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    i can only speculate

    if i can’t find a course on the timetable, does that mean it isn’t being offered? i’m really interested in ANT195H1 (Speculative Fiction and Social Reality) but when i try to add it to the timetable, it won’t show up!


    hey there,

    ANT195 does sound pretty cool! unfortunately, it’s hard for me to say at this point because the timetable is still constantly being updated. i’m not sure if these are big updates or small ones. i tried looking it up too, both using the course code and by scrolling through the anthropology listings, and can’t find any mention of ANT195.

    i guess if you really wanted to check on it, you could very politely email the department? thing is, if it hasn’t been finalized yet, the department may not even have an answer for you.

    might wanna start looking into backups, just in case. ENG102 might be a good option if it’s the speculative fiction you’re into– my guess is it would be a larger course than the anthro one, though. lemme know if you need any other recommendations and i can try to dig those up for you! i would recommend you plan for something else for now, and keep checking up on the course as the weeks go by. maybe, with a little luck, it’ll come up. it’s still in the calendar, anyway, which is more than i can say for some of the courses i planned to take. 

    a side note — since the timetable is always being updated, it’s best to double check all your courses before your start time at the end of july!

    over n out,



    EDIT 06/08/19: i’ve received word that the timetable actually has a few issues that need ironing out. eg. old courses appearing, current ones missing etc. there’s a possibility that ANT195 may fall into the latter category. i will add to this post if i find anything out, but i would sit tight for now.

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    back 2 calc

    Hi aska. I’m 5th year of my undergraduate life and have been slowly but surely been raising my pretty low GPA to get it high enough to graduate this coming June. Back in my early uni life I’ve managed to pass the 1st year calculus course but failed the 2nd 1st year calculus course twice. I never bothered doing it a 3rd time because I changed my programs but as graduation is approaching I’ve been regretting not finishing it. After I graduate is it possible to come back and just complete it?



    yes it is! actually, lots of students come back after graduating to update their marks in a specific course, take a pre-req for grad school, boost their GPA, etc etc etc.

    if you’ve graduated from u of t and you wanna return to take courses that are in the same faculty or division that you just graduated from, you need to visit your former registrar’s office who can help you re-register as a non-degree student OR if you need to re-apply on OUAC. check out this link for more information about non-degree registration (scroll down to “non-degree applicants”).

    i hope this helps!

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    get cancelled

    If I’m taking a year off do I have to inform the school?



    no, you don’t need to inform the school. don’t pay any fees or enrol in any courses, and just let yourself become financially cancelled.

    when you want to return to the school, go to your registrar’s office and ask to be re-registered. you’ll have to pay a fee, but then you’ll be re-registered and able to continue where you left off.

    hope this was helpful!

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    peace and love,


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    chin up


    I was wondering if there are any cases where a student who was refused further registration was allowed back through petitioning?

    In the Jan-Apr 2016 semester, I enrolled in a few courses that I had to eventually drop due to extenuating circumstances. Unfortunately, I had confused the course drop date with the late withdrawal date and ended up having the to late withdraw my courses instead. The problem is I went over the late withdrawal limit and was left with one course that I could not have passed by then. I was on my last academic suspension, thus was refused further registration after having this failed course on my record.

    I immediately filed a petition to have the course removed from by records, but was refused. This was in April. I have been working since then, but I really want to finish my degree. Since my second suspension, my grades have been slowly improving, though not enough to take me out of academic probation. I am eight courses short of completion and to fail now because of a careless mistake, not poor grades, is regrettable. I have been trying so hard to improve. I’ve been on suspension so many times, but I keep coming back because even though I am not a very good student, I am serious about getting my degree.

    I have been talking to an academic advisor since my first suspension way back when. She’d helped me with my latest petition too, but after it was refused, I emailed her several times, including one last week, but no response. Maybe she is on holiday. Or maybe she has no obligation to talk to someone who is not a student? Is that possible?

