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    you could be pitbull

    Hi Aska!

    I was wondering if you know how many students are accepted into the international relations program each year. I’m worried that if I don’t make it into a One program during first year I won’t have a good shot of being accepted into IR for second year.

    Thanks very much!!!



    bad news, kid.

    so, unfortunately, departments don’t allow us access to information on how many students get accepted into the program each year. it’s just not something undergraduate departments tend to release to the public. you can always try contacting the department directly if the question is really bugging you!

    because international relations is a type 3 program, we can assume that the program enrolment is quite limited and “finite”. in addition to submitting a separate application, remember that you’ll need to take the courses listed here and meet the minimum grade requirements in order to even be considered.

    if you don’t get into a One program, it’s not a huge deal. they indicate that you have the option of taking HIS103Y1Y or HIS102Y1Y instead of VicOne or TrinOne. don’t worry about getting screwed over by limited enrolment/ application deadlines!

    this could be you in a year!:

    don’t sweat it too much. just work hard and make sure your grades meet or exceed the minimum requirement. if you don’t get into the IR program in second year, you can always try again in third year!

    good luck, my friend!

    international peace and love,


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    trinternational relations

    Hello aska,
    So i’m going into my first year at Uoft (Studies in Humanities) and hoping to major in IR (International Relations). In high school, I was that kid who didn’t know what I wanted to do so i kinda freaked out and applied to like 10 different programs (including the life sciences and engineering) at a bunch of other universities. My first choice at that point was not UofT and so on the OUAC application….I kind of ranked my college preferences randomly and without any real consideration (really stupid, i know, please bear with me).
    After a lot of guidance appointments, career aptitude tests, and tears later, I finally decided that I really wanted to go the IR/Law route- and so I ended up choosing UofT. I happened to rank New College as my first college, and so that’s what I got into. I have since, however, learnt that Trinity College is the hub of IR. Now i’m a little terrified that because I’m not part of Trinity, I’m going to miss out on all the IR-related networking opportunities and clubs that Trinity offers. I have also heard that Trinity does not take any switches after first year, and does not take anyone who doesn’t rank it as their #1 preference when first applying.
    Have I massively screwed up, and is there any way at all to switch into Trinity??? I’d very much appreciate a reply.
    Thank you very much!



    trinity college may be the “hub” of IR, but realistically, you can find out about these networking opportunities and clubs through connections and knowing where to look.

    you’ll see here in the IR FAQ that you don’t have to be a trinity college student to get involved. the international relations society (a.k.a. the IRS lol) is a good place to start. the website is active during the school year and has a great deal of events listed that you can attend.

    you could also join U of T IR groups on facebook and subscribe to notifications. remember that you’ll need to use your U of T email address to join!

    if i haven’t been reassuring enough and you really want to switch to trin, you can try contacting their registrar’s office to apply for a transfer in second year.

    don’t panic, you haven’t massively screwed up! if you don’t want to take my advice, at least take wise dolphin’s advice.




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    Ok hello! I’ve ranked Trinity #1 at U of T. I’m a Canadian student (from BC) studying abroad so it’s not necessary for me to do the whole supplemental application (despite the strong recommendation trin stresses on). I missed the deadline to submit the supplemental application and am considering doing it now (nearly 2 weeks after I’m supposed to have finished it). Is there a point to this? Or will it just make me look like a bad candidate since I’ve submitted it so late? Have you met anyone that hasn’t done their supp app but got in? Thanks!!!!! Xxxxxxx


    hey there,

    i gave a call to the folks at the trinity college registrar’s office (who are actually so lovely, by the way, so shout out to them), and the short answer is: if you didn’t submit it, it’s not something to pull your hair out over.

    basically, you can still submit it after the deadline. it’s just that they might already have looked at your application and made an admission decision, so then your supplemental application would not be factored into that decision. if you do decide to submit your supplemental app. late, you are running that risk.

    it’s been a while since you sent this question (that’s an oopsie on my part), so at this point i’d say it’s almost certainly too late. HOWEVER, there’s no need give up your dreams of high tables and blacks cloaks yet – there is a possibility that you’ll be admitted on marks alone. some people truly are that smart. i mean, i wasn’t. but i hear some people are.



