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    asap yo

    hi! first, thank you for all the work that you do! it has deterred many mental breakdowns and instinctive stress eating for me. second, i’d like to ask you a question about when i should start applying for uoft’s faculty of arts and science at st. george. see, i’m a little paranoid about applying too early (like, october to early november) because i heard that means they’ll look into your grade eleven marks and those really aren’t my best (i think i had, like, ib precalculus and ib art at a 79%?). but i’m also afraid of applying a little too late. when do you think would be a good time to start the application process??



    thank YOU for thanking us! sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to answer everyone’s questions, especially since there is only one aska at the moment. people can even get mad at us if we don’t respond in time, when really, all urgent matters should be taken elsewhere. we would not be here if it weren’t for people like you having mental breakdowns*. thank you for your kind words and patience. it means a lot.

    applying to schools is a lengthy and arduous process and i would recommend you get started as soon as the application comes out. the U of T website states that applications will be available in october, so i recommend that you log into the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) as soon as it’s available and start making your application as appealing as possible. think long and hard about your personal statements and make them genuine.

    starting early will give you tons of time to ask your guidance counsellor/ askastudent/ upper-years questions and it’ll give you one less thing to worry about when you’re making the most of your last year of high school!

    the application deadline is february 1st, so make sure you have your application in by then.

    you’ll also need to rank your colleges at some point and for that, i would recommend you check out our other posts about colleges!

    if you want more guidance in this process, this link will give you a good idea of what the application process is like.

    best of luck to you and I hope we’ll see you around!




    *don’t even get me started on the stress eating. i wolfed down an ice cream sandwich, a twinkie, and half a box of chocolate covered triscuits while writing this post.*



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    welcome to the beauty that is OUAC

    On the page for the international application it says to use it if you’re ONLY applying to the University of Toronto. Do they mean if that’s the only Canadian school you’re applying to or like the only school you’re applying to at all?


    hey there,

    basically, if you’re ONLY applying to uoft and you’ve never studied at a Canadian university before AND you live outside canada – you apply using this application.

    if you’re also applying to other Canadian universities (in addition to uoft, that is), then you should apply using this form (the OUAC 105).

    it’s just one of those finicky bureaucracy things, but make sure you use the right application, because it could cause you a lot of trouble later on if you make a mistake.



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    architecture newbies

    If I want to major in Architecture and minor in Art History, should I apply to both programs on my OUAC application or just the program I want to major in? Also, how would I pay tuition if I’m in two programs with different tuition costs? Thanks in advance! 🙂


    hey there,

    according to the ‘high school students’ section of this page, you don’t apply to your majors or minors specifically. you either apply to the H.B.A. in Architectural Studies or the H.B.A. in Visual Studies.

    you would select the Architecture option (code TLA). from there, you can participate in the architectural studies major program, and apply for any minors with the faculty of arts & science after first year.

    as for tuition – that wouldn’t happen, because there’s not a different tuition fee for every major or minor (imagine what a nightmare that would be. SHEESH). fees are a bit more general than that, and tend to be based on how many credits you’re taking in a year. this table should help you make sense of it.

    good luck with applications!


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    canada is very confusing please help

    So I’m from the us and I’m just kind of confused about the Canadian application system. Do I have to write an essay and if so do you know what the common prompts are? I read something about a “personal statement” and idk if that’s what the essay is or not and I’m just so lost please help haha


    hey there,

    so, what i’m going to be explaining is not so much the “canadian system” as it is uoft’s very particular, extremely idiosyncratic system that we’re all forced to learn if we want to survive at all here.

    first thing you do when you’re applying to uoft is apply to uoft. “i should think so, aska!” you snort sarcastically. “what else would i be doing when applying to uoft?”

    well, you overly snarky applicant you, after you apply to the university – that is, to the academic faculty where you’ll be doing your studies – you apply to a college.

    some colleges sponsor or host a few academic programs themselves, but you DO NOT have to be a member of the college that hosts your program of interest. there is no ‘science’ college or ‘arts’ college or ‘sentient leftover boxes of noodles’ college.* so get that idea out of your head now.

    colleges are predominantly concerned with student life, residence life, and academic/financial student services, so that’s what you want to research when you’re trying to pick a college. i’d recommend browsing through aska’s ‘colleges’ tag and FAQ, as well as reading some of the literature published by uoft proper, to help make your decision.

    some colleges require a supplemental application for admission to their college. most faculties, however, only require a transcript of your marks from high school (exceptions include the faculty of applied science & engineering, which does require a ‘Student Profile Form,’ and the faculty of music, which requires an audition).

    it’s best to figure out what specific program, and then what college, you’re interested in, and then just follow their instructions, because it can varies from program to program and college to college.

    the one commonality between all academic faculties and programs is OUAC, which provides an online form through which you submit your marks and apply to uoft. if you’re an international student, you’ll fill out the 105F application.

    if your faculty and/or college DOES require any kind of personal statement on top of the 105F, they’ll stipulate exactly what that will be. it can vary from an academic essay about your topic of study to a cover-letter type explanation of your extra-curricular and work experience.

    hope that eased your confusion at least a little bit.


