a good access for us to know more about this college, since I got so many questions in my mind to ask.

For one, I want to apply for a M.A program in film studies. But I have no idea, what exactly a graduates’ life should be? I mean, what a graduate should do during the two years studies? Are they go to classroom everyday, and fulfill the professor’s assignment? Or they will get the chance to help their profressor to accomplish a real film? Or they just be given the topic of a paper, and then try to finish it before they get the degree? You know, cultures and policies vary from countries, I do really want to know what a graduate mean to a native Canadian.

Another thing is that, what’s the relationship between a student and a professor in graduate level? Someone told me that what a professor to a student just like what a boss to a employee, is that ture? Is there any chance that I can contact my “future boss” before admission? Or is there any Chinese student, I mean graduate students, in your college right now is in film studies program? Can I contact to them?

Thank you soo much and it would mean so much if you replied


My understanding is that here at UofT, at least, graduate school is often the stepping stone to a PhD degree. Currently, there’s no PhD in Cinema Studies at U of T – but that could change. If you go on to do a PhD, you’ll be doing a lot of research, not film-making. After getting a PhD, you’d probably (though not necessarily) become professor and teach and research film theory. I’m guessing that not a lot of film-making will go on in the cinema studies courses at UofT. As a comparison, take the English department. Generally, the majority of the courses offered in the English department are about literature and not on how to write and publish novels.

Similarly, it seems that the cinema studies program at UofT will prepare you for research. I’ve taken a look at the courses, and most of them seem pretty theoretical. Here’s a list of them if you wanted to check it out.

From your email, though, I get the feeling that you want to get there and do some film-making, instead of sitting in a classroom and doing assignments. The link I gave you says that you’ll be given a choice as to whether to do an internship or a major research paper, but I doubt that the internship will entail making a film. I’m not in grad school myself, but I’ve attended several presentations on graduate schools and have been told research is the biggest part of grad school.

If you’re looking for a film-making degree, the Cinema Studies department suggests considering other Universities or colleges that might provide you with direct experience. For instance, York University has an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) program in Film Production in which you would tak[e] courses with [their] faculty of award-winning filmmakers, completing a thesis film or digital work, and Ryerson University has a Documentary Media degree. Check the Universities in other countries too.

However, that’s not to say that a grad school wouldn’t help you with film-making. Just as knowledge of music theory would help someone compose music, learning the theory behind films could teach you a lot. Knowing about movies and movie history can offer some context and some inspiration. In addition, while being in grad school, you could pursue film-making on the side. For instance, there are film-making courses at Hart House (UofT’s student centre).

I’ve contacted the film department and they have told me that you are free to get in touch with anyone in the cinema studies graduate program right now. Contact, and they will find someone who’s willing to answer your questions. Being a grad student brings you much more in contact personally with professors, because you are in effect on track to becoming an independent scholar in your own right – so you keep learning, but you also engage with the profs a lot more. You’ll write papers and present them at conferences, probably, and get direct supervision.

Feel free to ask more questions if you have any or if I’ve been unclear.


second thoughts already?

Hi there,

I have been accepted to study cinema studies at Innis College for September 2009. I will not be living on residence and would like to know the fees per term (books, equipment etc.)

Thank you.



“… and last but not least- askastudent, for getting me that tripod.”


I’m a film student looking for video/audio recording equipment for rent/loan.? Does anyone know of any resources I could use?? I’m specifically looking for camera tripods and microphones. ?

? (more…)


Wheelcum ta Kanada

I will be an exchange student during fall/winter session 2008-2009. I want to ask few questions.
First, as an exchange student, can I take Cinema Studies Courses? I heard that they are limited courses, so I cannot enroll in them through ISXO.(Exchange students enroll in all courses though ISXO)

Second, most Cinema Studies Courses consist of lectures, tutorials and practical work. Can you tell me what exactly practical work is? Do students actually make a movie during that time or watch movies?? Also, do I have to enroll in practical work classes like turitorials?

Lastly, which class is easy for a beginner?? I love movies but actually I don’t want to MAKE a movie myself. I just want to study movies.

Thanks! ? (more…)


if i only had a heart (tear)

What’s your take on the Munchkin Suicide in the Wizard of OZ? Urban Legend or Reality?


if you like movies, into to film is EASY

Ques time ! i need to pull up my GPA order to do that I must know how much trouble( read..very hard to get over A) is involved in INI115YI ( itro to film studies) Thanks!



director Paul Thomas Anderson: “film school is for chumps”

Location: rockland community college, new york
I can’t figure out on the web site if there are actual filmmaking courses, not just theory. If there isn’t much, then can you take courses at some of the art schools in Toronto and transfer the credits? And are the courses at UofT good? Do students actually get to make films?


studying in the sweet hereafter

hey. I want to register for Atom Egoyan’s class, Transgressions: An Approach to Interdisciplinary Practice. What is the course code?


from here to india-ternity: cinema studies for international students

I m interested in cinema study and i m confuse whether U of T have many colleges which offers this course? or Innis is the only college to do so? if somebody can guide me for my portfolio reqirement?

hoping for somebody to help

pankaj, India



find yourself in celluloid

I am going into third year at vic college and am currently an english major. I want to know if it is still possible, (and if so, how to) switch my major officially to film. I havent taken any film classes yet, and met with my registar earlier this year. She informed me it was possible and I would just have to contact someone in the film department. I just dont know who this person is, or how to contact him/her.
Also, in the past on the day we choose our courses online I have had trouble gettings into classes that I am not listed as majoring in, will this be a problem for the film classes I want to take??? even if they dont require prerequisities??

hi lost louis,


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studying cinema at the UofT

Hiya, I’m interested in studying film (not making film yet) and I’m looking into the Cinema Studies course. Would you recommend this course and if so, what kind of marks will I need to get in coming out of high school?
thanks a million



cinema studies, flim makers, and hollywood north

This is a great site guys! Thanks for all the info.Alright, I want to go into film and I know UT has a cinema studies program which “studies” film but i just wanted to know if there is any sort of film making community there? also are there any film-esque jobs avaible in toronto? and (just one more i swear!) what is the general consensus on the cinema studies program? good? crap? might as well spent the time attempting to dig to china?thanks for everything. (more…)

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