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    i’m an alien, i’m a legal alien. i’m an engineer in trinity

    Hi, so I’m going to be starting at U of T as an engsci in September. As such, I have to rank my residence options. I had also received an offer from Trinity for artsci, but I declined this in favour of engsci. However, I’d still quite like to live at Trinity. My concern is that if I do manage to still get residence at Trin, would I be kind of isolated from the rest of the engineering faculty? Would it be a better idea to put somewhere like New College as my first choice, and be in residence with more engineering students? Thank yooouuu


    hey there,

    living in engineering’s living learning community at new college is a great idea. engineering is pretty gruelling, and living with a whole bunch of people – including your don – who understand what you’re going through is probably a very comforting and supportive residence experience.

    you’ll always have people to study with and people to vent with. people will be by and large on the same schedule as you are – so when you’re buckling down, everyone else will be too. when you have some time to wind down, you’ll have people to enjoy it with.

    so yeah, living with engineers could be great. but it could also be not so great.

    think about it this way: you love your mom, right? of course you do. you and your ma are the tightest. you would do anything for her. but do you want to live with her? see her day in, day out?

    of course you don’t – that’s why you’re moving out.

    a living learning society has the potential to be kind of like that. engineering is pretty intense, and you might find yourself?wanting a break from it when you come home from class.

    living at trinity could provide you with that break. no matter where you live, you’re not going to be isolated from your engineering peers – so don’t worry about that. firstly, you’ll be spending too much time in class together for that to ever be possible, and secondly, most people commute anyway, so living on res won’t exclude you.

    but what trinity can give you that engineering can’t is a community outside your studies – friends from other programs, with other perspectives.

    there are only 425 people living at trinity, and trinity, more perhaps than some other, newer colleges at uoft, has a very strong sense of self (dressing up in black robes every wednesday evening can do that to a group of people).

    being a part of the trinity community as well as the engineering community might give you a nice balance between engineering and, well, something else.

    ultimately, there’s no right answer. residence is very largely a non-academic experience, and different people will prefer different kinds of communities. just try to go with whichever option you feel more excited about. if you can, book a residence tour at each college. then just feel it out.

    best of luck, and see you in september!


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    follow your heart, not your nose

    Hey aska,
    I applied to UTSG for life sciences but I’m having a really tough time deciding on whether I want to attend New College or University College. I’ve been looking online (for example at the official websites) but I can’t seem to find a whole lot of information on New or UC (although there seems to be no lack of it for Trin and Vic) from a students perspective or information that hasn’t been polished to attract students. So I was wondering, which college would be closer to most of my classes? What’s the general atmosphere like at each? What’s the social scene like at each? Any other pros or cons you know about these two colleges (for example I read new college is pretty anti social and smells odd…)?



    First things first: stop it with the stereotypes. I’ve said this many times before in the past, and I’m going to say it again. There are anti-social and stinky people in every college (and yes, that includes you, Trinity. Those robes don’t magically prevent you from getting stinky, even if you think they do). And I don’t think it’s fair to the 4000 people going to New College that you automatically stereotype them as being anti-social based on what sounds like a random forum post by someone who likely never even went to New College.

    I really don’t know which college will be closer to your classes, because 1) I don’t know what classes you’re taking, and 2) even if I did, the locations of classes change each year, so it’s really hard to say. Still, UC and New College are both located in the middle of campus, so both are pretty convenient places to be. They’re both close to places like the athletic centre and Sidney Smith (the Arts and Science building you’ll probably have a few classes there). If you’re a commuter, New College is close to the Spadina streetcar, but it’s not like UC is that far away from it, either.

    New College is a diverse bunch. They are the host of the Equity studies program, so diversity is something they really push for and some students really appreciate. Though UC isn’t too different. From what I gather, they are pretty open-minded group.

    As for other advantages? if you’re living at residence, you might want to consider how pretty the buildings are. If you’re living in Toronto, take a tour of the colleges, if you can. Of course, the University College building is infamous, and is what a lot of people think of when they think of UofT. (Though one of my high school friends once said it looked like a haunted house. *shrug*)

    Finally, from what I’ve collected from being at UofT for several years, a lot of people seem to like UC I’ve even heard people saying that they wished they’d gone there. I don’t know how much you should let that affect your decision, but there it is. Still, I have a friend who’s an international student going to New College, and she’s still having a great time. She says that New College’s meal plan is probably the best on campus — and I’d be inclined to agree, because I’ve eaten at Victoria, UC, and New and I liked New College’s food the best. Of course, if you’re not living on residence, that’s not really an important issue.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that your decision is not final. If you find that you don’t like your college, you can always apply for a switch at the end of first year. Also, you might want to take a look at these posts by the amazingly-awesome Cynthia of UpbeaT. She’s interviewed the student life director so they’re not exactly the unpolished opinions you requested, but they do nevertheless give you a good overall impression of the two colleges.

    Anyway, I know I probably have not swayed you too much in either direction, but my advice to you is just pick one and go with it. A lot of people find that at the end, their college choice is only a small part of their overall experience at UofT. You will meet people in other ways – such as joining extra-curricular activities, volunteering, or through your classes – especially if you’re in a small program. At the end though, I think one of the most important things you get from your University experience is that you will meet people from extremely different backgrounds. And I think that will happen no matter what college you pick. I know this totally doesn’t help you pick your college, but I think one day you’ll look back at my post and think WOW! Aska was right!

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    Just be happy you have somewhere to live.

    In late March I received my acceptance to UofT; however, I did not get into my first choice college (University
    College). Instead I got into New College. Today (late May) I attended an open house of sorts, and we toured the residence rooms. To say I am not impressed would be an understatement. I have already accepted UofT (obviously) and have sent in my residence reply form. My first question is, is it still possible at this time to transfer into
    College, or am I just going to have to suck it up? Also, I have seen the UC dorms and I like them much better.

    My second question: do languages count as a humanities or social science? I want to go into Pharmacy and one of the pre-requisites is that I have at least one humanities or social science course along with the regular sciences.


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    i am a jerk. please don’t listen to me.

    I got an offer from UofT, however it says I have to go to new college.
    I was reading the reviews you wrote on the web and it doesn’t sound too good. The overweight science kid that wins the girl at the end of the movie???
    Am I stuck with this college forever, is it really that bad, give me some good news.
    Anyway, I’m glad I got in no matter what the college is.
    Also, I was reading there is a cut-out mark for entry into different colleges my first choices were UC, Innis, St. Michael’s with New in 5th place. Am I just too dumb for the other colleges?

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    help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee askastudent! i miss ur responses! plzz update! i have a question 4 u and its urgent. what have u heard about Intro to African Studies: NEW 150 Y1? There is no rating available in the anti calendar and the description of the course is vague. I am wondering which countries do they cover? lastly, what have u heard about CLA 160? Is it any good?
    milles merci!