    * the ‘sentient leftover boxes of noodles’ college is just my apartment. and no, you don’t get to be a member there.

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    applying to uni sure is fun

    Hi there!

    I was just wondering if I will get a separate email from Trinity College on how to apply for the supplementary application. I tried going through the link they have on their website but it won’t open.

    Since I had to rank colleges… If I don’t get accepted to the first college, will the second then the next etc look at the application? Or will all colleges look at the application then offer an admission? I’m kind of confused with this process… How will this affect the choices for residence if let’s say I prefer Woodsworth or New College/s Residences over Trinity Residence? Is the deadline February 28?

    When I tried applying to UTAPS, it linked me to the OSAP site.. is it the same application or separate? Also, how big of an impact does extra-curriculars have on getting an offer from U of T (Faculty of Arts & Science)? Is there something similar to a PEY for Humanities students (Ethics, Society & Law) or an internship etc?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Thanks so much & I hope I hear back from you soon.


    hey there,

    i’m not sure what you mean about the trin application, because it works for me. you should be able to go here, enter your JOINid (which should have been e-mailed to you by the university) and fill it out! if it’s not working, e-mail the college for help (registrar (at) trinity (.) utoronto (.) ca).

    as for colleges, basically, they try to put you in your #1 choice if at all possible. so if you put trin as #1, i hope you’re happy with getting into trin. if you prefer woodsworth or new, put one of those as your first choice!

    Your OUAC application should have been handed in yesterday, January 15th (though it looks like you still can submit the application up until february 28th if you need to). Trinity college doesn’t specify a deadline for their college profile application thingy, but they do have early february BOLDED as a recommendation, so i’d aim for then.

    as for UTAPS, this is the application procedure.

    also lol no, if you’re in the humanities you basically have to fend for yourself. but if you do a bit of careful googling, you’ll find there are lots of private internships offered by companies in the city, that you can apply to all by yourself. there’s also work-study, which allows you to work on campus for actual money! woo!

    ALSO extra-curriculars are not considered for your application to uoft, though they may have some bearing on your trin application, and they are also important for scholarship/grant/bursary applications, which i would strongly recommend you apply for.



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    Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

    I don’t know if anyone there can answer my question, but anyway. It says on the OUAC website, and I quote: “It is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange for official secondary school transcripts to be forwarded directly to the universities to which they have applied.”
    Now, the “directly” part is what is worrying me. I’ve completed high school outside of Canada. Before I arrived here, I had to ask for my high school certificate in person because apparently my school refused to send those documents by mail, fax or any other way except in person. It was a very complicated process which lasted several months, but I finally got my piece of paper which has the incredible signature that took so long to write and a fancy stamp. I brought this with me to Canada hoping it would be accepted by universities…My high school has made very clear that they don’t send documents by mail ever, not even inside the country. I’m hoping the quotedtext only applies to Canadian students, not international students. Can someone help me…?


    Step 1: open THIS link, turn the volume up and read on.

    So the OUAC website states the following …?ahem …

    “A transcript is a record of your academic performance at an educational institution. Normally a transcript is considered official if it is produced by and bears the seal of the institution that issues it. Universities will not normally accept unofficial photocopies. Applicants who are not able to provide official transcripts must contact each university?s admissions office directly for advice.”

    it also says this

    ” Transcripts and supporting documents should not be sent to the OUAC. The OUAC cannot forward these documents to the universities and will not be able to return them to applicants.”

    Yes … it was in bold! This is what the “directly” statement is referring to. They pretty much don’twant to be the middle man or the 3rd point in a love triangle. So the transcript should go directly to the university.

    Breathe, you’re good to go.

    love and lollipops,

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    how big is UofT and do the t.a.s speak english…

    Everyone talks about how big UofT is, does it really feel as big as everyone says? Or once you settle in your ‘nitch’ is everything alright. Also, i heard many students commute, what about the kids left behind? Hmmm… some other questions – is it difficult having a TA teach instead of a professor, can most of the TAs speak english? Thankyou.

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    paranoid oac student stalks postman for UofT mail

    Really appreciate this askastudent thing, it’s answered so many of my questions. Well, here’s another one: I’m in OAC, applying to UOFT. I haven’t gotten anything from U of T through the mail other than the Applications handbook and the UTAPS thing. My guidance counsellor/english teacher said that I should have gotten some kind of information form or something like that. Do you know if there is any other stuff that I’m supposed to be getting? I don’t trust my mail man, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some important form got lost. Thanks alot,

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    revamped trinity questions about early acceptance and college choices and all kinds of goodies…

    1. How many students apply for Trinity?
    2. What is their acceptance rate? How many students get in residence and how many as day student?
    3. What if you ask for residence and don’t get into your choice of residence, is that mean they will allocate you anyone that is available instead? Or they will ask you if you want to be non-resident and still belong to that college?
    4. When is the dateline of changing the college?
    5. What is ‘April’ acceptance? ‘May’ acceptance? U of T makes the decision or us?

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    boring application question

    I?previosly enroled for an undergraduate application to communication and info studies, searching through the web i want to know wethear any additional information such as letters of intent are required if so where can i find them ?