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i can only speculate

if i can’t find a course on the timetable, does that mean it isn’t being offered? i’m really interested in ANT195H1 (Speculative Fiction and Social Reality) but when i try to add it to the timetable, it won’t show up!


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ANT195 does sound pretty cool! unfortunately, it’s hard for me to say at this point because the timetable is still constantly being updated. i’m not sure if these are big updates or small ones. i tried looking it up too, both using the course code and by scrolling through the anthropology listings, and can’t find any mention of ANT195.

i guess if you really wanted to check on it, you could very politely email the department? thing is, if it hasn’t been finalized yet, the department may not even have an answer for you.

might wanna start looking into backups, just in case. ENG102 might be a good option if it’s the speculative fiction you’re into– my guess is it would be a larger course than the anthro one, though. lemme know if you need any other recommendations and i can try to dig those up for you! i would recommend you plan for something else for now, and keep checking up on the course as the weeks go by. maybe, with a little luck, it’ll come up. it’s still in the calendar, anyway, which is more than i can say for some of the courses i planned to take. 

a side note — since the timetable is always being updated, it’s best to double check all your courses before your start time at the end of july!

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EDIT 06/08/19: i’ve received word that the timetable actually has a few issues that need ironing out. eg. old courses appearing, current ones missing etc. there’s a possibility that ANT195 may fall into the latter category. i will add to this post if i find anything out, but i would sit tight for now.

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