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    i’m an alien, i’m a legal alien. i’m an engineer in trinity

    Hi, so I’m going to be starting at U of T as an engsci in September. As such, I have to rank my residence options. I had also received an offer from Trinity for artsci, but I declined this in favour of engsci. However, I’d still quite like to live at Trinity. My concern is that if I do manage to still get residence at Trin, would I be kind of isolated from the rest of the engineering faculty? Would it be a better idea to put somewhere like New College as my first choice, and be in residence with more engineering students? Thank yooouuu


    hey there,

    living in engineering’s living learning community at new college is a great idea. engineering is pretty gruelling, and living with a whole bunch of people – including your don – who understand what you’re going through is probably a very comforting and supportive residence experience.

    you’ll always have people to study with and people to vent with. people will be by and large on the same schedule as you are – so when you’re buckling down, everyone else will be too. when you have some time to wind down, you’ll have people to enjoy it with.

    so yeah, living with engineers could be great. but it could also be not so great.

    think about it this way: you love your mom, right? of course you do. you and your ma are the tightest. you would do anything for her. but do you want to live with her? see her day in, day out?

    of course you don’t – that’s why you’re moving out.

    a living learning society has the potential to be kind of like that. engineering is pretty intense, and you might find yourself?wanting a break from it when you come home from class.

    living at trinity could provide you with that break. no matter where you live, you’re not going to be isolated from your engineering peers – so don’t worry about that. firstly, you’ll be spending too much time in class together for that to ever be possible, and secondly, most people commute anyway, so living on res won’t exclude you.

    but what trinity can give you that engineering can’t is a community outside your studies – friends from other programs, with other perspectives.

    there are only 425 people living at trinity, and trinity, more perhaps than some other, newer colleges at uoft, has a very strong sense of self (dressing up in black robes every wednesday evening can do that to a group of people).

    being a part of the trinity community as well as the engineering community might give you a nice balance between engineering and, well, something else.

    ultimately, there’s no right answer. residence is very largely a non-academic experience, and different people will prefer different kinds of communities. just try to go with whichever option you feel more excited about. if you can, book a residence tour at each college. then just feel it out.

    best of luck, and see you in september!


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    applying to uni sure is fun

    Hi there!

    I was just wondering if I will get a separate email from Trinity College on how to apply for the supplementary application. I tried going through the link they have on their website but it won’t open.

    Since I had to rank colleges… If I don’t get accepted to the first college, will the second then the next etc look at the application? Or will all colleges look at the application then offer an admission? I’m kind of confused with this process… How will this affect the choices for residence if let’s say I prefer Woodsworth or New College/s Residences over Trinity Residence? Is the deadline February 28?

    When I tried applying to UTAPS, it linked me to the OSAP site.. is it the same application or separate? Also, how big of an impact does extra-curriculars have on getting an offer from U of T (Faculty of Arts & Science)? Is there something similar to a PEY for Humanities students (Ethics, Society & Law) or an internship etc?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Thanks so much & I hope I hear back from you soon.


    hey there,

    i’m not sure what you mean about the trin application, because it works for me. you should be able to go here, enter your JOINid (which should have been e-mailed to you by the university) and fill it out! if it’s not working, e-mail the college for help (registrar (at) trinity (.) utoronto (.) ca).

    as for colleges, basically, they try to put you in your #1 choice if at all possible. so if you put trin as #1, i hope you’re happy with getting into trin. if you prefer woodsworth or new, put one of those as your first choice!

    Your OUAC application should have been handed in yesterday, January 15th (though it looks like you still can submit the application up until february 28th if you need to). Trinity college doesn’t specify a deadline for their college profile application thingy, but they do have early february BOLDED as a recommendation, so i’d aim for then.

    as for UTAPS, this is the application procedure.

    also lol no, if you’re in the humanities you basically have to fend for yourself. but if you do a bit of careful googling, you’ll find there are lots of private internships offered by companies in the city, that you can apply to all by yourself. there’s also work-study, which allows you to work on campus for actual money! woo!