    Are there any stories of people actually coming back from a refusal? What do you think of my situation? Also, when I was suspended for 36 months, I actually made a petition for an early return and was approved. The approval message included a line that said that this would be the only time something like this will be approved; the same type of petition will not be approved a second time. If I appeal this time, would it be a different type of petition?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


    hello there!

    first of all, i want to commend you for your unrelenting determination in completing your degree. i would give anything to be as determined as you!

    that being said, i wish i had better news for you.

    given the fact that you have been suspended multiple times, it’s very unlikely that the university will let you re-register. due to the unique nature of your question, i actually consulted a registrar and was told that petitioning after being refused further registration was possible, but extremely rare.

    refused further registration‘ is as clear as it gets.

    if you are dead set on trying to come back (again, good for you), my advice for you is to try contacting your college’s registrar’s office. i understand that your advisor may not be responding to your emails, but if you contact the office directly, they might be able to do something for you, whether it’s helping you pursue your petition, or looking for alternate options.

    since it is a busy time of year, some registrar’s offices get backed up with too many emails from incoming students, so it may help to go visit them in person. generally, offices tend to help those who come in person first over those on the phone or those who email.

    i’m assuming that petitioning refused further registration will be a different petition because it’s making an appeal for a different rule at the university, but again, your registrar will have a better idea of how the petition process works.

    if you aren’t able to come back to school, you might want to consider applying elsewhere. you never know, another university or college may have a different acceptance standards.

    have i ever heard of anyone coming back from being refused further registration? no, but that’s not because it’s never happened before, it’s only because that in my short time as aska, i’ve never met anyone who has been refused further registration.

    in terms of my own opinion, i think it’s great that you’ve been working during your suspension and being productive. i hope that you’ve found something that you enjoy doing! maybe further employment and pursuing your career is the way to go! it certainly is cheaper than completing a degree! don’t be discouraged, you said that your grades had been steadily improving. do not forget about that progress. your determination alone will get you very far.

    aska believes in you.

    and frankly, i’m excited to see how your life unfolds. drop us a line sometime and keep us updated on your situation!




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    coming home (coming home), tell the world…

    Hey so i was enrolled in the 2013-2014 year for my first year in social sciences and after that year I felt like I didnt know what i wanted this affected my grades since i only came out with one credit so i took a break. Its november of 2015 and i think i finally decided I want to pursue mathematics.

    So what i was wondering is do i have to do anything special to begin enrolling again or do i just wait till we begin enrolling in courses for next year again and rejoin the crowd?

    My account is in good standing since i dropped most things and it still says active on rosi.

    Also if i wanted to enroll in a couple classes this upcoming winter semester is it too late? Just something to wet my beak so Im not thrown into a full semester after so much time out of school.

    Thank you in advance


    hey there,

    glad to hear you found the time off helpful and that you’re coming back! take note, anxious first years: time off is not the end of the world, and you will come out alive on the other side.

    all you have to do to come back is re-register. that requires you to go to your college/faculty registrar’s office, fill out a form, pay a $25 fee, and then boom! you’re “invited,” which means you can enrol in courses again when course enrolment starts in june.

    if you have any outstanding fees, you’ll have to pay those off probably before you enrol, and you’ll need to keep in mind deadlines for making payments for next year.

    the process is the same for the winter semester, though it will be difficult (though definitely not impossible) to find courses that aren’t full already. i would recommend perusing the course calendar and seeing what’s still available/interesting to you before going in to your registrar’s office to re-register.

    hope that helps! good luck with your RETURN.



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    Hi Aska!

    So I’m planning to take a year off starting the end of the winter term. After finishing my discussion with the registrar about the procedure, I realised I had forgotten to ask just how long it takes for the college to re-register a student. I’m mainly concerned about this because I want to apply for on-campus res in Feb. I’m planning to send in the form and money sometime in January, and I don’t think it’ll take the college an entire month to re-register me, but ya never know…

    Anyway, anything you know helps!


    hey there,

    re-registration usually takes, like, five minutes. you just gotta bring $25 to re-activate your account and make sure you go in time (the deadline to register for fall 2014 was august 19th – so just keep an eye on what that date will be for the date you plan on coming back).

    enjoy your year off! i’ll just be here…in school…having a blast.


