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who gets priority enrolment for courses?


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the easy response to this is– the people who need the course most get priority enrolment. for example, kiddos in the anthropology specialist/major program have priority when enrolling in ANT207, because they need it to complete their program. and a lot of first year lifesci courses give priority to science/compsci kids, because they’ll need those courses to make POSt.

i mean, in the making of this post i saw a few weird priority assignments that i couldn’t really explain, so maybe that’s not the whole story? but i have word that the timetable has a few issues right now, so there’s also a chance that’s it.

not sure if you’re aware of this already, but when you’re planning your courses out you can check who has priority enrollment! as long as you’re using the timetable, you should see a lil yellow tab with a dropdown icon. just click it, and it’ll give you a quick rundown of who can enrol and when. this is true for restrictions as well. slightly crappy screenshot attached for your reference!












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