    ALSO extra-curriculars are not considered for your application to uoft, though they may have some bearing on your trin application, and they are also important for scholarship/grant/bursary applications, which i would strongly recommend you apply for.



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    vic or trin?!?1!?1111

    I know I’m supposed to use the email form for this – next year I’d like to go to U of T… I’m in Gr. 12, so OBVIOUSLY looking at colleges. I read all the stuff, but still am at a loss. I’m debating between Trin and Vic as my first choice, and instead of being all positive and optimistic, can you try to convince me why not to go to each? Could be fun…?*hint*


    I have decided that every time i get another college question i am going to share a fact about koala bears.

    Did you know that koalas eat 2 1/2 pounds of leaves per day? That’s over ten percent their body weight!

    seriously, though, dude. you’re gonna get the same advice as everyone else – visit the colleges, read the college tag (and the trin tag and the vic tag), read up on what each one offers. that’s all you can do. just like all i can do is share koala facts, because koalas are rad as heck.


    P.S. Hello I am taking this opportunity to say once more that there will be a comprehensive college FAQ up on this website VERY SHORTLY, so keep an eye out for that. that goes for all the rest of you hooligans who are having massive coronaries over the college question, too 😉

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    trin trin…you got IN?

    Is taking Trin one classes like really good for your efforts to get in IR or is it just a waste… PS, if I’m taking a FLC IR and a First year class, is trin one still a good thing to have even if it’s not going towards a major? FInally, I know it’s a bit late to ask, but is there a huge difference if I major International Relations or Political Science?




    Entry into the International Relations major is based on two things: (1) your grades in your first year economics course and your first-year history OR Trinity One course, and (2) a statement of interest.

    So basically, taking your Trin One course is a “good thing” depending on how dedicated you are to it. 🙂 But I suppose being able to tell the world you got into a 25-students ONLY sort of club will be nice. Also, it’ll probably look pretty on your statement!

    And is there a huge difference between IR and Poli Sci?

    Ummm well I’m going to go with yes since the former seems to deal with international relations and the latter seems to deal with politics.

    But I don’t see why this has to be an either/or situation.

    Here, you have to complete either (1) one specialist, (2) two majors, or (3) one major and two minors.

    So you can definitely complete a specialist in IR if that’s what you’d like, but keep in mind that there’s an additional requirement for entry in that case: either a language course or calculus.

    But you can easily double major in IR and Poli Sci, which would be great considering IR does include some Poli Sci courses, which will mean overlapping credits, which will also mean more time for electives you can play around with.


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    uoft is not for the weak-hearted

    Just finished 10th grade. Already excited about University. Anyways, I’ve?read the differences between the College’s there and residence. So far I’m?stuck between College University and Trinity College. I’ve read the differences between them but still can’t decide. Any recommendations? What would you say is better and why? And also what residency is also pretty good? I’ve heard good things about Woodsworth? Any recommendations? And is UoT as hard as people say it is? People say they spend all day – all week studying, is that really that difficult?


    Hey hey you eager beaver!

    So I’m going to divide these questions up because I’m too lazy to write in paragraphs. Enjoy:

    Q. University College or Trinity?
    A. UC all the way.

    Q. For why?
    A. Well to begin, Trinity needs me to complete a profile… a.k.a. more than any other college (aside from Vic). But for you, UC and Trin can be easy to choose between. UC is big where Trin is small. UC isn’t that hard to get into, whereas Trin is more… picky. Yada yada yada.

    Q. Best res?
    A. CHESTNUT! Granted, that one is for the people who aren’t afraid of a little walking and who have a lot more money than others.

    Q. Good things about Woodsworth?
    A. They have a Second Cup and a lovely hall thingie to study in.

    Q. Is UofT as hard as people say it is?
    A. No. UofT isn’t hard, but it does require hard work. The people who say UofT is difficult are the ones that expect university to be a lovely walk in the park.

    Q. All week studying?
    A. Well… the idea of spending all week engrossed in academics when you’re a full-time student shouldn’t be too unbelievable. If you consider that your full-time job at the moment is to get through university, it just… makes sense. Don’t be lazy!