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    i’m off!


    I’m currently a fourth year UofT student in life sciences, but want to switch schools and enter another program/field. My problem is that I am missing a few (2) courses to graduate. If I were to start at another school for fall 2015, can I return to take the courses at UofT summer (2016) and graduate?

    Thank You!


    hey there,

    it shouldn’t be a problem! you’re allowed to take time off and pick up where you left off, so to speak, pretty much as you like. the university isn’t too bothered about that kind of thing.

    you may have to provide a transcript or other evidence to uoft of whatever studies you decided to do during your time off (just in case there’s a possibility for transfer credit), and there’s a $25 re-registration fee in the faculty of arts & science if you take a year or more off – but that’s about it! easy-peasy, pumpkin squeezy.



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    is the minimum payment really the minimum?

    1- the message above your ask box says uncol instead of uncool, jsyk!! 2 – i added 4 courses originally and then after i paid the minimum payment, i ended up adding more courses. do i have to pay more on top of the minimum payment now? or am i good until i have to pay the rest in november, or whatever? does the minimum payment change?


    hey there,

    thank you! darn those typos. they’ll be the edn of me.

    no, the minimum payment does not change – if you paid to register by the deadline, you are going to stay registered. registration doesn’t retroactively go back and un-register people, so that’s good news.

    however, your total fees may change. because you said ‘courses’ instead of ‘credits,’ (always use credits! no one counts in courses), i don’t know if the number of courses you added tipped you from part-time to full time.

    full time students (3.0 credits +) have a different fee from part-time students. part-timers are assessed on a per course basis (so a student with 0.5 credits pays less than a student taking 1.0 credits), while full-time students pay a program fee. depending on your credit count now, you could be in either one of those camps.

    also, some programs work differently than others in terms of fees (commerce, bioinformatics and comp. sci. are the main culprits at st. george). you can take a look at the part-time and full-time fees for your program/faculty here.

    you can also read more about that november 15th deadline you mentioned (which is the day that service charges start to apply on any fees you haven’t paid yet), and lots more helpful info about fee deadlines, here.

    (i know it can seem a tad overwhelming when you first look at it, but that link is actually super helpful.)

    finally, it’s always a good idea to keep your eye on your account invoice on ROSI. if you ever see something that makes you go “what???”, you can read up and ask questions so you’re aware of what’s going on. and if any of the changes i mentioned do happen, they’ll show up on there.



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    Hi, I was just wondering how do you know if you’ve successfully enrolled at utm? I’m pretty sure I have but I want to double check…


    hey there,

    i’m not sure what exactly you’re asking, so i’m just gonna answer every interpretation of the question i can think of and cover all my bases.

    if you mean, “how do i know if i’m enrolled in courses?” then: course enrolment at UTM doesn’t start until july 3rd for first-years – you can see your start time for enrolment beginning on June 27th. course enrolment has already started for all other years.

    in both cases, you enrol in courses online through ROSI. ROSI will tell you if you’re successfully enrolled in each course as you enrol in it.

    if you mean, “how do i know if i’m registered at the school?” then: if you’re a first-year student, all you’ve gotta do is accept your offer on OUAC and pay or defer your fees by August 19th. if you’re a returning student, make sure to enrol in subject POSts (if applicable) by August 29th, pay minimum meal plan/rez fees by August 15th, and pay or defer your school fees by August 19th.

    regardless of your year, your status appear on ROSI as “invited” starting about the beginning of july, until you make the minimum tuition fee payment, and then it will appear as “registered.”



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    Waiving to REG.

