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On the page for the international application it says to use it if you’re ONLY applying to the University of Toronto. Do they mean if that’s the only Canadian school you’re applying to or like the only school you’re applying to at all?


hey there,

basically, if you’re ONLY applying to uoft and you’ve never studied at a Canadian university before AND you live outside canada – you apply using this application.

if you’re also applying to other Canadian universities (in addition to uoft, that is), then you should apply using this form (the OUAC 105).

it’s just one of those finicky bureaucracy things, but make sure you use the right application, because it could cause you a lot of trouble later on if you make a mistake.




  • Hugo


    So I used the wrong application. I used the one where it says I can only apply to U of T. I also want to apply to Western and Ryerson. Is there a way to change that? What do I do?


  • June

    I have used the wrong application that is ONLY for U of T international and have already submitted it, but now I changed my mind and also want to apply to several other universities as well? What should I do?

  • June

    I believe I used the wrong application for my 2019 Fall entry. I used Toronto ONLY International 105 and have already submitted it, but now I figured I want to apply to other ontario universities as well.

    What should I do? :((

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