    Q. But all week studying?!
    A. I know. That’s how we weed out the weak.



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    there can only be one… TRINITY one

    I got waitlisted for trinity one program International Relations, what’s my chance of getting in? How long is the waitlist and were do I stand there? Is there anyone I can talk to about this specific question?

    Thanks. 😀


    Hey hey,

    For starters, congratulations! Trinity One makes me think of the Slug Club with how… Trinity it is (read: elitist). It’s competitive and they’re picky so yay you for making it to the waitlist at least.

    But for these One programs, waitlists are a little tricky.

    From what my source tells me, how things work is that after the initial 25 students are chosen, the rest are waitlisted. I assume that of the, say, 75 applicants, the other 50 are ranked in such a way that if someone from the 25 decides to go to McGill, numero uno on the waitlist is contacted. So I suppose the waitlist = [number of applicants] – 25.

    That is, of course, assuming they didn’t throw out your application entirely for writing something like “I wanna join cuz it seems fun” on your statement/essay/thing.

    As for your standing… dunno.

    If you’re super keen on knowing your ranking though, I’d recommend chatting with program director or associate registrar. I know if must be frustrating to not know how many people need to be offed for you to get in, so I hope they have answers for you! 😉



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    how helpful will history be


    You run a great website, it’s amazing and I really love the candid truth that you always show towards your trusting followers.

    So, I want to go to Trinity One and it says I need to take a co-requisiteof either history, political science or other courses, and I also want to major in History which requires that same co-requisite course. Can I use one course, the co-requisite course towards both majors?




    Glad to hear you love the site. One of my friends likes to remind me on a daily basis that he finds it… not aesthetically-pleasing, but I just say whatever, the content is what matters. 😀

    But yes, you can certainly use the first-year history course to kill two birds with one stone.

    So say you get into the International Relations stream of Trin One. You’ll have to take the two courses for it and then 1.0 FCE like you said. For example, you can take HIS102Y Empires, Encounters and Exchanges: From the Silk Road to the Present to satisfy that co-requisite and also fulfill the history major’s requirement for 1.0 HIS FCE at the 100-level. And bam! Efficiency. Well done.

    savouring the sun,

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    been answering questions about Trinity for parents since 2012


    My daughter just received confirmation of her room in Trinity Residence.

    Welcome to Trinity College. We are pleased to offer you a space in residence and look forward to having you as part of the community. You have been assigned to room 492 in Seager – located in the Trinity Residence at 6 Hoskin Ave. This is a Single room.

    Is there any way to get a layout of the building to find the exact location of the room and which floor it is on ?




    Why hello there father Trinity,

    I’m sure you could bribe a security guard with a little something something, but I think if you give Trinity College a call (416) 978-2522 and explain why you need the information they would be more then happy to help you!

    If I had to guess though … because I always like to test my luck … I would say your daughter’s room is on the 4th floor.

    ice cream with sprinkles,


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    trinity food < hogwarts

    Dear Askastudent,

    How bad is the food at Trinity? I hear it’s one of the worst on campus. How can that be, given all the prestige?




    I actually haven’t heard too much about the quality of Trin food. In the normal sphere of society that would probably be good, but as university students we thrive on food. If there isn’t a buzz about the food, it’s probably not all that great. Chestnut gernerally is considered to have the best food. Its far from campus but it’s all you can eat.

    Here is the Trin deal breaker for me. You can only eat during designated times. If you have class, you’re out of luck. Also you have to wear a cloak to dinner, possibly lunch too. I feel like this is only cool if you have a wand tucked up the sleeve and the food magically apears on the table.

    U of T is a Hogwarts wanna be.

    forever waiting for a wand,


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    aska does field research

    Hi. I have currently been assigned to a double room at Trinity College’s residence. Would there be any way that I could still switch into a single room from now?


    I actually did field research for this question, by walking into the office of the St. Hilda’s Dean Of Students to ask her this very same question. She told me that many students request single rooms, more than they have available. While it is usually not possible to switch after the residence has assigned you a room, you are welcome to contact the residence here.

    Best of luck to you. I hope your new roommate doesn’t snore.

    xoxo, Askastudent