    Please help! This year’s OSAP deferral date is August 19th; Since I will be out of province until September 1st, I cannot go into the admin and awards office to officially defer me OSAP fees.

    I’ve emailed the OSAP staff at admin and awards several times in the last month with no response!

    Do you know of any options to defer my fees without having to fly back to Toronto?

    Thank you so much.


    First, a lesson: emailing or calling Admissions & Awards is futile, my friend. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. You really can’t hold it against them either – they are insanely busy at this time of year. One’s best bet is to go there in person. But that advice doesn’t do you a lot of good, does it?


    I hope you didn’t try too hard, because they won’t be able to defer your fees anyway.


    For those of you who don’t understand… deferring your fees is like waiving the fee payment deadline (19 August). Well, it’s not “like” that – it is that. You are registered in your courses, without having paid the minimum installment, under the assumption that you will pay your fees whenever your OSAP money gets dumped into your personal bank account. Which, by the way, is one of the greatest feelings on Earth – a fleeting reprieve from the weight of student poverty.


    But don’t get too excited, you will have to pay your outstanding tuition balance eventually (before you can pay for NEXT year’s fees). 1.5% monthly interest will also start to pile up beginning on 15 November.


    There are two methods for deferring your fees. One, a laborious and traditional approach that forces interaction with your Registrarial staff. The other, a brand new and slick approach that requires the most minimal of energy inputs (the rest of your energy being spent lugging around the Calendar and Timetable, and tweeting).


    Sounds nice, right? The institution is actually enabling our generation’s chronic laziness (…it’s sooo not our fault).

    What is this new fangled fee deferral method, you ask?!


    Beginning in the middle of the first week of August, an option will appear on the ROSI main page (near the bottom) that links you to a fee deferral request. Just follow the subsequent steps, and – if you have applied for OSAP and are eligible for some kind of funding – then you will soon be registered in your courses automatically. If you get an error message along the way, that’s either because you are ineligible, you’re not doing it correctly, or (more likely, in my opinion) the system is malfunctioning.


    If everything seems to run smoothly, then periodically consult your “registration status” (indicated below your Personal Timetable on ROSI). It will change from INVIT to REG. REG is good. You want to see REG. Reg is your real friend. Invit is just a flake who will leave you… on August 20… taking all your courses with him.

    If you can’t defeat some sort of error message on ROSI then resort to the old-school fee deferral method:


    Locate your Notice of Assessment (or print the screen that shows your name and the chart with your funding breakdown). Bring it to your Registrar’s Office. Fill out a Fee Deferral Request form, and you’re done. If you can’t be bothered to come downtown (cause you’re a lazy generation Y member – or you live in Wawa), then fax/email a scan of your Notice of Assessment to your Registrar’s Office and follow up with an email with explicit instructions to defer your fees. It can’t hurt to call them to make sure they received it, but give them a little time first, k?


    Do these options make sense? Good. Have fun “outside of the province” – unless you’re in Alberta.

    Then I’ll just offer you my condolences.

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    acting your get together

    I’ve had a rough two years in terms of personal life and only passed 2.5 credits in my first year. Now, in my second year, problems at home have continued to build up and stress me out. I tried taking a lighter course load this year but it was still too much. I dropped my last course of the school year in time for the S-course drop date. Now that I have no credits for this year, will I be able to take courses in the summer and fall?

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    Just be happy you have somewhere to live.

    In late March I received my acceptance to UofT; however, I did not get into my first choice college (University
    College). Instead I got into New College. Today (late May) I attended an open house of sorts, and we toured the residence rooms. To say I am not impressed would be an understatement. I have already accepted UofT (obviously) and have sent in my residence reply form. My first question is, is it still possible at this time to transfer into
    College, or am I just going to have to suck it up? Also, I have seen the UC dorms and I like them much better.

    My second question: do languages count as a humanities or social science? I want to go into Pharmacy and one of the pre-requisites is that I have at least one humanities or social science course along with the regular sciences.