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half? full?

when do you do course selection for half year winter courses? do you do it at the same time as fall courses? how do you know if a course is half or full year?



course selection for the half-year winter courses takes place at the same time as fall courses, yes! we’re talking enrollment around the end of july– stay posted for an email from your registrar. obviously, space allowing, you’ll be able to switch those winter courses around for much longer than you will the fall ones.

info dump time: you know if a course is half or full year based on the letter right after the course code. for example, ENG102H1S has an ‘H’ after the ENG102. an ‘H’ indicates a half-year course, whereas a ‘Y’ would tell you it’s a full year

what do the other numbers and letters mean, do you ask? the ‘1’ indicates that it’s a course at st. george; i’m pretty sure ‘5’ means UTM and i guess if you see another number we’re talking utsc. meanwhile, the ‘s’ tells you which semester the course is offered in (first or second, in this case second).

so if ENG102 was a full-year course offered at UTM, it would read as ‘ENG102Y5’. if it was a half-year course still at st. george but in the first sem, it would read ‘ENG102H1F’.

hope this helped! writing this post reminds me that i have all this knowledge floating around in my head that is absolutely, entirely, totally useless outside of u of t. 

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